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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку "Наш колледж"
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Урок по английскому языку "Наш колледж"


План занятия




БС1- 15


« »

Место проведения:

Кабинет английского языка

Время проведения:

45 минут

Тема занятия:

Наш колледж

Цели занятия:


Совершенствование навыков языковой компетентности, самостоятельной работы студентов с информационными ресурсами.
Развитие креативных способностей, способностей к сравнению и сопоставлению полученных знаний, познавательной активности.
Воспитание интереса и любви к учебному заведению, выбранной профессии, воспитание коммуникативной культуры.

Тип занятия:

Занятие – презентация проектов

Вид занятия:

Практическое занятие

Методы занятия:

Метод самостоятельной работы студентов, метод учебной дискуссии, интерактивный метод проектов.

Междисциплинарные связи:

  • Введение в специальность

  • Информатика

  • Литература

Материально-техническое оснащение:

Компьютеры, мультимедийный проектор, экран.

Дидактические материалы:

Альбомы, лайнворд, стенгазета, экспресс-тест, слайды, коллаж – портрет, карточки – диалоги, словари

Ход занятия по дисциплине «Английский язык» по теме «Наш колледж»:

1. T: Good morning, dear students! I am glad to see you! Are you O.K? I’m very glad to hear it.

2. Today we are going to have our final lesson on the topic «College».

First, let’s answer my questions

  • Where do you study at?

  • Has our college its history?

  • Who study at the college?

  • What do student do after classes?

  • Are there many departments?

  • How many teachers

Tell me, please, what is the theme of our lesson?

What are the tasks?

That’s right. Today’s lesson we’ll speak about our college. Last lessons we spoke our college, our classrooms and labs, teachers, students activities, time – table but we couldn’t discuss all information so we decided to make up projects, projects, about our college. It was very difficult task but I think it was interesting. You knew a lot of information about history of college, about the present day of college, you thought about the future, you wanted to retell about non – academic activity of our students.


2. T: By the way, do you like rap style? Have you ever made you own rap? So, let’s have a try!

Here some words, let’s read them (college, canteen, reading room, gym, teachers, group, hostel, computer rooms, English, PT, Biology, IT, drilling, library, workshop, museum, assembly hall).

The 1st team sings

1. Do you like the college?

Do you like canteen?

Do you like the reading –room?

Do you like the gym?

Do you like your teachers?

Do you like your group?

We like all these, what about you?

Do you, do you like it? (2 times)

The second team:

2. We like English and PT

We like Biology and IT

We like the drilling

We like our group

We like our hostel and workshop!

We like, we like all these!!!

All together:

3. We respect the college

And our group,

We respect the library

And computer rooms

We respect museum

And assembly hall

We respect the teachers!

College’s our home!!!

Good for you!

3. Listening to the projects

T: But before listening to the projects tell me, please, why did you enter our college? Why did you choose this specialty drilling of oil and gas wells?

S:-We can work and earn good money with this profession

-My father is a driller too

-My brother gives me an advice to enter this college.
– Our college is the best in our town.

T: First of all we’ll listen to the first project «The history of our college» Niyazgulov found this information in our museum.

I. Project «The history of our college»

(The student tells this topic) The history of college.

1) A prominent Soviet scientist, Academician Gubkin I.M. argued that between the Volga and Urals have oil reserves. The active search for oil in the 20s and 30s were in Bashkortostan. In May 1932 near the village Ishimbayevo scored the first fountain of oil.

2) Opening of Ishimbaiski field in 16th of May1932 created problems securing the oil field specialists. This problem was solved with the discovery of the first oil college in December 1932. It was in Sterlitamak.

1942 the college was transferred to Ishimbay. The first director was Skvirsky A.S. electrical engineer.

3) In1966 was built new academic building-a three stored building with bright classrooms, in a year was completed the construction of industrial building, in 1968 four stored hostel building for 300 people. In 1974 was built a three stored annex in the upper floors were settled classrooms and the lower floor occupied the bright canteen.

4) From the 1st days of Great Patriotic War many students and teachers went to the front. Many of them were killed on the field of battle. There was erected a memorial in honor of dead students and teachers.

5) IN 1993 Ishimbay oil technical school was converted in Ishimbay Oil College.

6 ) in 2002 was opened the museum of oil college

T: Of course our college is not the oldest school in our country. But we knew that our history began in difficult times before the Great Patriotic war. Our country needed in good, specialists. But many years have passed. What is our college today? We are ready to listen to Makhmutov with his project. «The present day of our college» Makhmutov prepared her creative work with photos. You are welcome, Azat.

II. Project «The present day of our college»

(The student tells this topic) Present day.

Today our college occupies 2 buildings. There are many classrooms, computer rooms, a large gym hall and small gym hall, library, reading room, workshops, сanteen in the college.

Our studies begin at 9 o’clock; usually we have 6 hours a day. We have a lunch break at 12 o’clock. Our classrooms and laboratories are large and light. Our labs have modern equipment. The academic session lasts 10 months. Every day we attend lectures and have practice. Some of our students live in the hostel. It is not far from college. Our hostel is very cozy.

T: Thank you very much, Azat.. Your creative work is very good.

Test: And now do you know the rooms of our college? I shall give you these cards where you can see the names of 5 rooms: student’s canteen, an assembly hall, a gym hall, a library, a laboratory. I’ll read a small text describing one of these room, you should listen very attentively and point the number of the text under the name of the room. Do you understand? O.K. Let’s start. 

Task-text «What room is it? »

We go there on physical training lessons. It is a very big and nice building. There are many sports equipments such as balls, hoops, skies. We like to play football, volleyball, basketball, tennis during our lessons there. We go there even after lessons for sport sections.

-1 Do you like our gym hall?

- 4Why do you like it for?

- 2How many PT lessons do you have for a week?

- 3What sport sections do you attend?

-5 Who is your PT teacher?

Thank you. Collect you cards and give me.

Who knows what about is the next project?

You are absolutely right, it is about our departments. Bulatov is ready.

III. Project «Our departments»

(The student tells this topic)

– How many departments 1are there in our college?
– What department do you study at? 
– What year are you in? 
– What group do you study at? 
– What is your class mistress? 
– What is your head boy?

– This project we’ll present in small creative works .Your home task was to think of the symbol of our department and explain it. .
– (the presentation of departments’ symbols) which work is the best?

S: drilling of oil wells is very interesting, hard and responsible work. That’s why I choose this profession.

IV. Project «Our teachers»

T: My dear students, speaking about departments we shouldn’t remember about our teachers. Studying at these departments you get knowledge from our teachers.
There are 89 teachers in our college.

– Do you like teachers of college?
– What are they like?

Let’s read the words describing the teachers personality (They are very kind and clever, attentive and sympathetic, mysterious and punctual, tolerant and artistic, merry and the experts in their subjects.)
– And what do they look like? You can see the photos of teachers and characterize them.

Our teachers make their best you to become good specialist.

– Thank you, it was very interesting. What subjects are taught in your department? You study many subjects. They are difficult but interesting. In your studying you will learn of necessary and important things for your future specialty. Now I give you the cards where it is written the name of subject. Don’t show it! Describe the subject but don’t name it! And all students should name the subject. So, I shall give you several minutes. Will you translate? You see a lineword. (there are 8 words) What is the keyword? (teachers) Yes, it is right. The teachers teach these subjects.

V. Project «The student of college»

What information about our students did you find? We should like to listen to Igebaev

(The student tells this topic)

1)The student of our college is the best student in our town!

They actively take part in national, republican conferences and competitions, festivals.

2) Our student doesn’t only study successfully, but takes an active part in non-academic activities! There are folk dance ensemble «Yurmaty», «Shake of dance», Bashkir ensemble song «Shayandar», patriotic club «Vympel»

3 )There are students from other towns and villages. Our students are from 15-20 years old: The collective portrait of college student is:

- He is clever

- He is well read

- He is frank.

- He is witty

- Our student is nice.

- Our student is very easy to deal with.

4) Our students carry out research work every year. They take an active part in republican Olympiads. They try to do well because they want to be the best specialists.

– Very good information about the students. And I know you make up project about your group as wallpaper. Let’s show to us.
– Project our group

T: What kind of students are you?

S: I am clever...I am active... I am well-read...

T: What should you do to be the best students?

S: study well,

Read a lot of useful information

I see each of you is an interesting person. I wish you success in your activity! Be energetic and active; try to be in the center of student life.

VI. Project «The future of college»

It’s a high time to think about the future of college.

You should make up a short dialoge

How do imagine the future of the College? - It will be respectful college for many


  • There will be more clever students

-I‘d like there will be 60 minutes lessons

- There will be laptops and multimedia

There won’t be homeworks for students….

projectors in every classroom

and more practice lessons in future

– It is very interesting. I wish all your dreams may come true.

– And I see you can speak and write about our college. I hope you can give full information of it. And now let’s read the poem about our college.

. Poem “My College”

My college is the best

And teachers are good there

We go to college not to rest

But to learn clever thoughts and ideas.

Many subjects are taught in our college;

They are literature, English, biology,

Physical education, mathematics and physics

History and information technology.

Your homework is to learn this poem by heart!

Coming to conclusion let’s do a small test about our lesson. (test)

Give yourself the marks.

– So, our lesson is over. Thank you very much for today’s work. You are very hardworking students. Your marks…

– I wish you success

. Do you like our lesson? What did you learn?

– Good bye, students!

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