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Урок по английскому языку на тему “The gerund” (9 класс)

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

The theme of the lesson: “The gerund”

The aim of the lesson: 1. To generalize the theme “The gerund”

2. To develop the pupils oral speech

and grammar skills

3. To raise their intereset to the subject

The V.A.: cards, interactive board, grammar table

The beginning of the lesson

1. Org moment

2. Speech drill

3. Phonetic drill

Now let’s repeat the words which are difficult to pronounce

Receptionist, soach, route, refreshment, shore, unique, luxirious, harror, fabulous, luscous

4. What was your h\t

5. Fastening: slide

6. New theme: “The gerund”

What is the gerund?

Gerand is not personal form of verb which expresses process occurning in time

The designated by a gerund, always correspononds with any person or subject which carry cut this action is directed. In Russian the Gerund is absent.

And etc

Doing ex: 5, 6

f\e Tarzan is a good film. Its worth seeing and etc.

6. Translate this words in to Russian.

Receptionist, coach route, gueue, refreshment unique, shore, delays, luxirious, horror, fabulious, luscious

7. Now boys and girls I want to add something to the grammar materials “the gerund”

When we add –ing form to the verbs, there are some changes will be in spelling and writing

f\e Look at these words

1. Wait, help, visit, listen

Waiting, helping, visiting, listening

Look at these verbs final single deaf consanont at addition –ing form is doubled

2. Stop, stir, swim, begin

Stopping, stirring, swimming, beginning

3. In such verbs

Write, core, hope: final single “e” after consonont is dropped

4. with the verbs

Lie, die, tie: final letter “I” ve placed with “y”

8. Written speech

Doing ex: 3 p 103

1. He started painting early. His pictures are great.

2. Do you mind closing the window.

3. I hate staying alone at home.

4. I dont mind being the monitor

9. h\t to review

10. marking

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