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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / Урок по английскому языку на тему " Number"

Урок по английскому языку на тему " Number"

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Lesson: Numbers


Date: 04.10

Teachers name: Makulbekova Altinay

Class: 1 ә

Number present:


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

1.S1 make basic personal statements and simple statements about objects.

1.UE3 use basic adjectives and colours to say what someone /something

1.UE2 use cardinal numbers 1 – 5 to count

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

To count from 1 to 5

Most learners will be able to

make basic personal statements and simple statements about objects.

Some learners will be able to:

To check pupils knowledge

Previous learning

To check all previous lessons


Planned timings

Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)



Organization moment:

Teacher Good morning

Good morning today.

Good morning, good morning to you.

I’m very glad to see you.

How are you my dear children

Listen and repeat (track 18 CD1)

Put the My Numbers! posters on the board. Point to numbers 1-5, one at a time, and say the corresponding words. The pupils repeat, chorally and / or individually. Point to each number in random order. Ask individual pupils to say the word. Ask the rest of the class for verification.

Play the CD. The pupils listen, point to the numbers and repeat them. Play the CD again pausing after each number. The pupils repeat.

  • The My Numbers poster

  • Story cutouts from the activity book for ex.3

Extension activity ( Optional )


Sing the Numbers song! ( track 19 CD 1)

Say as you count with your fingers: One, two, three, four, five. The pupils repeat after you. Then count backwards and say: Five, four, three, two, one. The pupils repeat after you. Follow the same procedure to present the rest of the song.

Play the CD. The pupils listen to the song. Teach the following actions. Play the song again and encourage the pupils to do the actions. Time permitting, play the song a third time for the pupils to the sing and do the actions.

One, two, three, four, five ( count from one to five on your fingers )hello_html_m4cece21c.png




Ask the pupils which is favourite number ( from 1 to 5).

Feedback: Was the lesson Interesting? What was interesting for you?


Goodbye pupils! See you!

Additional information

Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Cross-curricular links
Health and safety check
ICT links
Values links

More support:

T: Pupils you are very active today!

  • through questioning and the redirecting of questioning in feedback activities

through observation in

pair work

Art .



Use the space below to reflect on your lesson. Answer the most relevant questions from the box on the left about your lesson.

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