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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Систематизация и углубление лексики по теме « Cinema»"

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Тема:Систематизация и углубление лексики по теме « Cinema»

8 класс

Цели: усовершенствовать навыки чтения, закрепить и углубить лексические навыки по теме « Cinema»

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, карточки с заданиями.

1 Организационный момент

-Good morning, children.

-I am glad to see you.

-How are you?

-I am fine, thank you.

At our previous English lessons we spoke about cinema, today we will check your knowledge of the problem. Take your cards , please. Good luck!

The Oscars

Prepare to read
Talk about the answers to these questions with a partner.

  1. What films have you seen recently?

  2. Who are your favourite Hollywood films stars?

  3. Do you watch the Academy Awards on TV each year?


Read the passage, the fact file and the profile of Tom Hanks.


Night of nights

Oh, thank you, thank you ever so much. I’m so happy. Thank you.’

At the 2001 Academy Awards, Julia Roberts was very excited when she won the best Actress Oscar. She won the award for her role in the film Erin Brockovich. At the one point during her speech, she started laughing wildly. ‘I love it up here…I love the world! I’m so happy!’ she said.

Lots of people get very excited about the Academy Awards, and it’s not just the film stars. For days and weeks before the event, a favourite topic on every radio and television station in Los Angeles is who will win. There is lots of talk about which film will receive the Best Picture award. Fans line up for days, hoping to get one of the 400 free seats near the red carpet outside the theatre where the awards are presented.

The fans’ first glimpse of their favourite stars is when they step out of their limousines. As the stars walk down the red carpet, a crowd of reporters, cameramen and photographers shout their names. Excited reporters tell the world about how the stars look. They describe their gowns and suits, their jewels and hairstyles.

When the Academy Awards began in 1929, the winners were announced in the newspapers, but there was very little interest from the media. Over the years, as the film industry has grown, interest in the Academy Awards has also grown enormously. Today, millions of television viewers in the United States and around the world watch the awards. It’s the night each year when Hollywood honours its stars and film-makers.

Fact file

  • The little golden statue given to Academy Award winners is called ‘Oscar’. Nobody knows how it came to be given this nickname. The most popular story is that an employee of the Academy, Margaret Herrick, once said that the statue looked like her Uncle Oscar.

  • In 1999, pop star Michael Jackson paid US$1.54 million to buy the Best Picture Oscar won by the producer David Selznick for the 1939 film Gone with Wind

  • Titanic (1997) won eleven awards including Best Picture. The only other film to receive this many awards was Ben Hur (1959)

  • Meryl Streep and Katharine Hepburn have received the most Oscar nominations for acting. Both have been nominated twelve times. Hepburn has won four Oscars, and Streep has won two. Next comes Jack Nicholas with eleven nominations and three Oscars.

Oscar winner: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood’s most popular actors. He has starred in more than thirty films. He became a well-know face when he starred in the hit film Splash, released in 1984.

Big In this 1988 film, Hanks played a 13-year-old boy in the body of a 35-year-old man. The film made him a star, and he was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar.

Philadelphia Tom Hanks had two huge hits in 1993: Sleepless in Seattle and Philadelphia. He won the Best Actor Oscar for his role as a lawyer with AIDS in Philadelphia.

Forrest Gump The film was an enormous success in 1994. It won Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director, and Hanks won his second Best Actor Oscar.

Saving Private Ryan Hanks was nominated again for Best Actor for this 1998 film about the Second World War.

Cast Away Hanks received a lot of praise for his role as a man alone on a desert island. He was nominated for Best Actor for this role in 2001, but it was Russell Crowe, the star of Gladiator, who won the Oscar that year.


Famous film actors are often called film stars. Perhaps this is because, like the stars in the sky, everyone looks up to them. Perhaps it is because we think of them as bright lights. Star can also be used a verb:

In 1997, Kate Winslet starred in Titanic.

Hollywood is a suburb of Los Angeles, in California. Many film studios are located in Hollywood. (Film studios are where films are made.) The first studios were built in Hollywood in the 1930s because California has very sunny weather, which is useful for making films outside.

There are some differences between British English and American English. For example, British English uses the word film but American English uses the word movie. Because Hollywood is the centre of America’s film industry, American films are often called Hollywood movies. And American film stars are often called Hollywood movie stars.


  1. Understanding key points

Read the sentences below. Tick the sentences that are true. Rewrite the sentences that are not true to make them true.

  1. Julia Roberts won an Academy Award for her role in Erin Brockovich.

  2. Reporters are very interested in the stars’ clothes and hairstyles at the awards.

  3. Only film stars get really excited about the Academy Awards.

  4. Some actors have been nominated for an Oscar many times.

  5. Nobody knows exactly why the Academy Award is called an Oscar.

  6. Tom Hanks first became a star in the film Big.


  1. Understanding details

Circle the best answer, a, b, c or d, to each of the following questions.

  1. When she won the Best Actress Oscar, Julia Roberts was

  1. Delighted.

  2. Upset.

  3. Calm and relaxed.

  4. Not really interested.

  1. If they want a seat near the red carpet, fans

  1. Have to pay a lot of money.

  2. Have to pay a small amount of money.

  3. Don’t have to pay any money, but have to line up for days.

  4. Can just arrive on the day of the awards.

  1. The stars usually arrive at the academy Awards

  1. By taxi

  2. By bus

  3. By limousine

  4. Bu helicopter

  1. Some people say that the Academy Awards are called the Oscars because

  1. An actor called Oscar won the first award.

  2. Someone said the statue looked like their Uncle Oscar

  3. Oscar was the name of a popular film.

  4. In America, Oscar means 'winner'.

  1. The film Titanic won

  1. More awards than Ben Hur.

  2. Fewer awards than Ben Hur.

  3. The same number of awards as Ben Hur.

  4. No awards, just nominations.

  1. In 1993, Tom Hanks

  1. Began his film career

  2. Didn’t win any Academy Awards, but was nominated.

  3. Won two Academy Awards

  4. Had two successful films.


С. Developing skills

Read the passage, the fact file and the profile again. Then test your Academy Awards knowledge by answering these questions.

  1. Who won the Best Actress Oscar in 2001?

Julia Roberts

  1. Who won the Best Actor Oscar in 2001?

  1. For which two films has Tom Hanks won the Best Actor Oscar?

  1. How many Oscars has Meryl Streep won?

  1. Which film won the Best Picture Oscar in 1939?



A. Match the numbers on the left with the letters on the right to form sentences.

  1. I got a glimpse of the queen going by,

  2. The president's long black limousine

  3. Jenny wore a beautiful blue gown

  4. I like your new hairstyle. Short hair

  5. The exam results will be announced

  6. There's a statue of the city's first

  7. My nickname is Kip, but my

  8. The producer of a film needs to be

  1. looks really good on you.

  2. real name is Christopher.

  3. but the crowds made it difficult to see much.

  4. a good business person.

  5. mayor in City Park. It's made of stone.

  6. to her best friend's wedding.

  7. in the school newspaper later this week.

  8. drove past the crowd of protesters.

В. Complete the following sentences with the correct word or phrase.

Nominated; honour; plays; hit; role.

1. The song 'Material Girl' was a big ______ for Madonna. It was very popular.

2. Al was _____for school captain, but he didn't win. Jo is the new captain.

3. In Homecoming, actor Rob Connor _______a soldier coming home from war.

  1. Gina Hall has a______ as young doctor in the TV show 'Heartbreak Hospital'.

  2. The city is going to______ Mr Gee for his fifty years of service to the library.


Look at these two sentences:

Tom Hanks became a well-known face when he starred in the hit film Splash. Splash was released in 1984.

The second sentence gives us extra information about the film Splash. In this sentence the verb is passive ('was released'). These two sentences can be combined to make one sentence. The subject of the second sentence (Splash) and the auxiliary ('was') are left out.

Tom Hanks became a well-known face when he starred in the hit film Splash, released in 1984.

Combine the following pairs of sentences in the same way.

  1. One of my favourite films is Jaws. Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg.

One my favourite films is Jaws, directed by Stnven SpieiHvp .

  1. J. R. R. Tolkien's first novel was The Hobbit. The Hobbit was published in 1937.


  1. The most valuable painting in the world is the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.


  1. One of the most important inventions of the last 150 years is the telephone. The telephone was invented by A. G. Bell.


  1. Tina's favourite piece of jewellery is a gold ring. The ring was given to her by her grandmother.


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