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Урок по английскому языку на тему " Карьера и профессии" 11 класс

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«Бирского муниципального района Республики Башкортостан»

Урок по английскому языку


Развитие навыков устной монологической и диалогической речи по теме

«Карьера и профессии»

Учитель: Фархутдинова А.А.

Класс: 11

Цели: 1. Развитие устной монологической и диалогической речи по теме «Профессии».

2. Тренировать в употреблении активной лексики и активизации её в устной речи.

3. Развитие навыков аудирования: воспринимать речь на слух и на основе

услышанного решать поставленную задачу: выбор конкретной информации.

4. Обучение составлению мини-диалогу на данную ситуацию.

5. Развитие логического мышления, умение аргументировать, объяснять; внимания,


6. Практиковать учащихся в умении заполнения таблицы.

7. Воспитывать трудолюбие, чувство ответственности и интерес к изучению языка,

способствовать формированию осознанного отношения к выбору профессии.

Оснащение: ИКТ (презентация Microsoft Power Point), видеопроектор, экран,

аудиодиск(приложение к УМК М. З. Биболетова “Enjoy English”, муз

центр, раздаточный материал, картинки, плакат с названием темы урока,


Место проведения: МБОУ СОШ № 8

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент

- Good morning!

I am glad to see you.

- Glad to see you too.

- How are you?

-Today we are going to speak about your future plans and the world of professions.

  1. Фонетическая разминка

I want you to read and translate the pome.

I want to Be

Some people often say to me:

’’Have you decided what you want to be?’’

I usually answer, ’’I don’t know,’’

Bus it isn’t really so.

I want to win an Olympic race,

I want to travel to Katmandu

I want to be rich and famous, too.

I want to be on Hollywood’s screen,

I want to invent a new machine,

I want to be very clever and wise,

I want to win the Nobel prize,

Bus most of all, I want to be

Healthy, strong, and nice.

And have you decided what you want to be ?

III Речевая разминка

T:. When you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It’s not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. What do you think? It is easy to choose a profession?

St.: To my mind it’s difficult to choose a profession according to abilities and character. As far as I know many school leavers are inclined to choose a ‘popular profession and having done so, they are sure this is just what they want. But soon afterwards they realize they have made a mistake which is sometimes difficult to correct. That is why choosing a profession is not a simple matter, but a very important one.


T: You are absolutely right. Thank you. Who can help you to make the right choice of a job?

St.3: This can be done by reading the information in the Internet. Jobs change and new ones are constantly appearing .We also can talk to people who have different kinds of job. We often discuss this problem with friends, relatives.

T: Sure. And what is the best way to prepare for any job?

St.4: As for as I think the best way to prepare for any job is to get a good education – to do well at school and to learn all you can outside the school.

T: Have you made up your mind what to be in the future ?

St.4: It is difficult for me to give a definite answer.

. It’s not easy to choose one of hundreds jobs.

T:All right. I think you have some time to decide what profession to choose.

IVАктивизация лексики

There is a great variety of jobs. Now say what qualities do you think are necessary for any profession?

For example: A teacher should be…A doctor should be…A lawyer should be…An economist should be…A policeman should be…


Now have a look at proverbs. Read, translate and explain this or that proverb.

-A bad workman blames his tool.

Плохой работник всегда винит свой инструмент

A careless or unskilled person blames his tools to excuse himself for bad work, while it is his own carelessness or lack of skill which is really to blame.

Jack of all trades master of none.

Джек на все руки мастер, а ни одним мастером не владеет.

(за всё браться ничего не делать)

A person who works at many trades never becomes really expert at any one. It is better to be really skillful at one trade than to have small knowledge of many.

VIРазвитие навыков чтения

Обучающиеся читают тексты на английском языке, где говорится о разных профессиях. Они должны угадать, о какой профессии идёт речь. Ответы произносят обучающиеся, используя выражения:

To my mind this is a profession of…

I think…

It seems to me…

Ответы выходят на экране после произнесения ответа учащимися.

Now read and say which profession is described.

a). This profession reguires special education; the person should be kindhearted, careful, courageous, sensitive to the need of others; should be sympathetic to the pain of other people; should be very handy, devoted to this duty, selfless.

To my mind this is a profession of…

I think…

It seems to me…

b). This profession requires special education; the person should be kind, generous, strict and just; should love children; should possess deep and broad knowledge of a subject; should be responsible, honest, tactful, reserved, patient and tolerant.

c). This trade requires special qualities; the person should be careful; should have quick reactions; should have vision and hearing; should know and observe the traffic rules; should be a good mechanic.

d). This profession requires special education and physical qualities; the person should be very well educated in physics, mathematics, astronomy; should have perfect health; should have good endurance and the ability to stand great strain and the state of weightlessness; should be courageous and daring.

e). This profession needs special qualities; ability to stand heights or depths, extremes of heat or cold, courage, curiosity, the sense of duty, the ability to risk, good health, devotion to one’s idea, confidence in success.

f). This profession needs the following qualities; enterprise, the ability to foresee, to analyze and to risk; the ability to keep promises; the person should be disciplined, well behaved, communicative; should know foreign languages; to be a good psychologist.


T: The first profession you came across from your childhood is the profession of a teacher.. The best way to know this profession better is to have a talk with a teacher. So we are going to do this right now.

Get ready to ask Ludmila Ivanovna questions

T. Begin, please

St.1: Why have you chosen this proffesion ?

T: Well, as for me, I made my choice long ago. My choice of this occupation didn’t come as a sudden flash. If you like people, you will like teacher you must be genuinely interested in what you are doing. The most important things in the world are awareness and learning – wanting to know every day of your life more and more. Because every time you learn something new you become something new. A teacher catalyzes in his pupils the burning desire to know and love the truth and beauty.

St.2: Who has influenced your choice?

T: My parents, my English teacher and of course, my love of English. During all school years English was favorite subject.

St.3: Teaching is a very difficult job, it is not well paid. It is quite stressful and a bit boring to my mind.

T: Nothing of the kind speaking about boring. It’s the most noble and rewarding job.

St.4: What qualities do you think are necessary for a good teacher?

T: Oh, many of them. First of all a good teacher should know perfectly the subject he teaches, must be well-educated and well informed. Teachers should be understanding, patient, kind. A teacher must love children and respect them.

St.6: I am fond of English.. Which of professions require the knowledge of foreign language?

T: There are a lot of professions for which a good knowledge of a foreign language is absolutely necessary, but I must say that many of them deal with people, for example: an interpreter, a translator, a diplomat, a journalist as well.

Thank you L.I. Summing up we can say that the profession of a teacher is noble, rewarding and very complicated.

VIII Активизация навыков диалогической речи

Now your dialogues.


Choosing your future profession

-Have you chosen your future profession?

-Yes, I want to be a guide or an interpreter.

-Why have you chosen to work in this field?

-These professions are well-paid, interesting, and useful. These are the jobs which let you learn something new every day. I find it interesting and challenging to solve new problems. At the same time I shall work with English and Russian, the languages I like. I shall also have opportunities to see foreign countries and to communicate with native speakers.

-Do you have the needed traits of character?

-Well, i”m industrious, I think, this is a very important trait of character. I am also good at languages and communicative. My father says I am organised, reliable and practical.

-Would you like to be a programmer, for instance?

-No. This job requires knowledge of mathematics and computers, and I am not good at these sciences.

-Many boys and girls want to be famous in their future. What about you?

- I don’t think about being famous. If I am famous, I shall be glad, but most of all I want to have a good job and be a good specialist.

-Where would you study to prepare for your future profession?

- I shall try to enter the Bashkir State University.

-When did you begin to think about your future profession?

-Since my childhood.

-Who helped you with you decision?

- My parents supported me a lot, especially my mother. She helped me to understand myself.


Dialogue on the theme " My future profession"

- Hello , Darina !

- Hi, Lena! Where are you going to ?

- I ran to the additional classes in chemistry !

- Do you want to take an exam in chemistry? It is so difficult.

- I want to enter a medical university. And what are your plans ?

- I attend computer classes . I do drawings ​​on a computer with a special program.

- You will be a designer, won’t you ?

- Yes, you know , it has been my dream for a long time. And now I decided to make it my profession.

- I think you have the talent to work with all sorts of computer programs. For me it is a dark forest. But , I believe that my calling is to treat people.

- And what kind of doctor you are going to be ?

- I want to treat people suffering from heart diseases ...

- And what do your parents think about your choice?

- They think it is a hard work .And such kind of doctor must be kind, responsible, well-educated, patient.

- Lena, I hope you will treat us someday !

Well , I wish you good luck! Call me !Sorry but I must go.

- And good luck to you too , Joe ! See you later !

IX Физкультминутка

X Активизация навыков монологической речи


XI Активизация навыков аудирования

Hearing practice ex.18, p.50

XII Now we’ll do some psychological test

Психологический тест «К какой группе профессий ты относишься?»

  • What would you like to be? Do you want what type of job you would like to have?

  • Answer the questions and see what our career specialist says about you/ You must put a cross in the box marked “Yes” or “No”

  1. Do you like to travel?

  2. Do you prefer to work indoors?

  3. Do you like talking to people?

  4. Do you prefer to work alone?

  5. Are you energetic?

  6. Do you like organizing things?

  7. Are you patient?

  8. Do you like animals?

  9. Are you noisy?

  10. Do you like to work with your hands?

  11. Are you artistic?

  12. Do you like working with numbers?

  13. Do you like children?

  14. Do you like looking after people?

  15. Are you calm?

  16. Are you musical?

  17. Do you like sport?

  18. Do you like working at night?

  19. Do you mind seeing blood?

  20. Do you like talking on the telephone?



  • Check your answers and add up your score.

  • Учащиеся заполняют таблицу и считают баллы, затем проверяют по результатной таблице (презентация)

































































hello_html_325ca463.jpg hello_html_m54ac8a0d.jpg

If your score is between 5 and 45:

hello_html_m79073859.jpgYou enjoy working with people and helping them. You are also a practi­cal person. One of these careers will suit you: teacher, doctor, nurse, so­cial worker, psychologist, zoo keep­er, policeman, policewoman


If your score is between 45 and 90:

You like to work quietly and concen­trate on the task. You prefer to work on your own. One of these careers will suit you: laboratory technician, librarian, artist, bank clerk, hair­dresser, architect.


If your score is between 90 and 135:

You like to be very busy. You like to be with people and you like organizing things for them. One of the fol­lowing careers will suit you: travel agent, journalist, hotel manager, flight attendant, bus conductor, salesperson, fireman/woman.

XIVИтоги урока

  • Today we have spoken about the world of jobs. Of course it is very important to make the right choice. But I think it is more important what kind of person you will become. I wish you to find yourselves in this world, be kind, be honest, and be noble everywhere and in everything.

Домашнее задание: to write VC

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