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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему "Хотите ли вы узнать больше о животных?" (8 класс)
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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Хотите ли вы узнать больше о животных?" (8 класс)




Do you want to know more about animals?”

The formative objective:

1. Comprehension by the students of essence of the language phenomena;

2. Skill to study.

The developing objective:

1. Development of colloquial abilities;

2. Development of intellectual abilities.

The educational objective:

1. Education of the positive attitude to foreign language;

2. Education of understanding of importance mastering by foreign language;

3. Education of activity, diligence.

The practical objective:

Mastering by the students by colloquial skills at a level, sufficient for foreign language.


1 Warming-up

Teacher’s announcement

Good afternoon dear children. Glad to see you. Sit down please. Get ready for the lesson. Our Earth is our home. I think people must take care of our Motherland. There are many problems in our country now And one of the main problems is atmospheric and water pollution. We cannot ignore the problem of the protection of our environment. The pollution of the environment influences on the life of animals, plants and our human life. To protect animals we have to know more about them. That’s why the topic of our lesson is “ Do you want to know more about animals.” The main aim is to develop speaking skills using the extra-ordinary vocabulary and set expressions.

2 Focus on communication

  1. Why do people love nature?

  2. Is it importent to keep forests, the land, the rivers, seas and oceans clean? Why?

  3. Why is it necessary to take care of everything that nature gives us?

  4. Why do some people make it their life work to study nature or explore the world?

3. Brainstorm Round the Words

Activity1 Read and translate the words

a whale a locust

a cockroach a termite

a crawfish a hippopotamus

a humming-bird a sea-urchin

a chameleon an owl

an octopus a griffin

Activity 2 Translate from Ukrainian into English

  1. Кашалоти, собаки, сови й миші бачать все у чорних і білих кольорах.

  2. Для деяких тварин язик є ложкою, для інших – це губка або віяло.

  3. Хобот слона – це не тільки ніс, але також рука й душ у гарну погоду.

  4. Хамелеони й восьминоги захищають себе за допомогою хитрості.

  5. Колібрі – найменший птах у світі.

Activity 3 Translate from English into Ukrainian

  1. Whales have whiskers in the mouth.

  2. Chameleons and frogs hunt with the help of their tongues.

  3. Pig’s nose looks like excavator and helps to get acorns out of the ground.

  4. It is interesting to know that bats have ears as organ of sight.

  5. Locust hears with stomach.

Activity 4 Read and translate set expressions

a) All along of

b ) To my mind

c ) It is common knowledge

d ) To my way of thinking

e ) King’s weather

f ) As far as I know

g ) From A to Z

h )A thing or two

i ) To my knowledge

j ) And all

k ) It is interesting to know.

Activity 5 Make up your own sentences with these set expressions

4. Brain-ring Game

Mykyta will be your leader. Mykyta, please, come here and begin the game. Mykyta: Well let’s begin the game. The topic of our game is “ Do you want to know more about animals “. We need two teams.

The first team consists of ……………………… .

The captain of this team is …………… ……… .

………………… are the members of the second team.

Their captain is ………….

According to the condition of our game teams have 30 seconds to think over their answers. For each right answer teams get 10 points. If the players make mistakes in their speech I’ll take off one point for every mistake. The players of the first team take their places at the red table. The second team’s players take their places at the white table. So we’ll call the first team Red Team and the second one – White Team. Are you ready ?

Questions and answers.

1). What do animals have whiskers for ?

Mice and hedgehogs feel different things with whiskers. Whales have whiskers in the mouth. They filter water through the whiskers. All along of whiskers cockroaches scare away their enemies. To my mind whiskers are very useful things for all animals, birds and all.

2). You can’t think but some animals can live without eyes. Tell me please

who can live without eyes?

To my way of thinking these some kinds of fishes, beetles and crawfishes which live in the dark deep caves.

3).Who has toxic spines?

To my knowledge it is sea-urchin.

4). Who defends himself with the help of slyness?

Chameleons and octopuses defend themselves with the help of slyness. Changing their color they can change their spots.

5). Whose tongue is like a fan?

It is common knowledge that this animal is a dog.

6). Do you know that animals can hear not only with ears?

Different animals hear with the help of different organs. Please give some examples. Clothes-moth hears with feelers. Locust hears with stomach. Fishes and crawfishes hear with all their bodies. It is interesting to know that bats have ears as organ of sight.

7). What do animals have tails for?

Birds and squirrels steer with their tails. Horses and cows make the best of their tails. They use them as fly-traps. And at last rattle snakes have rattles in their tails.

8). Which insects can eat everything?

As far as I know they are termites and white ants. White ants eat almost everything: books, clothes, shoes and so on. For example termites can eat wooden ship from A to Z.

9). What do animals have noses for?

Noses help animals to live. They feel different smells with the help of their noses. Woodpeckers get food. Pig’s nose looks like excavator. It helps pigs to get acorns out of the ground. Elephant’s trunk is not only a nose it’s also a hand and a shower-hose in King’s weather. Some kinds of parrots have hooked beaks. Their noses help them to climb the trees. They will climb any tree by hook or by crook. There are wild hens whose noses are also thermometers. With the help of their noses hens take the temperature of the sand, where their eggs are laid.

10). A tongue is a very useful organ, isn’t it?

What do animals have tongues for?

A tongue helps animals to taste the food. Chameleons and frogs hunt with the help of their tongues. For some animals tongue is a spoon. For others it is a piece of a bast or a fan.

11). Who sees the world in black and white colors?

Who sees only moving things?

For all I know frogs see only moving things. A number of animals see the world in black and white colors. Such as: hippopotamus, dogs, owls and mice.

12). And now please name the smallest and the biggest birds in the world.

Humming-bird is the smallest one and the griffin is the biggest bird in the world.

Mykyta: Our game is over. The score of the game is … : … in red (white) team favor.

5. Listening comprehension

And now I want you to listen to the topic “ We Must Protect Our Environment”. While listening think of the questions to it.

6. Evaluation, giving the results of the lesson.

Good for you. I’m sure you are all fond of nature, many of you have pets at home. Now I see you know a thing or two about animals and about the world around us. Today your marks are … .

7.Home assignment

Open your day-books and write down your home task. It will be to write a composition on the topic “ We must protect our environment”, using the knowledge you’ve got at today’s lesson.

Our lesson is over. Good-bye. Thank you for such a beautiful and interesting lesson. You are free.


Environmental Protection in Ukraine

We are living in a time of rapid scientific and technological progress, which is accompanied by an ever-increasing consumption of the world’s natural resources. Such vital sources of life as air, water, minerals as well as fauna and flora are being wasted and destroyed. The protection of nature has become one of actual problems of our country. More people in many countries are raising their voices in deference of Mother Nature. Our mass media write about water, air and land pollution. The pollution develops due to toxic wastes, produced by chemical plants, intensive agriculture. Air pollution is especially serve in many of the heavily industrialized cities and towns of southern Ukraine. Coal-using industries are major sources of high levels of many harmful substances. Over one third of the emissions into the atmosphere originate from automobile transport. Almost all surface waters of Ukraine belong to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov basins. The high population density, heavy industrial development, the low freshwater endowment of those basins has given rise to chronic and serious levels of water pollution throughout Ukraine. The Sea of Azov has experienced serious problems of industrial and municipal wastewater contamination and increased levels of salinity since the early 1970s. Despite repeated warnings and special government anti pollution resolutions, the conditions in this sea continue the deteriorate.

Nowadays we use E-numbers in our food. They may be dangerous for our health if there is a certain quantity of E-numbers in our body. Another cause is a radioactive contamination of a vast area in 1986 when there was an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The trouble is that the accident caused the contamination not only to many parts of Ukraine but some other countries in Europe. Polluted air and acid rains kill millions of animals. Fogs of smoke and gas are emitted into the air. If the trees die, We’ll die, too, because they supply us with oxygen to breathe. Success in protection nature is possible only if all countries in the world join forces. We hope that we’ll preserve nature’s wealth and even adore to this wealth in the future.


1.- Hi ! I haven’t seen you for ages! How are you? 2.- I’m fine, thank you. And you?

1.- Everything is O.K. What are you doing here? 2.- I’ve got a very interesting task. I must write a report. The topic of my report is

“Animals in danger”. You see I’ve found a lot of interesting facts. 1.- I wonder, Nick, why do people kill animals?

2.- You know that people kill domestic animals – cows, pigs, because they use their

meat, skin.

1.- And do you know why people kill wild animals?

2.- It’s easy to answer your question. Look at people in winter. They are beautifully

dressed in fur coats, fur hats.

1.- But why, I don’t understand, Why people don’t make artificial fur coats. More

than 130 kinds of large animals and about 150 kinds of birds have already
disappeared from the Earth.

2.- You’re absolutely right. For 18 centuries people could not damage nature quickly

– only 33 kinds were killed.

1.- But I’ve learnt that in the 19th century 70 kinds of animals and birds have already


2.- Yes, I know that. They say that during the first 50 years of our century 40 kinds of

animals disappeared. People invented guns that help them to kill animals very


1.- I can’t imagine what we’re going to leave to the following generations. 2.- I don’t know, but I’m sure that we must find the right balance between the land,

people and animals. We have to protect everything in nature.

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