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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Games" (2класс)

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The aims:

1. Introduction with the new words, speaking about new material – games, to consolidate grammar using Present Simple affirmative and negative forms.

2. to develop pupils oral speech, reading skills thinking memory.

3. to raise their interest to English language to bring up their respect to English and Kazakh traditions.

Visuals: book, act book, pictures, cards, disk, notebook.

The type: combined

Subject connection: physical training, Kazakh, uigur languages: methods: speaking, learning, guessing

The procedure of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment

  • Good afternoon, children`. I`m glad to see you.

  • Good afternoon, teacher. We are glad to see you too.

  • Sit down, please. Take your books and activity books and let`s begin our lesson.

  1. Past lesson activities.

Now, children remember the sound which we introduced at the last lesson

ee ea

cheese teacher

meet tea

sweet team

see, teeth seat

me, he, she read

  1. Fasterning. Game: choose correct sounds: me, tea, team, he, she, teeth, read, seat, see sweet, meet, teacher, cheese.\

ea ee

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

  5. 5

  6. 6


We also introduced with sports at the last lesson

What kind of sports do you like?

  • Shakhnoza do you like skating? Yes, I do

  • Do you like hockey? Yes, I do.

  • Yasmina do you like, basketball? No, I don`t

  • Does she like skating? Yes, she does.

  • Does he like hockey? Yes, he does.

  1. New material

  1. My dear boys and girls, today I`m going to present you a new sound [oi] listen and read













  1. Now open your books page 46. New lesson Games look at the pictures listen and repeat Track 37.

Ben: Let`s play English games. Do you play tag in Kazakhstan?

Ch: - Yes, we do. We love tag.

Ben: - Do you play leap – frog here?

Ch: - Yes, we do. It`s funny.

Alibek: - Do you play asyks in England?

Ben: - No, we don`t

  1. Listening, singing and playing.

Clap your hands

Clap your hands

Listen to the music

Clap your hands

Stamp your feet

Stamp your feet

Listen to the music

Stamp your feet

Go around, go around

Listen to the music go around.

Jump so high. Jump so high.

Listen to the music jump so nigh.

  1. Working with activity book.

Open your activity books page 42

  1. Do task 1 unscramble and match

1 – asyks 2 – leap – frog. 3 – hide – and – seek 4 tag.

  1. Task 2. Answer the questions about yourself.

  1. Do you play football? Yes, I do

  2. Do you play basketball

  3. Do you like skating?

  4. Do you play asyks?

  1. Task 3 Write the questions:

  1. They/ play football. Do they play football?

  2. We/ leap – frog. Do we play leap frog?

  3. They/ play asyks. Do they play asyks?

  4. We/ play hide – and – seek. Do we play hide and seak?

  1. Fastering

Choose correct words: basketball, football, skating, hockey, hide – and – seek, tag leap – frog, asyks.

Do you play

Do you like

  1. Home/ TASK. Task 5p 43.

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