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Урок по английскому языку "Postcrossing" (9 класс)

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Разработал Учитель I категории Сингизова Г.Р.

Цель: Межкультурная коммуникация посредством информационных технологий в процессе изучения английского языка


Научить правилам оформления адреса на английском

Развитие словарного запаса учащихся

Расширение кругозора учащихся, дальнейшее изучение традиций, культур стран мира и толерантного отношения к ним при помощи почтовых открыток


Организационный момент.


Teacher (T.) – Good afternoon, girls and boys. I’m glad to see you. Take your seats, please.

Постановка цели и задач урока.

T. – Today we are going to have a lesson on computers. We are going to speak about globalization, about human relations, about pen-friends or using a modern word – a pal.

3. Речевая зарядка

T. – We need such words as:

Pen friend = a pal


Password/ key word

Date of birth (Dtb)

Sign up

Log in / out

ID number (identification)

Let’s read them all together and translate. Thank you.

Основная часть

Развитие навыков аудирования и устной речи.

T. – Speaking about pals we need a site called “Postcrossing”. Open your notebooks, surfing the Internet find this site. (находят сайт). ……. will tell us about this site. Listen to him/her carefully. (……… рассказывает о сайте)

- Thank you. Now, please, answer my questions.

What is the main goal of this site?

Where can you receive a post from?

Who can send it to you and whom can you send to? (to any participant of this project)

What is this site for? (to start friendship around the world, to make friends, to find out traditions, culture of other countries, to begin a real correspondence with smb.)

- Thank you for your answers. Now, we are to register. You should know how to write your own names and surnames in English. Don’t be mistaken (учащиеся регистрируются).

2. Развитие навыков письма

T. – Your home task was to write some information about yourselves on sheets of paper. Type it now on your computer. …… is working on the head computer. (учащиеся печатают информацию о себе). Now confirm your registration on your own mail boxes.

T. – So, you are ready to start your exchanging with cards!

3. Правила оформления открытки.

T. – You can get your first address. Just press “Send a card”. So, you have got an address of foreigner and you must learn how to fill in your cards. Take them, please. In the upper right hand corner we stick a stamp. Now we are to fill in an address. Please, be careful and write it right, as it is written in a site. And one thing you shouldn’t forget is to write your ID number. It is different every time.

III. Заключительная часть

1. Подведение итогов

T. – Now you know how to register, how to write an address, how to fill in the postcard and how to make friends.

2. Оценивание. Домашнее задание.

T. – Good marks are for …….., ……., ……… and ……..

Your home task will be to write some words to your correspondent. I’ll check it and then you’ll send your first letter.

Thank you for the lesson. Good bye.

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