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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему: "Школы Британии" (6 класс)

Урок по английскому языку на тему: "Школы Британии" (6 класс)

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(6 класс)

Цель: развивать умения понимать аутентичный фильм.

Задачи: развитие умений аудирования, диалогической речи и чтения по теме; развитие интеллектуальных способностей учащихся; развитие культуры восприятия фактов культуры, явлений страны изучаемого языка.

Речевой материал: раздаточный материал для групповой работы .

Оснащение: видеофильм "Schools" .

Ход урока

I. Организационный момент.

  1. Приветствие.

Teacher. Good afternoon, children! Glad to see you!

  1. Ознакомление учащихся с задачами и планом предстоящего урока.

Teacher. At our previous lessons we read some information about schools in Britain. Today we are going to watch a short film about British schools and try to find out, some new facts or sum up the known ones. You will work in groups, so you can share your opinions and discuss the tasks.

II. Lead-in

Teacher. Before we watch the film let's do two quizzes.

1. Do you know anything about schools in Britain? Try this quiz.

Quiz Window

Tick (.) the correct information.

2. Now try this.

Word Window

Put the words below into the correct columns. One word doesn't

go. Which one?

primary football science

rugby independent state

religion uniform secondary

geography history badminton

literature netball boarding


Types of school



Quiz Window: b, c, d.

Word Window: The odd word is "uniform".

3. Quiz Window.

Teacher. Discuss the facts and tick the correct information. You have 1-2 minutes ... So, what information is correct? Один человек от группы зачитывает информацию. Suggested answers:

Pupil 1. At most schools students wear a uniform.

Pupil 2. There are about 22 students in a secondary school class. OK, we shall go back and check the quiz a little later if we need.

4. Word Window.

Teacher. You should put the words into three columns. One word is odd. You have about 2 minutes ... Now read: a) subjects b) types of schools c) sports Один человек от группы зачитывает информацию. Suggested answers:

Pupil 1. Geography, literature, history ...

Pupil 2. Primary, independent, state ... Which word is odd? Pupil 1. The odd word is "uniform".

III. Работа с фильмом.

  1. Первый просмотр фильма.

Teacher. Now we shall watch the film and you'll try to do the tasks. You should be attentive. (Учащиеся получают лист с тремя заданиями, смотрят фильм, затем выполняют задания.)

1. Number the subjects in the order you see them in the film.


Design and Technology.

Food Technology.


Information Technology.



Key: 4,6,3,2,7, 1,5.

2. Watch the film and tick (.) the activities you see.







Key : football, netball, cooking, badminton, music, lunch.

3. Cross out the incorrect answer in the sentences below.

a. Students have a break of (an hour/half an hour) for lunch.

b. ( Most/Some) students bring sandwiches for lunch

c. School finishes at (four/five) o’clock

d. Students also play (rugby/chess)

Key: a) half an hour b) most c) five d) chess


  1. Number the subjects.

  2. Tick the activities you see.

  3. Cross out the incorrect answer.

Один человек от группы зачитывает информацию. Suggested answers:

  1. Р u р i 1 1. Maths, Art, Food Technology, ...

  2. P u p i 1 2. Netball, cooking, badminton, ...

  3. Pupi 1 3. The incorrect answers are: half an hour, most, five, chess.

  1. Второй просмотр фильма

1. Try to complete the table with words and numbers from the box.

trainig university 17 5

70 secondary advanced

primary certificate 20 16




100 percent of students go to ………………………school


100 percent of students go to ……………………….school

At 16, in England, they take GCE examinations (General………………… Of Secondary Education)

- 18

..percent of students continue at school. At 18 they take “A” levels (…….. Level examinations)


20 percent of 18 – year – olds do to ………….

Another …. Percent of 18 – year – olds go on yo the other kinds of education and ………

Key: 5, primary, 16, secondary, certificate, 17, 20, advanced, university, 70, training.

2.Try to put the correct information in each column on the right.


State schools

Independent schools

Key: state schools - A, D; independent schools - В, С, E, F.

  1. Teacher. Let's watch the film again and try:

  1. to complete the table with words and numbers ...

  2. Let's check the task.

Один человек от группы зачитывает информацию.

Suggested answers:

Pupil 1. Children from 5 to 11 go to primary school.

Pupil 2. Children from 11 to 16 go to secondary school.

  1. to put the information in each column ... Let's check it. (Один человек от группы зачитывает информацию.)

Suggested answers:

Pupil 1. 92 % of British schools are state.

Pupil 2. The government pays for these.

  1. let's go back to the Quiz Window and check it ... (Если при выполнении задания были допущены ошибки или информация была отмечена неполно.)

IV. Competition

Teacher. We've watched the film and now you'll compete. Imagine that you are British students. You should make sentences about education and school that everyone in the group agrees with. Examples can help you. (Учащиеся составляют предложения. Победителем становится та группа, которая составит как можно больше предложений)


Technology is very useful

We don’t like

Math’s on Monday


We want less homework

Suggested answers:

Pupil 1. We don't like a lot of homework.

Pupil 2. School food is all right.

2. Write down as many sentences as possible. The group with the most sentences is the winner.

V. Role-play

Teacher. Work in pairs. Prepare for the interview. One of you is a British student, the other is a film presenter. You have 1-2 minutes to get ready. (От каждой группы в диалоге участвует одна пара.)

1. Work in pairs (As and Bs). Prepare for the interview.

Pair A: You are "Window on Britain" presenters. You are going to interview a student about his/her school life. You want to find out how much he/she enjoys school. Prepare your questions. (Look at the box for help.)

Suggested answers:

Pupil 1. Do you enjoy school?

Pupil 2. Yes, I do.

Pupil 1. What's your favourite subject?

Pupil 2. Maths, I think.

Pupil 1. What do you think of homework?

Pupil 2. As for me, I don't mind it...

Pair B: A "Window On Britain" presenter is going to interview you about your school life. Prepare your answers. (Look at the box for help.)

2. Now make new pairs (one A and one B) and act out the interview.

VI. Чтение письма
Teacher. You will read the girl's letter and

  1. put some lines in the correct place in the letter. (Учащиеся читают текст про себя и вставляют пропущенные фразы.)

  1. You want to know about my school;

  2. After school 1 play netball;

  3. My brother, Tom;

  4. I'm in Year Eight now;

  5. Thank you for your letter.

ABINGDON OX14 2BU England 18,h May

Dear Maria,

Your family is very interesting. You've got so many brothers and sisters! And your uncle is English - where's he from?

Well, I go to the John Mason School in Abingdon. It's quite a big school - over 900 students - but it's very friendly. I'm in a class with about 30 other students.

I do all the usual subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and so on. And this year we do two foreign languages -French and German. Sorry - not Italian! I also do Music. It's my favourite subject. I play the piano and the guitar. Do you play a musical instrument?

and I also belong to the Drama club. We meet every Tuesday afternoon, and at the end of the year we perform a play for the school and all the parents.

is at the school too but he's in Year Eleven. Poor Tom! He's got his GCSE exams in June so he has lots of homework! He plays rugby in the winter and cricket in the summer.

Please write and tell me all about your school.

Best wishes,


Suggested answers:

Pupil 1. The first is "e": Thank you for your letter ...

2. Mark the following sentences T (true) or F (false).

  1. Maria is Italian.

  2. Maria's family is quite large.

  3. Maria goes to school in Abingdon.

  4. Anna learns Italian.

  5. Anna loves music.

  6. Netball is on Tuesday afternoons.

  7. Anna has got her GCSE exams in June.

Write a letter to Anna telling her about your school and your life at school.

Tell her about:

    1. your class;

    2. what you like and dislike about your school;

    3. the subjects you study;

    4. sports and activities;

    5. any brothers and sisters at school.

    6. Tom plays netball.

Key: I. le, 2a, 3d, 4b, 5c. 2. Trae: a, b, e.

VIII. Итоги урока.

Домашнее задание

Teacher. You have read Ann's letter and at home you'll have to write the answer. Write a letter to Anna telling her about your school and your life at school.

Tell her about:

  • your class;

  • what you like and dislike about your school;

  • the subjects you study;

  • sports and activities;

  • any brothers and sisters at school.

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