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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему "Keep fit and healthy"

Урок по английскому языку на тему "Keep fit and healthy"

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План-конспект урока по теме «What is the matter

Раздел «Keep fit and healthy»

Класс : 6

УМК: New Millenium English 6

Дополнительный материал: раздаточный материал с активным вокабуляром, карточки с предложениями на тренировку употребления Past Continuous


Направленность на аспект

Задание ( teacher’s words)

Реакция учеников

( pupil’s answer)



1 мин

-Hello, I’m glad to see you today. How are you?

- I’m fine. Sit down and let’s begin our lesson.

- Hello

- We’re fine thank you, and you?


2 мин



- Do you like the weather today?

- Why?

- What is the next season after the winter?

- Do you want spring to come? Why

- Yes/No

- The sun is shining and it is not cold/ It is very cold and there is a strong wind outside

- Spring

-Yes. There will be leaves on trees, the sun will shine and we will have hollidays

Индивидуальные ответы


С места


20 мин







Чтение, грамматика, лекси

- So you can see a plan of our work for today, it’s on the blackboard. And first of all I want to hand in your papers with your marks.

Let’s look through the mistakes and analyse them together.

- The 1st exercise was well done by all of you. I am very glad to mention it.

- Then there were no mistakes in the 2nd exercise but there were some problems with the spelling. So the next lessons I will ask you to learn all new words by heart and you will have a small dictation.

- There were a lot of mistakes in the 3d exercise so let’s read it one by one and then do some more examples.

-Lesha, you start please. Read the sentence with the correct form and explain your choice in Russian

- Now each of you should go to the blackboard, and take a card with the sentence from my table. You should read it and write down the correct form.

- Now let’s check the 4th exercise. One by one, you should read and translate and explain your choice

-And the last task was the most difficult for you. Unfortunately most of you don’t remember how to use should or shouldn’t. So now let’s remember.

I show you a card with sentence for example “ I go to bed at 2 o’clock” and you give advice, for example “ You shouldn’t go to bad at 2 o’clock, you should go to bed at 10 or 11”

- Mike doesn’t have a good dinner and eat chocolates and pizza

- Nick is not polite with his teachers

- Kattie doesn’t go to the doctor

- Brad doesn’t prepare for the test.

- One day I was walking in the….. Употребляем Past Continuous потому что действие происходило в течение какого то времени


1. Analyzing test-papers

2. New vocabulary

3. What’s the matter with Jake?

4. Hometask

* Learn new words from the card

* Work-book, p. 57, ex 2,3

У доски работают ученики, допустившие большее кол-во ошибок на контрольной

Vlad Strebkov

Liza Sakara


Lyadova Nastya


4 мин


- Now we are going to start the new topic. Open your student’s book at page 86. Sasha, read the title please

-How can we translate it?

- What does it mean to be healthy?

- What things person should do if he or she wants to be healthy?

- Keep fit and healthy

- Здоровый образ жизни и здоровье

- Be in good form

- Do exercises in the morning

- Go to the fitness-clubs

- Eat healthy food

Student’s book,



3 мин

Чтение, аудирование, фонетика

- Well, I give you cards with new vocabulary.

Listen and repeat after me


A cold

A sore throat

Be ill






A headache

A cold

A sore throat

Be ill






A headache



Письмо, лексика

- So after we’ve done it, I want to put your attention on how we make up the words which meant unhealthy part of a body

- Stomachache, Earache, Backache, A headache

- What is similar in these words?

- Yes, “ache” means «боль» and now look at the small table on page 86 in your Student’s Books. Here you see how we get a new word.

Write it down please in your vocabulary. More than this you should remember that the names of illnesses in British English are usually uncountable and they have no article. But there are some exceptions – a cold, a headache, a sore throat, a temperature

- ending “ache”

Student’s Books


3 -7


Аудирование, лексика

- The title of our lesson today is “What’s the matter “.You listen to the tape and find out what problem Jake has.

- He’s got a headache/ stomachache/ a temperature/ a flu

- Our lesson is over, write down your home task. Have a nice day. Good bye.

- Good bye.

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