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Урок по английскому языку на тему "English heritage"

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hello_html_m32a8c01.gifTheme: Cultural Heritage of Great Britain

Aims: will get some more information about British heritage

practice the writing of Antonyms

develop reading, writing and speaking

Aids: activboard, chalk and blackboard, activity books, cards for Jig-saw reading, sheets of papers with crossword’s tasks, presentation, flipchart, video, notebooks, on-line service, posters, felt tips

Type of the lesson: oral speech practice

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment: 2 minutes

  1. Greetings and giving the marks’ criterion

  2. Dividing into groups: now I want you to pull one of these pencils. (Some of them are long, and others are short ) So take your places at your team tables ‘’’The Shorts’’ and ‘’The Talls ’’.

  1. Jig-saw reading: 5 minutes

  1. Take the cards for Jig-saw reading on your desks. There are 10 sentences you must put them in the correct order to make up completed story.

  2. How would you title the text?

  1. Revision the covered material: 3 minutes

We have already studied the theme “Cultural Heritage of Kazakhstan”. And I’d like you to refresh some facts on the topic.

First of all, What’s a heritage?

Can you name the types of heritage?

When does the program begin in our country?

And what places are included into the Heritage List of Kazakhstan?

IY. Presentation the new material: 1 minute

Today we’ll continue this topic and especially we are going to speak

about the English Heritage.

Open your exercise books and write down the date and the theme of

the lesson “Cultural Heritage of Great Britain”

Y. Getting some information about the World Heritage List of the UK: 4 min

Look at this presentation “World Heritage List of the UK”. Listen and

put down names of the places included there.

YI. Reading comprehension: Researching 8+2 minutes

Now we’re going to read the text ‘’The Tower of London’’. One team will

get the text about its history, and other team – about its nowadays position.

Research your texts carefully and make your posters.

YII. Home task: Look for other sites of English Heritage.

YIII. Watching video “A trip to the Tower of London”: 5 minutes

IX. Checking up the home task: 5 minutes

Ex.5 a) p.32 (from activity book)

At first check yourselves: 2.boiling 3.fantastic 4.freezing 5.enormous

6. awful 7.hilarious 8.fascinating 9.starving 10.exhausted

Now read these short conversations in pairs.

X. Grammar practice: 6+2 minutes

What are Antonyms? (Opposite meaning of a word)

  1. Let’s do this crossword “Opposites” from flipchart. Read the adjectives from the papers with a crossword and write their opposites into the crossword from flipchart.

  2. Now try to do the on-line test “Opposites”.

  • Do the test on your notebooks and check yourselves pressing on the button “Check your answers”.

XI. Reflexion: 2 minutes

Let’s write a Cinquain “English Heritage”.

XII. Results and conclusion: giving marks according to their marks’ criterion and

seeing off.

Satbayev secondary school

(a researching lesson)

10th grade

English teacher: Raigul Nurtazina

Taskala - 2015

Краткое описание документа:

Цель урока ознакомить учащихся с культурным наследием Англии и практиковать в употреблении антонимов в речи учащихся в режиме оn-line. В начале урока дается список культурной наследии этой страны, затем идет групповая работа над текстом "The Tower of London" и просмотр видео "Inside of the Tower" . В конце урока учащихся пишут синквейн (пятистешие), тем самым закрепляя тему.

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