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Урок по английскому языку на тему: Растения и животные

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Aim: To develop pupils’ ability in speaking English language, to revise vocabulary of animals and plants, to develop pupils’ interest in the subject of English.

Visual aids: balloons, pictures, cards, posters, slogans: Cheer up! Good luck!

The procedure of the game.

Teacher: Hello! Welcome to the game “Star Hour”. We are happy to have you here. Today we have the game with 5 players. I remind you the rules of the game. The game has 6 rounds. A player gets a star for the right answer.

I round.

Here is the task for the first round. You must introduce yourselves. Each player has own introduction. Name, surname, age, class, address, hobby, favourite animal or flower.

II round.

Answer the questions.

Where are you from? What is your favourite flower? Where do elephants come from? Do you plant trees? Have you ever seen a whale?

III round. There are pictures on the blackboard: a fox, wolf, whale, squirrel, an elephant. Pupils must describe these animals.

IV round. Pupils are doing the crossword from the name of their favourite animals and flowers.

V round.

Do you know that…?

Pupils listen to the sentences and guess what animals are described.

1. I am baby…

My coat is smooth and nice.

It is of yellow colour,

With pretty narrow stripes.

2. I am big and I am strong

And my trunk is very long.

What animal am I?

3. It can stay under water for about an hour without breathing.

4. We use it for hunting wild animals such as foxes.

5. I don’t see well in the dark but catch the insects I eat.

Answers: 1. a tiger, 2. an elephant, 3. a whale, 4. an eagle, 5. a bat.

VI round. Make words from these letters:

l,a,p,n,t (plant)

x,o,f,s,e (foxes)

r,f,u (fur)

i,g,p (pig)

u,t,l,p,i (tulip)

i,b,d,r,s (birds)

s,o,h,r,e.s (horses)

u,d,c,k (duck)

r,g,e,t,i,s (tigers)

t,c,a (cat)

t,e,p,s (pets)

t,e,p,l,e,h,n,a (elephant)

l,f,o,e,w,r (flower)

h,r,e,o,n,i,o,r,s (rhinoceros)

a,b,t (bat)

VII round. Make some sentences from these words.

Animals, plants, flowers, whales, wolves.

Conclusion. We have reached the end of our game. Thank you for participation in it. It’s time to name the winner. Our congratulations. We hope you enjoyed the game.

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