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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему "Лидер"
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  • Иностранные языки

Урок по английскому языку на тему "Лидер"


Theme: ХХІ ғасыр көшбасшысы

The aims:

Білімділік: Білімдік дағдыларын байқау

Дамытушылық: Оқушылардың ағылшын тілі

пәнінен алған білімдік дағдыларын


Тәрбиелік: Өз заманының көшбасшысы бола

алатын тұлға

The type of the lesson: сыныптан тыс сабақ

The kind of the lesson: жарыс сабақ

The methods of the lesson: сұрақ-жауап, сөзжұмбақ,

жұмбақтар шешу

Prediction: өз ойын еркін жеткізе білетін тұлға

Visual aids: слайд, сөзжұмбақ, плакат, шарлар, тірек


The plan of the lesson:

1st round “Baige”

2nd round “Poliglot”

3rd round “Kokpar”

4th round “Who is faster”

5th round “Speaker”

Leader’s word: Good afternoon dear teachers and pupils! Welcome to today’s our an extra-curricular lesson which is devoted to an international native language’s day. And today you’ll perform the game which is called “ The leader of the XXI century”. And the participants of these game are the pupils of 7th and 8th forms. Let me to introduce them.

1st participant is Tazabec Meirzhan. He is a pupil of 7”A” class.

2nd participant is Serikbaeva Akerke. She is a pupil of 7”Ә” class.

3rd participant is Sarsenbecov Nurzhan. He is a pupil of 7”B” class.

4th participant is Kanatbaeva Kundyz. She is a pupil of 8”A” class.

5th participant is Rakhmetova Altynai. She is a pupil of 8”Ә” class.

6th participant is Ismailov Nurshat. He is a pupil of 8”B” class.

And also let me to introduce you our juries. They are:




Now, dear participants I wish you good luck and victory.

At the beginning of the game our participants have to introduce themselves and tell us about their matto.

Thank you very much. As you’ll see our 1st round is “Baige”. I put you some questions and you must answer them as quick as it possible. Are you ready? Let’s begin. Each answer is equal to 2 scores.


  1. Where is the Republic of Kazakhstan situated? ( in the Central Asia)

  2. What is the size of the area of Kazakhstan? ( the area of Kazakhstan is 2753000 square kilometres)

  3. What can you say about the population of the Republic? ( Its population is about 16 million)

  4. What is the capital of the Republic? ( the capital of the Republic is Astana)

  5. Where is it situated? ( It is situated in the central part of the country)

  6. What is the official language of the country? ( Kazakh is the official language of the country)

  7. What is the capital of Great Britain? ( London is the capital of G.B.)

  8. How many people live in London? ( Its population is about 8 million people)

  9. Where is London situated? ( London is situated on the both banks of the River Thames)

  10. What parts is London traditionally divided into? ( Traditionally London is divided into several parts: the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End)

  11. Who is the President of our Republic? ( N. Nazarbaev)

  12. What are the historical places of our Taraz? ( Aisha-Biby, Karakhan, Tekturmas)

And now, until our juries count the scores, we’ll listen to an English poems which are recited by the pupils of 5-6 forms.

1st pupil Nuran E.

Little mouse”

Little mouse, little mouse

Where is your house?

Little cat, little cat

I have no flat

I’m a poor mouse

I have no house.

Little mouse, little mouse

Come to my house

Little cat, little cat

I can not do that

You want to eat me.

2nd pupil Elilbaeva Botagoz

My friend”

I’ve got a friend

We like to play,

We play together

Every day.

He always helps me

When I’m in need

For he’s my friend,

Good friend indeed.

3rd pupil: Tursyn Sultan


Sport is fun for girls and boys,

It’s much better than the toys

You can sledge and ski, and skate

And play snowballs with Kate.

You can swim and play football,

Hockey, tennis, basketball.

You can jump and you can run,

You can have a lot of fun.

Thanks a lot. Now let’s give the word to our juries. Ok. The 2nd round is “ Poliglot”. You must guess the word and give the Russian and English equivalents of this word. The participant who gets few scores will leave the game. And for the mind of our juries you must put 10 scores for Kazakh; 20 scores for Russian and 30 scores for an English equivalents.

  1. Жеті қазынаның бірі деп қандай хайуанды айтамыз? ( ит-собака- dog)

  2. Білім басқа бітеді, қына ... бітеді. (тас-камень- stone)

  3. Көз қорқақ ... батыр. ( қол-рука- hand)

  4. Ас атасы ... ( нан-хлеб-bread)

  5. Ата-ананың қадірін ... болғанда білерсің. ( бала-ребенок-child)

  6. Оқу білім бұлағы, білім ... шырағы. ( өмір-жизнь- life)

  7. Жылдың ең ыстық мезгілі. ( жаз-лето- summer)

  8. Атаның баласы болма, ... баласы бол. ( адам-человек-man)

  9. Күн мен түн теңелетін жыл мезгілі. ( көктем-весна-spring)

  10. Жүз сомың болғанша, жүз ... болсын. ( дос-друг-friend)

  11. Футболшының алаңдағы ойын заты. ( доп-мяч-ball)

  12. Қабат, қабат қаттама, ақылың болса аттама. ( кітап-книга-book)

  13. Әр адамның шағын Отаны. ( отбасы-семья-family)

  14. ... отбасынан басталады. ( Отан- Родина-Motherland)

Thank you dear participants. Untill our juries count your scores, let’s listen to an English song “What is your name?”

Edilbaeva Aigul

What is your name?

What is your name?

Now tell me please

What is your name?

Together: My name is Colin

My name is Colin

My name is Colin

That’s my name.


How old are you?

How old are you?

Now tell me please

How old are you?

Together: I am eleven

I am eleven

I am eleven

That’s my age.

Kozhabaeva Aizhan

Where are you from?

Where are you from?

Now tell me please

Where are you from?

Together: I am from London

I am from London

I am from London

That’s where I’m from.

Thank you dear children. Now, let’s listen the scores. That’s a pity, but I can only say thank for your taking part at this game. Let’s go on. Our 3rd round is “Kokpar”. Pay your attention to screen. You mfy choose one of these numbers. Then you listen to riddle for this number.

  1. My uncle has a brother.

He is not my uncle.

Who is he? ( my father) 20

  1. We are four brothers

Living under one roof

Do you know us? ( the legs of the table) 20

  1. Five cupboards

But only one door. ( a glove) 20

  1. I’m a lively worker

I dispise lazy boys

When I see any

I strike them on the head ( a hammer) 30

5. I’m long and thin and made of stell

I cut the mutton, beaf and veal

When not in use, I lay and wait

Beside my owner’s round white plate ( a knife) 30

6. A little old woman with twelve children

Some short, some long, some cold, some hot

What is it? ( a year) 30

7. The teacher write on me with chalk,

My face is black

And I can not talk ( a board) 40

8. I’m black and red and blue

I draw the pictures for you ( a pencil) 40

9. My long, thin legs

Are good and fast

I like to gallop and to run

Oh, yes, I think its great fun ( a horse) 40

Ok. Dear participants. As I noticed you can guess the riddles. Untill our juries count the scores let’s listen the next poems.

1st pupil Iliyas


Robin, Robin, what a man!

He eats as much as no one can

He ate a lot of fish, he ate a lot of meat

He ate a lot of ice cream and sweet

He ate a lot of porridge and ten eggs

And all the cookies Mother had

2nd pupil Aizada

My pet”

I’ve got a pet

It’s a cat

His name’s Fred

I love my cat

3rd pupil Azat

Ice cream”

I like ice cream,

I like ice cream

What about you?

What about you?

Chocolate and strawberry

Chocolate and strawberry

I like ice cream

I like ice cream

What about you?

What about you?

Lemon and banana

Lemon and banana

I like ice cream, too.

I want that juries say the names of 2 pupils who got few scores. The next our round is “Who is faster”. Look at screen. Your task is to find the names of animals which are hidden in these sentences. The score of this round is equal to 20

1. That will be a real help

2. He came to America today

3. In April I only came once

4. Do good workers sacsed

5. I’ll sing you humon key if I shout,

He will hear me

6. She and he came late yesterday

The last our round is “ Speaker”. I have 2 envelops in my hand and there are 2 themes. Please the participant who has few scores choose first.

1st theme: “If I were the head of school”

2nd theme: “ If I were the President”

Dear juries please count us the scores and say us who gets nominations, who gets places and who is the leader of our game.

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