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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Perfect Passive"

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The theme of the lesson: Perfect Passive

The aim of the lesson:1. To indroduse new grammar moterial

Perfect Passive.

2. To develop pupils oral speech and their

grammar skills.

3. To raise their interest to the subject.

The V.A.: pictures, cards, map.

The beginnig of the lesson:

1. Org moment

2. Speech drill

3. Phonetic drill

So many countries, so many customs.

4. Checking of the h\t

Dear boys and girls at the last lesson we spoke, read andtold about continents, coutries and nationalities and their langs

Now who can answer for these questions?

1. How many oceans and continents are there on the Earth?

2. What country do you live in?

3. What is the capital of your country?

4. Is your country in America?

5. Where do Brazilians live?

6. What continent I Brazil in?

7. What country is in Australia?

8. What is the capital of India?

9. What is the capital of Pakistan?

10. What is the capital of Turkey?


1. How many continents are ther in the world?

a. 5 b. 7 c. 9

2. How many oceans are the in the world?

a. 4 b. 5 c. 3

3. Where is Brazil?

a. its in south America b. in Africa c. in northern America

4. So many country, so many …

a. memory b. custom c. book

5. People live in Britain are …

a. British b. French c. German

5. Now boy and girls who can retell me the meaning of the text: Continents and countries of the world?

6. Now boys and girls thе theme of todays lesson is: Perfect Passive

Present Perfect замани сөзләш вақтиғичә әмәлгә ачқан, бирақ мошу заманға мунасивити бар иш һәрикәтни билдүриду.

Present Perfect

I have just opened the door

I have just stood up

The Present Perfect Passive form: Have\has + been + Past Pasticiple

Positive: I\we\you they have been invited. He\she has been invited

Negative: I\we\you they have not been invited. He\ she has not been invited.

Now boys and girls [pen your books at page 111, ex 2

Let’s translate the sentences into English using Perfect Passive

Дуния йүзиниң йеңи хәритиси таритилған

1.The new map of the world has been spreaded.

2. Дуния йүзиниң хәритисини башқа дукандин сетип елишқа болидиғанлиғини маңа һазирла ейтти.

I have just been told that I can buy a new map of the world from another shop.

3. Сизгә бу тоғрисида ейттиму?

Have you been told about it? And etc.

8. Home task: p 112, ex 3

9. Marking

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