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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку на тему " Выбор профессии" (10 класс)
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  • Иностранные языки

Урок по английскому языку на тему " Выбор профессии" (10 класс)


Общеобразовательная школа IIII ступеней №1

Отдела образования администрации

города Кировское

Урок по английскому языку

10 класс

« Choosing a carrer»


Урок составила

учитель английского языка

специалист I категории

Скорик Елена Петровна

2015 год

Цели урока: активизировать ЛЕ в речи; совершенствовать навыки восприятия речи на слух; практиковать уч-ся в чтении текста по теме урока с умением ориентироваться по нему и составлять диалогические высказывания; развивать в уч-ся умения віражать своё мнение по теме урока; развивать логическое мышление и речевую догадку; проконтролировать употребление видо-временных форм глагола у Past Simple, Present Perfect и Present Perfect Continuous; совершенствовать коммуникативную компетенцию; способствовать обогащению знанияи о важности правильного выбора жизненного пути.

Оборудование: рисунки с названиями профессий; a note-book.


  1. Приветствие. Сообщение темы урока.

Good morning, dear guests! Good morning, dear friends!

Our today`s lesson is devoted to something important in your lives, because choosing a carrer is the main problem which is thought about by everybody.

And I`m sure today`s lesson will help you in your future carrer.

So, let`s start.

1. Фонетическая зарядка. On Monday I shall buy a tool,

On Tuesday I shall make a stool,

On Wednesday I shall read a book,

On Thursday I shall try to cook

Something very- very sweet

For my little brother Pete.

On Friday I shall brush my hat,

On Saturday I`ll clean my flat,

On Sunday if the weather`s good,

I shall go to the wood.

2. Речевая зарядка. What will you do tomorrow? What kind of profession do you like and why? Answer my questions using the tables

  1. Основная часть урока.

  1. There are many different professions. And I want you to guess them and show at the pictures.

a) This person cuts and styles women`s hair. Mrs. Brown is a … .( hairdresser)

b) This person is skilled at working and repairing computers. Mr. Green is a… .( programmer)

c) A person who prepares and cooks food is called a… .( cook)

d) A person who helps animals to be healthy is called a… .( veterinarian)

e) A person who drives a car is called a… .( driver)

f) This person faces dangerous situations. Mr. White is a … .( police officer)

g) This person performs on the stage. Ms Jane is an … .( actress)

h) A worker in a mine is called a … .( miner)

i) A person who performs on a musical instrument is called a… .( musician)

j) A person who helps people to be healthy is called a… .( doctor)

k) A person who flies an aircraft is called a… .( pilot)

l) This person helps children to learn things. Mrs. Watson is a… .( teacher)

2. Well, the profession of the teacher is very popular in our country and abroad.

Listen to an interesting story about Kelly Barrow, the junior school teacher in Britain, and be attentive with the numbers.( слушают текст и выполняют задание).

Kelly Barrow is 28. She is a classroom teacher in junior school in North London. She is originally from Australia, and spent 3 years at university training for her diploma of education. She is responsible for information and technology at the school, as well as teaching. The children are the highlight of her day, compared with all the paperwork. Kelly starts at 8 o`clock and finishes at 5 p.m. After classes she works on the computers, and once a week she does a computing course, finishing at 7p.m. She survives comfortably on 16 000 pound. Her rent of a flat in North London is 350 pound a month. She always has an enormous phone bills about 170 pound . Also she likes to entertain and have parties. And she tries to save 200 pound a month for a trip abroad.

A junior school teacher

in Britain:

  1. earns about … thousand pound a year;

  1. trains for … years;

  1. works about … hours a day;

  1. starts work at about … o`clock;

  1. finishes work at about … o`clock.

3. And now we are going to work at the text “ Choosing a carrer’ to understand what choosing a carrer is for you.

  1. Read the text, please, one by one;

  2. Translate from English into Ukrainian;

  3. Translate from Ukrainian into English;

  4. Complete the sentences;

  5. Answer the questions.

So, what is choosing a carrer for you?

4. Has anybody made a choice? (монологические высказывания – 2-3 уч-ся)

Thank you very much. Your preparation is good, your marks are excellent.

5. Let`s have a rest. And play a game “ Crocodile”.

6. To go on our work I have invited the psychologists who will give you some useful tips. Let`s try to have a look on getting a job from the point of view of an employee who wants to hire a good specialist.

Well, psychologists! You are welcome! ( выступление + слайды)

Thank you very much. Your preparation is good, your marks are excellent.

7. Our psychologists have given us very important and useful information. But you know that you must have a good CV( curriculum vitea) first and only then you will get an interview.

So, let`s write your CV.( заполняют резюме)

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience
Extracurricular activities

8. And now we are ready for having an interview. So, where do job interviews take place?

- in an office, bank, shop, car, studio…

- in the café. Let`s go to the café to have an interview. ( диалогическое высказывание).

9. Imagine that you are administrators on professional personnel recruitment. Have a look at the information about the applicants and say which of them you’d hire to work as a teacher in a children’s camp. (Уч-ся высказывают своё мнение)

Jane Willson, 19 –

- has been a baby-sitter for 2 years;

- loves children, likes reading to them, playing games.

Rose Brown, 21 -

- an Arts student, has a rich imagination;

- good at literature, music, painting;

- has a younger sister, looks after her.

John Rick, 20 -

- very sociable, the soul of a company;

- plays the guitar and sings well;

- has never worked with children.

Linda Green -

- would like to be independent of her parents and is ready to do any job;

- responsible and reliable;

- has an experience of working with children, but isn’t keen on this kind of job.)

( Выражения записаны на доске) :

- I would hire …because…

- First of all…,then…

- Moreover…

- The most suitable person for the job is …

10. -- Hello, as for me, I don`t want to choose a carrer because I can play the guitar very well and I think that`s enough for my future life.(музыкальный номер).

11. – NO, YOU`RE MISTAREN! YOU MUST STUDY TO GET A GOOD JOB AND BE READY FOR TESTING! ( выполнение грамматического теста).

12. There are many professional holidays. And I want you to match holidays with their dates of celebration:

  1. Teacher`s day a) November, 17

  2. Day of medical people b) December, 20

  3. Coal miner`s day c) October, first Sunday

  4. Day of student d) October, 8

  5. Day of police e) June, 19

  6. Lawyer`s day f) August, last Sunday

So, when do we celebrate Teacher`s day?

IV. Заключительная часть урока.

Writing a sinkwein poem.

(Синквейн – это стирок из пяти строк, где первая строка – одно ключевое слово,которое определяет смысл синквейна. Вторая строка – два прилагательных, которые дают характеристику ключевому слову. Третья строка – три глагола, которые показывают действие ключевого слова. Четвёртая строка – простое предложениев котором автор выражает своё отношение к проблеме. Пятая строка – одно словосуществительное, благодаря котрому человек выражает свои чувства, ассоциации, связанные с ключевым словом. Например,


Интересный, насыщенный

Вдохновил, заинтересовал, запомнился

Я получила удовольствие


So, let`s write sinkwein poem on our topic Choosing a carrer

(Так как тема урока была посвящена выбору профессии, я предложила уч-ся придумать синквейн о профессиях, например,)


Caring, attentive

Examines, treats, cures

Helps people


  1. Hometask

To write a sinkwein poem about professions.

Thanks a lot for your work at the lesson. I enjoyed it.

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