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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Распорядок дня"

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Разработка урока по английскому языку в 6 классе

Найдина Юрия Викторовича

Учитель английского языка,

МБОУ «Денисовская школа»

УМК: Spotlight 6

Form : 6

Topic of the lesson: Days of our Life. Summing-up of Module 4.

By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to:

  • consolidate the knowledge of lexics on topic;

  • read fluently and understand the main contents of the text;

  • understand English speech in a song with a view to find the necessary information;

  • practice Present Simple;

  • talk about Daily Routine and ask YES/ NO questions on this topic.

Equipment: student’s book “ Spotlight 6”, different handouts, presentation, notebook , a short video.

Procedure of the lesson

Beginning of the lesson

Organization moment

T: Hello, everybody! I’m glad to see you. Take your seats. Well, let’s start our lesson.

I won’t announce the topic. You know, we are studying Module 4 and for the next lesson you will write the Topical Test.

Look at the blackboard, please. What’s the topic of our lesson?

Slide 1 Look at the pictures and guess it.( choosing from the list, proposed by the teacher) (подготовить картинки по теме, варианты тем написать цветными мелками на доске)

Slide 2 Yes, you are right. It’s days of our life. By the end of the lesson you ‘ll be able to talk about your friend’s working day. And how will we work? Let’s discuss the plan of our lesson.

Slide 3

Warming up

T: During previous lessons we’ve learnt two poems. Let’s revise them.

On Monday I go to school.

On Tuesday I walk to the pool.

On Wednesday I feed my cat.

On Thursday I clean my flat.

On Friday I read a book.

On Saturday I am a cook.

On Sunday I lie in the sun

And eat a bun!

* * *

Work while you work

Play while you play

That is the way

To be happy and gay.

Main part of the lesson

Grammar and lexics revision

T: Now I would like you to recollect the rules of forming Present Simple.

Slides 4, 5

Task 1

T: I will read the sentences. Your task is to write the numbers of sentences in Present Simple.

  1. My sister is washing the dishes now.

  2. Do you like pizza? Yes, I do.

  3. He asked for help.

  4. I’ll come over and have a look.

  5. We usually have dinner together.

  6. My cousin doesn’t go out with friends at the weekends.

Slide 6

Task 2

Pair work

T:Make sentences in Present Simple from the parts (3 sentences) and write them into your exercise –books.

  1. On Saturday I meet my friends for coffee.

  2. What time does school start?

  3. Jane always studies a lot. (pupils work in pairs, then announce the sentences) Now look at the screen. Were you right?

Slide 7

Task 3

T: So, make your own sentences . Look at the slide and make the right sentence in Present Simple. Don’t forget the 3rd person singular.

Slides 8,9,10

Task 4

T: Good for you! Now look at the card, translate the expression and make a sentence with it (in Present Simple, of course)

чистить зубы - brush my teeth

делать домашнее задание - do my homework

выходить с друзьями - go out with friends

играть в спортивные игры -play sports

дважды в неделю - twice a week

бродить по интернету -surf the net

слушать музыкy – listen to music

tell a story - рассказывать историю

physical pause

(Two students come to the blackboard, tell the rhyme and show the movements)

One, one, one  (показываем указательный палец)

I can run ! (бег на месте)

Two, two,two (показываем 2 пальца)

I can jump too! ( прыгаем на месте)

Three, three, three  (показываем 3 пальца)

Look at me ! (дети поворачиваются и улыбаясь, смотрят друг на друга)


T: Le us read the text. The first part of the text we’ll read together and the second part you’ll read yourself.

Slide 11

Tasks to the text:

1.Test “Right, wrong, doesn’t say” Slide 12

2.Choose the pictures which depict the text and write the numbers of suitable pictures in your copybooks.

Slide 13-18

T: Yes, you are right . Look at the slide and check. Slide 19

  1. Find in the text and read aloud the sentence which describes each suitable picture.(pictures 1,2,3,6)


Now you wil watch a clay animation cartoon and listen to BEATLES’ song “A hard day's night”

This song is about a difficult tiring day. All of us have such days. Work in pairs. Fill in the missing words while listening SLIDE 20 then exchange with other pair to check each other. Slide 21


T: Good work, my dear. Now let’s try to speak about your friend’s day. My table will help you.




get up at___ o’clock

wash and dress

have breakfast

go to school on foot( by bus)

have 5/6/7 lessons

have breakfast/ lunch in the school canteen

chat with friends during breaks

do homework

watch TV

have dinner together

surf the net

go to bed at …

(Children go out to the blackboard and tell short stories about their friend’s day)

Now, the spectators,ask questions. Begin your questions with DOES YOUR

FRIEND…..? Slide 22


T: Good for you, my clever boys and girls. Now repeat our aim, our motto. By the end of the lesson you ‘ll be able to talk about your friend’s working day. Can you tell about your friend’s day?

Introspection, mark for the lesson

Slide 23, 24

ФИО обучающегося



работа со словами




Моя самооценка

Отметка товарища

Отметка учителя


Group 1: write about your friend’s working day

Group 2: make 4 sentences using the table about your sister’s/ brothers day

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