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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему "If I were a millionaire" (9 класс)

Урок по английскому языку на тему "If I were a millionaire" (9 класс)

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Ерейментау ауданы «Бөгенбай батыр атындағы қазақ орта мектебі» мемлекеттік коммуналдық мекемесінің ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Мажитова Айжан Зинулақызының «If I were a millionaire» ашық сабағы

Form: 9

Оқулық: Т. Аяпова 2013

Theme: If I were a millionaire

Aims: 1. Giving more information about Conditional sentences, revise students’ knowledge on the theme;

2. Enriching students vocabulary and developing the creative and logical thinking

3. Upbringing students for punctuality; teaching for skills working in groups.

Type: Mixed lesson

Method: Explaining-illustration, question-answer

Visual aids: pictures, cards, multi median equipment & etc.

The Plan

I. Organization moment

II. Checking homework

III. New theme

a) to know

b) comprehension

c) using

d) fixing



Home assignment

The Procedure of the Lesson

I.Org. moment.

Good morning, dear students! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

Warm-up: phonetic drill

II. Checking homework. Ex.2 completing sentences in the first Conditional

a.I`ll be surprised if__________________________________________

b.I`ll be sorry if_____________________________________________

c.I1ll be frightened if_________________________________________

d.I`ll be very happy if________________________________________

e.I`ll be bored if_____________________________________________

III.New theme. Our theme today is “If I were a millionaire”.

We’ll continue our grammatical theme Conditional sentences: Second Conditional

We have the aim what we must know.

Four items that you must know:

1.Condition that the 2nd Conditional expresses.

2.The scheme of the 2nd Conditional.

3.using of Comma.

4.The Past tense of ``to be`` in the 2nd Conditional


1.The 2nd Conditional expresses an unreal situation and its result.

2.Sentence scheme:

S - would (`d) - V1 + if + S - Past Simple

main subordinate

I would travel to England if I won the lottery


If + Past Simple , S - would - V1

subordinate main

If I won the lottery , I would travel to England

3.Comma is used when the Subordinate clause goes first

4.The Past form of ``to be`` is ``were`` for all persons

e.g. If I were …

If you were…

If he/she/it were…

If I were in Astana,I would see `` Baiterek``.

c)using: Working on exercises.

1.Completing sentences with the correct form of the Verb. Ex.10 p 119

a.If I______(have) much time,I ________(waste) it.

b.If I________(be) rich, I_________(travel) around the world.

c.If I________(be) a famous sportsman , I______(see) a lot of interesting places.

d.If I________(have) enoygh money , I__________(buy) a computer.

2.Reading the text

Let’s read the text about Bolat`s life and his dream. Describe his dream.

The next exercise is 6 for asking and answering questions about Bolat.

Example: he/live/in a small flat?

Would he live in a small flat?

No, he wouldn`t. He would live in a big house

a..his mother/stay/at home?

b.he and his sister/ go to/ ordinary school?

c.he and his sister/ wear/ a uniform?

d.his granny /look/ after them?

e.his life / be / boring?

3.Talking about if your father were a millionaire. Ex 8 p 118.

d)fixing: Test

The next task is completing sentences of the 2nd Conditional. Let’s think well.

If I______(win) the lottery, I would give you half the money.

If I _______( be) free on Sunday, I would go to the cinema.

It _________( be) a pity if he _________ ( marry ) Susan.

She ________( not be ) late if she ________(have ) a watch.

________ you ________ (buy ) a bicycle if you had much money?

Now answer some final tasks

1.Auxilliary verb of the main clause.

2.The Tense of the Subordinate clause.


Marks for the lesson (test, h/w)

Homework: Ex 11, 13 p 70 making sentences

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