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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Welcome to Tatarstan" (9 класс)

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Республика Татарстан

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английского языка

в 9 классе

«Welcome to Tatarstan»

Учитель английского языка

I квалификационной категории: Хрисанова М.Ш.

Тема: Welcome to Tatarstan.

Обобщение изученного материала по теме « Татарстан ».


  1. Работать над развитием умений устной монологической и диалогической речи по теме;

закрепление и обобщение изученного материала по теме;

учить делать сообщения описательного характера.

  1. Развивать память, логическое мышление, творческое воображение, выразительную речь;

тренировать умения аудирования.

  1. Воспитать чувство толерантности, культуру общения, чувство понимания и уважения ценностей представителей других культур;

воспитать любовь и гордость за свою родину.

Оборудование: - словари;

- анкеты;

- ТСО: компьютер, интерактивная доска, слайды;

- визитки;

- флаги Британии, РФ, РТ;

- DVD, диск к учебнику “Welcome to Tatarstan”;

- цветок « Tatarstan is…».

Ход урока.

І. Организационный момент.

- Приветствие.

How are you?

- Беседа с дежурными.

- Беседа о погоде.

What can you say about the weather?

(Today is spring. It is March in the street. It is not cold and snowy. It is sunny and windy. Today I can skate and ski. Also I can play snowballs.

I agree with you and I think it is a good day to walk in the street.

- Объявление целей урока.

T: ( обращаясь к гостям урока)

Dear friends. I see there are different guests from different countries: from America, Italy, Spain, France and even from Australia. You are our guests today. Welcome to Tatarstan.

Today we will have a travelling round the Republic of Tatarstan. It will help you to learn more about the glorious and unique history and life of our homeland- multinational Tatarstan.

ІІ. Фонетическая зарядка

But before could you tell me, what words you can see on the blackboard.

Ребята читают слова в транскрипции: republic









Right you are. Thank you. Now repeat after me please all together:

the Kazan Kremlin

the Suyumbike Tower

the Republic of Tatarstan

the Russian Federation



ІІІ. Речевая разминка.

Now tell me, please, where do you live and how can you describe your homeland?

I live in the Republic of Tatarstan. It is my homeland. My homeland is very beautiful. There are a lot of deep forests, wide fields and long rivers here. I love my motherland very much.

Thank you, Alina. You are a good girl.

ІV. Тренировка речевых умений.

1. Представление групп.

Now it is time to know more about the Republic of Tatarstan. Ladies and gentlemen, today you will be able to talk about our native land, its culture, history and present daily life.

We have different groups of scientists today. Our scientists will tell you everything.

This group will introduce you with Tatarstan, its capital and nationality.

2 group: We are the legend group.

3 group: We are responsible for the information about the Kremlin.

And the last group will tell you about different holidays that are held in our Republic.

2. Физкультминутка.

3. Экскурсия по РТ- тренировка ДР и МР.

While we are travelling you will write some information on the papers that you can find on your tables. Your task is to continue the sentences choosing the right endings.

Ребята должны записывать основную полученную информацию в форме выбора конца данных предложений. В конце урока листы собираются.

T: Oh, I see there is a famous journalist Paul Mason from Great Britain here.

Please, come and sit here, sir.

P.M: Thank you very much. May I ask some questions?

T: Yes, of course.

P.M.: Thank you.

T. You are welcome. Our scientists will answer all your questions.

Дальнейшая экскурсия строится на диалоге журналиста, учителя и ученых в области изучения Татарстана.

PM: Could you tell me, what do you know about Tatarstan?

P1 Рассказывает первый текст

There is no happiness outside of the native land… “- a famous Russian writer I.S.Turgenev said once. How exact he was! I love my homeland very much and I am interested in its customs and traditions, its history.

The Republic of Tatarstan is a subject of the Russian Federation. Tatarstan is one of the largest socio-economic, scientific and political centers of the Volga Region. It is located at the centre of the Russian Federation and borders on the Republic of Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, Mari-El and Udmurtia.

T: You see that the geographical position of Tatarstan is favourable for the development of industry and trade because our Republic borders on the Republic of Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, Mari-El and Udmurtia and on the regions of the Russian Federation such as Kirov, Samara, Ulianovsk and Orenburq.

( учитель работает с картой на слайде).

PM: Thank’s. And what is the capital of Tatarstan?

P2 Рассказывает второй текст

The capital of our Republic is Kazan. Nowadays Kazan is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Volga Region. In 2005 the people of Tatarstan, Russia and the whole world celebrated its millennium anniversary. The celebration of the 1000th anniversary has become a symbol of the rich history of the city.

PM: It’s so interesting.

Teacher: And you know that Kazan became the capital of the Universiad- 2013. The great tatar poet G. Tukai wrote about Kazan these wonderful words:

И Казан! Дәртле Казан! Моңлы Казан! Нурлы Казан!

Мондадыр безнен бабайлар турлере, почмаклары;

Мондадыр дертле кунелнен хурлары, ожмахлары!

О Казань! Ты грусть и бодрость! Святозарная Казань!

Здесь деянья дедов наших, здесь священные места,

Здесь науки, здесь искусства, просвещения очаг!

Oh Kazan! Spirited Kazan! Melodious Kazan! Radiant Kazan!

Here are all solemn places and deeds of our ancestors,

Here are all the beauties and paradise of the yearning soul!

It was wonderful!

But Kazan is not only melodious and radiant city. It is also very hospitable city. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by Kazan’s natural beauty, its museums and theatres, its architecture and sights. You know, that Kazan has a very rich history and the history of our capital is full of mysteries.

Airat, do you know anything about it?

P3 Рассказывает третий текст

Our capital is a big ancient city with the centuries-old history. The history of Kazan is really surprising and full of mysteries. Almost any place could tell us a lot about its history, dates and people. There are many legends about the name of the city. One of the legends is very popular. A Bulgar Khan dropped a gold cauldron into the river. As “cauldron” in the Tatar language is “Kazan”, the river was called “Kazanka” and the city near the river took the name “Kazan”. Another says that the city might come from the shape of the Kremlin hill, which looks like an upturned cauldron.

PM: Oh: I’m so surprised. But what is the most important place of interest in


P4 Рассказывает о Кремле

The most important place of interest in Kazan is the Kremlin. It is the very heart of the capital of Tatarstan. The Kazan Kremlin reminds us of the role Kazan played in the long stormy history of Tatarstan and Russia.

T: And here you can see the Tower of Suyumbike. Are there any information about the tower?

P5 Рассказывает легенду о Башне Сююмбике.

The most unusual structure in the Kremlin complex is the Suyumbike Tower.

The history of the tower is also full of mysteries. It was built on the ruins of the Kazan khan’s palace. According to the legend, Moscow tsar Ivan the Terrible knew about the beauty of the Tatar Queen and built a beautiful tower for her.

T: Another legend says that the Kazan people called the tower after Suyumbike who went to the top of the tower and jumped down on the sharp stones…

Do you know what is the role of the Tower nowadays?

P6 Продолжает беседу о Сююмбике.

Since the time the Tower of Suyumbike has become the architectural symbol of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan. It is dear to our capital, like the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great to Moscow, the Statue of Liberty to New York or the Eiffel Tower to Paris.

T: Everybody who visits the city wants to see the Tower of Suyumbike and some people even think of wishes here.

Alina, what else can you say about the Kremlin?

P7 О Синтезе двух культур

The Kazan Kremlin is famous not only for its Tower of Suyumbike and its history full of mysteries. Our white Kremlin walls are the example of the synthesis of Tatar and Russian architecture. Here you can find the monuments of different cultures and civilizations, various styles and historical epochs.

T: Good, Alina. So in the Kazan Kremlin you can find yourself in a beautiful world of magnificent buildings of different epochs.

Islam, can you add anything?

P8 Продолжает эту тему

Nowadays the Kazan Kremlin symbolizes the nation’s history, its culture and traditions. In the course of many years Russian and Tatar cultures developed side by side. This can be easily seen in the Kazan Kremlin. Magnificent golden crosses of the Annunciation Cathedral harmonize with ornate minarets of Kul-Sharif Mosque. This harmony surrounds all the people living in my homeland.

T: Now tell me what is it? ( It is Kul- Sharif Mosque and it is the Annunsiation Cathedral.)

These beautiful buildings are situated in the Kremlin area. In it we can see that Tatar and Russian cultures developed and develop side by side in our homeland.

PM: And what can you say about the population of Tatarstan?

P9 We can say that people of different nationalities live friendly in our

homeland. And we are proud of it very much.

PM: Yes, I know that Tatarstan is a multi-religious republic. More than 100 nationalities live friendly in the republic.

To understand the nature of the nations living in the republic people learn their festivals, holidays, celebrations. There are many various festivals and holidays that are kept by people. Some of them are specific to this or that nation. But many of them have become very popular, common and loved by all. The people of different nationalities always took part in such Tatar national holiday as Sabantuy, Udmurt festival Gyron-Bydton and Russian holiday Maslennitsa.

Teacher: I absolutely agree with you and I see, you know a lot about our people and their holidays. But we want to tell you more about them.

Gentlemen, could you tell us more about these holidays?

P10 Yes, of course. The most popular national festival is Sabantuy… This holiday takes place at the beginning of summer, after the first haymaking. During the festival there are a lot of spectacular competitions. The most exciting are the horse races. Another popular competition is the national wrestling. Everybody enjoys dancing, singing and listening to folk music here.

T: Thank you, Salavat. We know that everybody can show his talents in Sabantui. For e[ample I can dance. And what about you?

( ребята дают свои ответы: I can run, dance, sing, jump, clime the pole, play sports and meet my friends.)

T: Are there any other holidays like Sabantui in our homeland?

P11 рассказывает о Гырон Быдтоне.

There is also Udmurt national festival Gyron-Bydton like Sabantuy. It shows the customs, songs, dances and games of the nation which population is only about 10 thousand people in our republic.

The girl and the boy dressed like the sun and the moon open the festival racing on the horses across the village. It is a charming part of the festival.

T: Thank you. Your stories were very beautiful. But many years ago Russian people believed in different Gods. Yarilo was the main of them. In his honour people made a big holiday. They fried a lot of pan- cakes like the sun. That holiday lasted a week. During the festival people visited each other, played snowballs, danced and sang their national songs.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know the name of this festival?

( May be it is Maslennitsa.)

Right you are. Maslennitsa is a traditional Russian holiday. It is held at the end of winter. Nowadays it is one of the most favourite festivals and it is popular with people of different nationalities like Sabantui or Gyron- Bydton. And now look at only one part of these holidays. We will sing a song together.

( Полина и Гулия поют песню «Туган як –

Native Land»)

4. Тренировка умений аудирования.

T: Fantastic, Ladies Thank you very much. We have had a good time. But now we will do a small test- we will check your sentences. Please, read them.

( ребята читают предложения своих тестов)

T: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I see most of you remembered today’s information. Now, I ask you to listen to our Mr. James. He will say you two secrets of Tatarstan’s people.

You will listen to him twice and discuss if you agree with his opinion or not.

(Ребята прослушивают текст на диске дважды. Затем делятся своим мнением.)

T: What is the main idea of the text you have listened?

(People of different nationalities live friendly in Tatarstan.)

T: Right. And what do you think about it?

«All parts of our large country, its languages and cultures, its customs and traditions, its festivals and wonderful nature make people friendlier and kinder.

We can’t forget that people of different nationalities make one big family. We have different holidays, different traditions and different languages, but we all live in Tatarstan. Let’s love and keep our motherland, because “East or West-home is best”!»)

T: Right you are. Thank you. I agree with you. Now tell me, please: «What is Tatarstan for you?»

(Ребята дают свои ответы, например:

I think, Tatarstan is my friends

our festivals


Наряду с полученными ответами учитель собирает на доске «цветик – семицветик»

В конце делается вывод:

V. Итоги уроки

1) Now you see, that Tatarstan is not only geography, politics and economy. It is also you, your friends and parents, your everyday life, your holidays. Our Republic of Tatarstan is a growing flower. It is very nice and we must keep this beauty.

2) Выставление оценок.

You were brilliant today. I will put you good marks. Please, now give me your cards.

3) Домашнее задание.

Написать сочинение « Толерантность- одно из условий процветания моей родины».


  1. Tatarstan is a subject of…

2. It borders on the Republic of Bushkortostan,…

3. The capital of our Republic is…

4. The history of our capital is full of…

5. “ Cauldron” in the tatar language is…

6. The most important place of interest in Kazan is…

7. The most unusual structure in the Kremlin Complex is…

8. In the Kremlin you can see the harmony of the………………………cultures.

9. The most popular Tatar national holiday is….

Udmurt festival is…

Russian holiday is…

10. People of different nationalities live friendly in…

11. One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Volga Region is…

12. The sight that dear to our capital, like the Eiffel Tower to Paris is…

13. The place where you can find buildings from different epochs and cultures. It symbolizes the nation’s history and traditions. It is…

14. The holiday where you can take part in different spectacular competitions, such as horse- races and national wrestling. It is…

15. The festival where you can eat a lot of pancakes is…

16. The national festival which is opened by the girl and the boy dressed like the sun and the moon. It is…

17. The place in the world where you live. It is

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