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Урок по английскому языку на тему "Sleep debt"


Supplementary reading

The text «Sleep debt».

Part II

Task 1. Read the sentences and fill in the gaps, using the words you have learnt

  1. _____________ sleep debt is a very dangerous state as it can result in a loss of concentration.

  2. Pilots could see as large droplets of water ___________on contact with a windshield and froze within a few seconds.

  3. Two state aircraft with a humanitarian cargo on board were _____________ to a region where recent natural disaster caused malnutrition on a massive scale.

  4. Accretion ______________ large amount of ice was reported to be so considerable that it could easily provoke an accident.

  5. Any _____________ error can lead to fatal consequences.

  6. Wright brothers are considered to have _____________ a lot to development of aviation.

  7. Due to technical malfunction caused belly landing a few passengers including two members of the flight crew ___________ minor injuries and refused to be taken to a hospital afterwards.

  8. Pilot’s incapacitation caused by something unknown ____________ his performance that resulted in his inability to arrest the airplane’s descent and avoid impact with the ground.

Task 2. Could you give a detailed description of weather conditions the ATR-42 had to encounter en route and while landing? To describe the full picture use the words from the box (proper chronological order is given to help you).

Light freezing rain, ice pellets, light freezing drizzle, 3200m visibility, overcast, surface winds, tail wind component, icing conditions, substantial amounts of ice, relatively warm inversion layer, supercooled large droplet conditions

Task 3. Retell the part of the text you’ve read at home

Task 4. Answer my questions according to the text you’ve read

  1. What happened when the airplane was at about 900 feet above ground level?

  2. What did the captain tell the first officer to do?

  3. Why was control transferred to the captain afterwards?

  4. Why did airspeed decrease below 143 kt?

  5. How was a flap symmetric state restored?

  6. When did the stall warning and the stick shaker activate again?

  7. What does the abbreviation TAWS stand for?

  8. What was the command generated by this system?

  9. Where did the impact with the ground happen?

  10. Did the impact have any serious consequences for the airplane?

  11. Why did the pilots choose the left forward cargo door for leaving the plane?

  12. How much time did it take rescue and firefighting personnel to get to the place of the crash?

  13. What did the local fire department help to do and why was the assistance of municipal unit so necessary?

  14. Ice accretion was reported to be the major factor resulted in the airplane performance degradation, wasn’t it?

  15. Why couldn’t the captain arrest the descent and avoid impact with the ground?

Task 5. The text we are going to read and discuss today comprises three paragraphs. Look at the title of each paragraph and make any suppositions concerning their problematics.

Task 6.
Match the words in column A with the words with a similar meaning in column B.



1. contamination

a. deterioration

2. to preclude

b. useful

3. interruption

c. a state when a process or activity are stopped temporarily

4. to commute

d. to prevent (from)

5. decrement

e. to consider

6. deliberately

f. confidence

7. to nap

g. on purpose, intentionally

8. beneficial

h. pollution or affecting smth. in a way that has a bad effect

9. to deem

i. to sleep for a short time during the day

10. assertiveness

j. to travel regularly covering a long distance to get to work

Task 7.Match the words in A with the words in B to make word combinations.



1. contamination

a. a determination of a real cause

2. to preclude

b. on commercial flights with a change in Moscow

3. interruption

c. effect on the immune system

4. to commute

d. in power supply

5. decrement

e. was supported by captain’s actions

6. deliberately

f. of hydraulic fluid

7. nap

g. of performance caused by a cumulative sleep debt

8. beneficial

h. the development of aviation of vital importance

9. to deem

i. conceal the findings of the investigation

10. assertiveness

j. taken in the afternoon

Task 8.Read the paragraph «Flap anomaly unsolved» and mark the statements true or false (be ready to justify your opinion).



1. The cause of flap anomaly was known from the very beginning.

2. Impact and fire damage did not prevent from determining the origin of the flap system malfunction.

3. Inability to avoid a great flap asymmetry is a weak point in ATR’s design.

4. Isolation of electrical power resulting in power interruption is a common practice when a crew deals with a great flap asymmetry.

5. Unfortunately pilots have no means for a direct visual check of flap position if an asymmetry occurs.

6. A symmetrical state of flaps might have been regained shortly before impact as a restriction to flap movement disappeared.

7. In the report there was no doubt concerning the reasons which made the flaps return to a symmetrical position.

Task9. Read the paragraph «Sleep debt» to yourself and answer the following questions.

  1. Where do the members of crew live?

  2. How did they commute from their homes to Midland?

  3. What can you tell about the geographical position of Midland?

  4. They had commuted to their destination just the day before the accident happened, hadn’t they?

  5. What did they do before the flight to Lubbock?

  6. What were the actions taken by both pilots for reduction of the probability of performance decrements?

  7. Whose actions were deemed to be more effective and why?

  8. Why had the captain accumulated a sleep debt that resulted in experiencing some fatigue?

  9. What should the captain have done for avoiding the negative consequences of lack of sleep?

  10. Can you suppose what negative impact a sleep debt had on the crew’s actions that finally resulted in an accident?

Task10. Try and imagine that you are an expert who has to make several recommendations after the investigation was completed. What would be your recommendations under these circumstances?

Use the pattern: If I were an expert, I would ………

Now look through the last paragraph and tell me whether your recommendations were adequate or not.

Task11. Translate the following sentences from Russian into English, using the new words and word combinations properly.

  1. Как правило, экстренный слив топлива осуществляется на значительном расстоянии от населённых пунктов, чтобы избежать загрязнения территорий с высокой плотностью населения.

  2. Согласно статистике, самолёты считаются самым безопасным видом транспорта, оставляя далеко позади автомобильные перевозки.

  3. Сбой биоритма при перемещении в другой часовой пояс может привести к ухудшению работы нашей иммунной системы.

  4. К сожалению, добраться до большинства городов европейской части России невозможно, не сделав пересадки в Москве.

  5. Чтобы избежать возможных перебоев в работе локатора, руководитель полётов принял решение перейти на резервный источник питания.

  6. Знание разговорного английского полезно, особенно в тех случаях, когда применение стандартной фразеологии недостаточно.

  7. Ничто и никто не мог поколебать уверенности КВС в правильности принятого им решения.

  8. Сильные повреждения, полученные самолётом при столкновении с землёй, препятствовали быстрому установлению истинной причины авиакатастрофы.

  9. Пытаясь избежать ответственности, он преднамеренно солгал во время допроса.

  10. Лучший способ избавиться от накопившейся усталости вследствие хронического недосыпания – это немного вздремнуть.

The words for learning

New words

1. contamination

2. to preclude

3. interruption

4. to commute

5. decrement

6. deliberately

7. to nap

8. beneficial

9. to deem

10. assertiveness

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