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Урок по английскому языку на тему "London-Astana"


Data: 19.12.15

Class: 6 «A»

Theme: «Astana-London»

Main goal of the lesson:

A) To create conditions for developing socio-cultural competence.

b) To teach pupils to respect another language and nation.

c) To teach pupils to love their Motherland.

Educational tasks:

A) To develop and test students’ listening skills;

b) To develop students’ speaking abilities.

Educational supplies:

Computers, projector, movie, audio track, postcards, text-book, pictures.

Organizational moment.

I. The beginning of the lesson.

1) Greeting the group and the guests.

Teacher: Good afternoon, our dear guests and my children

Pupils: Good afternoon.

Teacher: Sit down, please.

2) Report of the pupil on duty:

Who is on duty today?

I am. -

Who is absent today?

- All are present

3) A talk on weather:

- What date is it today? It is 19th of December

b) What day is it today? It is Wednesday

c) What season is it now? It is winter now.

Introduction of the lesson

Teacher: I’m glad to see you. How are you?

Today we are going to have an interesting trip together. The theme of our lesson is “Astana-London”. Invite you to travel to the capitals of Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom. We are going to revise all you know about London and Astana, watch a video film, listen to an audio track, do some quiz with the help of computer.

II New words.

River Pека

Underground Meтpo

Double decker автобус

Clock часы

Mosque мечеть

Queen Kopoлева

III Text


London lies on the river Thames. It has a population of over 6 million people. It’s an old city. London is famous for its historic buildings St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, where you can see and hear the famous clock, Big Ben. It’s also famous for its parks. There are five in the city centre. Children’s favorite place is Hamleys, which is, the biggest toyshop in the world.

London has problems with traffic and pollution. Over one million people a day use the London underground, but there are ill too many cars. Astana

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It's in the central part of Kazakhstan, on the river Esil It has a population of over Six hundred thousand people, Astana is, famous for it’s building The popular buildings are the monument of Baiterek the circus and the entertainment centre of Duman.

Teacher: Now pupils from Kazakhstan come to London. What places could be of great interest for Kazakh pupils. Let’s remember, look at the blackboard, please.

IV Прeзентация «Places of interest»

The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II

Big Ben

Paul’s Cathedral is the main church of London.

Buckingham Palace is the residence of the British monarchs.

Trafalgar Square is a square in central London, England

Tower Bridge


City hall

London eye

Westminster abbey it is a church near the houses of parliament.

The first line of London Underground was built in 1863. Now London Underground is the largest in the world. It has 250 metro stations on twelve lines.

This red-coloured things in London streets appeared in 1853 when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

V The British Capital Sights.

Test .

1. The capital of Great Britain is.....

a) Astana b) London c) New York

2. The British capital is situated on the river.....

a) The Thames b) the Clyde c) the Volga

3. The clock tower is called. ...

a) The Tower b) Nelson’s Column c) Big Ben

4. Westminster Abbey is. ....

a) Royal church b) a theatre c) a museum

5. The Queen's residence is.....

a) Trafalgar Square b) Buckingham Palace c) the Tower

6. Nelson’s Column is in the middle....

a) Red Square b) Hyde Park c) Trafalgar Square

A) Red Square b) Hyde Park c) Trafalgar Square The key: 1b, 2a, 3c, 4a, 5b, 6c.

VI Read and match

Big Tower

Trafalgar Ben

Buckingham Parliament

The Houses of Square

Palace Bridge

VII Физминутка

VIII Aэропорт, Astana.

Teacher: Now we are at the airport. We have arrived in Astana.

1) What do you know about our country?

2) How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?

3) Who is the President of Kazakhstan?

IX Check up pupils’ knowledge


X Home task: write essay

XII. Conclusion

Teacher: Thank you very much. I think our traveling has been fantastic. You have

shown very good knowledge on this lesson .You are the best pupils!

Name these sights. (Teams have to answer the questions in turns.)

1....Park (Hyde)

2.... Square (Trafalgar)

3.... Gallery (National)

4.... of London (The Tower)

5.... Cathedral (St. Paul's)

6.... Bridge (Tower)

7.... Abbey (Westminster)

8.... Palace (Buckingham)

9. The River... (Thames)

10.The Houses of... (Parliament)

Find the word connected with the lesson

1. umsemu(museum)


3. numontme(monument)

4. retteha(theatre)

5. distamu(stadium)

6. liaparmetn(parliament)

7. nemaic(cinema)

8. legalry(gallery)

9. aresqu(square)


Travelling to London

1. What is the weather like in London now?

a) Cloudy

b) Sunny

c) The temperature is _____

2. Match the picture and the word:


Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

The Tower of London

3. How often do people hear Big Ben?

a) Every minute

b) Every hour

c) Every Monday


4. Make up the sentence:

is, one, of, famous, the, It, the, across, Thames, bridges.


5. You result in the test:______________ %


Your mark is

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