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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Mobile Phone. The Internet" (8 класс)

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Form: 8”б

Date: 20.10.2014

Theme: “Mobile Phone. The Internet”


  1. Educational – create conditions for the development of skills such grammatical analysis (phonetic) phenomena.

  2. Developing –to promote the development of aesthetic taste, speech culture.

  3. Teaching – the created conditions for the development of students' analytical skills as the ability to analyze, compare, compare, summarize cognitive objects, draw conclusions.

Type of the lesson: lesson learning new knowledge by students.

Aids: a table – card, new words.

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:

Good morning, pupils’! How are you?

Who is on duty today? Who is absent?

What date is it today? What day is it today?

What season is it now? What month is it now?

  1. Checking up the home task:

What was your home task? Are you ready your home task?

  1. Warm – up:

Look at the pictures and talk your partner about this pictures:

hello_html_359e7378.jpg hello_html_1dd3e0cf.jpg

  1. The new material: To read the text:


Mobile phone

At present mobile phones have become ingrained in our everyday lives and the majority of people can hardly imagine themselves without cell phones. Is it just a tribute to fashion or a necessity of a modern person?

It isn’t a secret that today many people feel quite helpless if they have left their mobile phones at home. First of all cell phones give us an opportunity to keep in touch with people in any place and in any time (it’s especially important for businesspeople). Besides, modern mobile phones are multi-function: they provide access to the Internet, have various games, cameras, memory sticks, etc.

Nevertheless we can’t deny that mobile phones provoke a range of problems. People have started to see each other less frequently. Mobile communication requires quite a lot of money and people have to control the amount of money on their accounts constantly otherwise at the most inappropriate moment they won’t be able to phone the people they need. But the greatest disadvantage of cell phones is certainly their harmful influence on people’s health.

In my opinion at the present time mobile phones are an integral part of life of any person and we can’t stop it. I personally need it everyday for my work and to keep in touch with my friends and relatives, though I’m aware of its deleterious influence on my health. But I try to avoid idle talks on the phone to reduce the influence of harmful radio waves. I try to find the happy mean.

Our grammar material Past Simple and Present Simple:

Ағылшын тілінде өткен шақтың  4 түрі бар:

  1. Past Simple;

  2. Past Continuous;

  3. Past Perfect;

  4. Past Perfect Continuous.

Бұл сабағымызда тек Past Simple Tense тақырыбын қарастыратын боламыз.

Өткен шақта болған іс-әрекеттерді етістіктің өткен шақтағы түрімен сипаттаймыз. Өткен шақ етістіктерінің қарапайым түрі — Past Simple Tense. Past Simple Tense өткен шақта болған әрекетті нақты сипаттайды. Ол сипаттап тұрған уақыт осы шақтан бұрын болған, яғни, қазіргі уақытпен еш байланысы болмайды. Мысалы: We played — Біз ойнадық. She washed her car — Ол (қыз) машинасын жуды. I studied in Almaty — Мен Алматыда оқыдым. Әдетте, өткен шақта тұрған етістіктердің соңы -ed жалғауымен аяқталады. Бірақ бұл ережеге бағынбайтын етістіктер де жетерлік. Оларды жаттап алуларыңыз керек. Жоғарыдағы ережеге бағынбайтын етістіктердің тобын бұрыс етістіктер (Irregular Verbs) деп атайды.

Present Simple is the time of English, used for pointing on facts, knowledge or repetitive actions. Usually applicably to description a hobby, the daily or event routine.

Present Simple - күнде қайталанып тұратын іс әрекет. Оның үстеу сөздері sometimes.usualy.always. Мысалыға: I sometimes get up 7:30.

  1. Practice the new material:

Doing the exercises.

  1. Conclusion of the lesson:

Answer the several questions.

  1. Home task:

Your home task to compile a topic “The Internet in Our life”.

  • Is everything clear?

  1. Evaluation:

So, you have been very active today.

  • The lesson is over, have are rest!

  • Good bye, pupils’!

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