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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Урок по английскому языку на тему "Our favourite recipes"
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  • Иностранные языки

Урок по английскому языку на тему "Our favourite recipes"


Our favourite recipes

Тақырыбы: Our favourite recipes
Мақсаты: Сүйікті тағамдарының қалай жасайтынын айтуға жаттықтыру.
Міндеттері: - «Тағам» тақырыбын меңгерту; тақырыптық сөздіктерін бекіту, сөз қорларын байыту; грамматикалық материалдар: саналатын, саналмайтын зат есімдерді айыра білуге, There is/are құрылымын, есімдіктерді дұрыс пайдалануға жаттықтыру;
- оқу, сөйлеу, тыңдап түсіну және жазу дағдыларын дамыту;
- денсаулыққа пайдалы тағамды қолдануға, дұрыс тамақтана білуге баулу.
Сабақ түрі: топпен жұмыс
Сабақта қолданылған технологиялар: АКТ, рөлдік ойын
Сабақ көрнекіліктері: интерактивті тақта, слайд, карточкалар, жержаңғақ майы, нан, банан, оқулық.

Сабақ барысы.
Ι. Ұйымдастыру.
• Greeting the pupils.
T. Good afternoon! I’m glad to see you. How are you today? Are you fine?
• Talking to the pupil on duty.
Who is on duty today? Ok, what day is today of week? Right. And who is absent today? Are you ready to start our lesson?
• Presentation of the theme and aims of the lesson.
T. Today we are going to speak about food and favourite recipes. At the lesson we will work at different exercises such as: read the text, answer the questions, learn new words, repeat the grammar (countable and uncountable noun, articles) I hope you will be active.
First of all you should divide into two groups. Will you take the cards and someone who has fruit should the team “Tasty Fruit” and sit here, please. And someone who has any vegetable will be a member of the team “Fresh vegetables” and you should sit here.

• Phonetic drill (Tongue Twisters)
T. Be attentively! Let’s repeat three times this tongue twister. Ok, all together:
Betty bought some butter,
but the butter Betty bought was bitter,
so Betty bought some better butter,
and where’s the better butter Betty bought?

• Checking home task.
T: Let’s check up your home task. Last lesson I asked you to read the text Fast Food Restaurants and to be answer the questions.
1. What is FFR for?
2. What food do people eat at FFR?
3. Are these restaurants ordinary? Why? (There aren’t any waiters. You order your food at the counter and pay for it at the same time. There are no plates, knives, forks or spoons there)
4. Are they popular with adults?
5. In what time are they open? (10am - 12pm)
6. Are they expensive or cheap?

Іске асыру.
Warm - up. Let’s review our grammar materials.
1. Look at the pictures and divide the food into Countable and uncountable nouns. (Appendix #1)
Countable Uncountable
2. Make up your own sentence using the structure There is/are. There isn’t /aren’t with the pronouns any, some, a lot of, much, many. (Appendix #2)
3. Make up list of healthy and unhealthy food. (Appendix #3)
Healthy food Unhealthy Food
2. Pre - reading task.
• Look and listen. Dear kids, be attentively, please. After watching and listening you should do the next task.
Aigerim: Madina Rustemovna, what’s your favourite snack?
T: Oh, it’s a sandwich with peanut butter, honey and banana. It’s really delicious.
Aigerim: I’ve never heard about that! How do you make it?
T: Well first I take two pieces of bread and spread peanut butter on them. Then cut up a banana into small slices and put them on the piece of bread. Then I pour some honey over the banana and put the other piece of bread on top. That’s all.
Aigerim: I think it’s easy to make. Today I’ll try to make it. Thanks.
T: Now, next task for you. You should complete my recipe card. (Appendix #4)
3. Reading the text “Stone Soup”. Ex 5 p 80.

• Presentation of the unknown words of the text.
soldier -
mean -
That’s a pity. –
Қандай өкінішті!
magic stone –
сиқырлы тас
saucepan -
a bit –
аз ғана

• Let’s read the text sentence by sentence.
• Task for the team “Tasty fruit”: Ex 6 p 80. You should complete the sentences. Look at the picture and number them. The first is done for you.
Eg. 1. A hungry soldier came to an old woman’s house.
Task for the “Fresh Vegetables”: Ex 7 p 81. Write a recipe card for the “Stone soup”

III. Қорытынды.
T. You worked active and hard at the lesson. You were very energetic. I hope you have learned some new words and expressions, remembered the grammar rulers and improved their reading skills. What activities and exercises did you do at the lesson? Your marks are good and excellent. Please, put down your homework. The lesson is over, good luck to you and see you soon.
Home task: Be ready to retell the text.

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