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Урок по английскому языку на тему "I want an apple"

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Grade: 1


Theme: Unit 7. Lesson3. «I want an apple»


Educational: to increase their word-stock with the help of new words

Developing: to develop pupil’s vocabulary, reading, oral speech and writing.

Cultural: to interest pupils to the lesson through different tasks.

Visual aids: book, copy-book, pictures, interactive-board.

Stages of the lesson

I. Introduction.

  • Good morning children!

  • How are you?

  • What date is it today?

  • What season?

  • Sit down, please.

  • I will teach you English today.

  • Ok, let’s start our lesson.

II. Warm up:

Good morning, good morning,

Good morning to you

Good morning, my teacher,

I’m glad to see you.

III. Checking up the hometask.

III.Presentation: to introduce pupils with new theme.

IV. New vocabulary:

1) Soup [суп] сорпа

juice [джюс] шырын

lemonade [гет ту самуейә] лимонад

salad [метро] салат

pizza [тәкси] пицца

a sandwich [трәм] сэндвич

2)Pupils have puzzle with the new words.







V. Grammar:

Ex-2.p.64. Listen and read. (Track 52).

I want some soup

I want a banana

I want an orange

VI. Practice:

Work with the pictures of food. Pupils must make up sentences with SOME, A/AN

  • I want some lemonade

  • I want a kiwi

  • I want an orange

Let’s have a rest. Watch the video and repeat after frog.

Ex-2.p.46. Work in groups. Pupils have posters with sentences which they must complete.

  1. I want ____ milk.

  2. I want ____ lemon.

  3. I ____ some tea.

  4. I want ____ orange.

  5. I ___ some juice.

Ex-1.p. Do the crossword.

  1. It is round, with sausage, tomato and cheese on top.

  2. Cows give this. It’s white. You drink it.

  3. It is made from lemon. Children like it. It is in the bottle.

  4. Children like this fruit. It can be green, red and yellow.

  5. Mothers like it. Mothers give this to their kids. But some children don’t like it.

  6. It is the same colour as it’s name, it’s colour is orange.

  7. I am yellow, I am made from milk, you eat me with bread.

Work with work book.

VI. Production.

VII. Home work: make up crosswords with new words

VIII. Assessment: give marks.

X. Conclusion: The lesson is over. Goodbye children!

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