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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Education"

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hello_html_m32a8c01.gifTheme: School problems

Aims: will practice using vocabularies on the topic

develop speaking, writing & listening

be able to solve school problems

Aids: text & workbooks (by Cambridge’s), cards, CD, dominoes ‘Conditional I’, a quiz

What kind of person are you?’, posters

Type of the lesson: developing skills in speaking

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Warm up: I want you to choose one of these things and explain why you have chosen it. A computer A mobile A skateboard So all of you’ve chosen only two of them. Then explain me why haven’t you chosen a skateboard? Do you think it’s an unnecessary thing nowadays?

  • Now we’ve got 2 groups. Take your places at these tables, please. Let’s play dominoes! There are two halves of Conditional I sentences which you must match. Which group is the best and quickest? You’ve got 5 minutes. 11 scores

  1. Checking up the home task: ex.2 a, b p.72 (WB) – from flipchart 11 scores

  2. Presentation the new theme and aims of the lesson: We had read and talked about school education in Kazakhstan and Great Britain. And today we’ll discuss school problems, listen to the conversation and in Grammar revise and practice using Conditional II. Don’t forget to write the criteria of the lesson:

37-30 – ‘5’

29-23 – ‘4’

22-16 – ‘3’

15-0 – ‘2’

  1. Listening, writing and reading: text ‘All over the place’ CD2, track 9 Scanning: - Look through the text 1 minutes What words couldn’t you understand? Now listen to the text then do the tasks: complete the sentences. Listen to the text and check yourselves:

1. … of his ability in Maths.

2. … Pete offers to help him study.

3. … is very untidy.

4. … always finds his things quickly

Reading in pairs: - Let’s read the dialogue in pairs. Each group will read one episode. (1-2, 3-5 episodes)

Y. Mind your grammar: Open your workbooks page 72, ex.2 c . Complete the

sentences, then check yourselves: 2. left, would have

3. knew, would tell

4. would be, knew

5. didn’t have, would you read

6. didn’t eat, wouldn’t be

YI. Home task: ex.2 d, p.73 (WB)

YII. Discussion: Let’s discuss school problems. Do you always agree with your

teachers? Do the pupils of our school always have a good discipline? Now

take these cards and the first group must writes rules for students, the

second writes rules for the teachers. Then the whole class will write rules for

both of them. You must write at least three positive and three negative

sentences on your posters. You’ll get 1 score for your each suitable words.

YIII. Results and conclusion of the lesson: ‘5’ get 3 pupils

4’ – 3 pupils

3’ – 4 pupils

IX. Extra activities: Let’s do a quiz “What kind of person are you?” Take the cards

with the quiz, you may tick there your answers. Listen to the situations and

questions carefully, mark your answers. Now write scores according to your

answers. Count your scores and read the descriptions. Are they true or false?

Are you satisfied with the quiz?

Satbayev secondary school

(a discussion lesson)

9th grade

English teacher: Raigul Nurtazina

Taskala - 2014

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