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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку в 8 классе "Dream Trip to Great Britain"

Урок по английскому языку в 8 классе "Dream Trip to Great Britain"

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Dream Trip to Great Britain

Цель урока:

Расширение кругозора учащихся о стране изучаемого языка:

а) формирование и развитие поисково- исследовательской деятельности учащихся, т.е. поиск информации о стране изучаемого языка из различных источников (книг, журналов, СМИ и т.д.);

b) совершенствование умения и навыков практического владения английским языком.

Задачи урока:

1.Аудировать рассказ с полным пониманием с извлечением необходимой информации;

2.Рассказать о проекте путешествия перед аудиторией в доступной языковой форме с использованием пройденного грамматический материала за курс 8 класса: «British are said to be polite,…» и « If I traveled to the UK I would visit Big Ben»;

4.Воспитывать в учащихся положительное, уважительное отношение к культуре британского народа.

Оборудование урока:

1. Мультимедиа:

а) Виды Британии;

б) Слайды с новыми словами и тестами к аудированию рассказа.

2. Диск с текстом « English»,

песня «An old lane syne»,портативный компьютер;

Ход урока:

1.Сообщение цели урока и введение учащихся в тему

Teacher: Dear boys and girls! Today we have an unusual lesson. We are going to make «A dream trip around Great Britain». (Демонстрируется карта Великобритании )

Some people cannot imagine their life without traveling. It is very enjoyable activity during holidays. Modern means of communications makes the world a small place. Now it is possible to visit many countries and meet people of all nations. There are different aims of traveling abroad. Some people travel on business, the others for pleasure. What aims of traveling would tourists have?-

Примерный разговор «Учитель- Ученик»:

-I think that they‘d like to visit places of interest, to meet new friends or practice the foreign language.

-You are quite right. That’s why every tourist should learn some information about a country he travels, shouldn’t he?

-Of course, he should.

2.Речевая зарядка.

Teacher: Let’s discuss what would you like to learn about a country if you were a tourist?

P1: I think if I were a tourist I would learn Geography, nature, climate, population, language and cities. What about you?

P2: As for me I would learn traditions and customs of that country. And what do you think?

P3: In my opinion I’d like to know the political system and Education of a country. And you?

P4: To my mind it’s very important to read stories about the history of the country.

Teacher: Well, I agree with your opinions. But I think first every tourist must know what kind of people the English are. That’s why I suggest you to listen to the story “The English” by tape.

3.Аудирование рассказа

Презентация Rower Point 1

а) Представление незнакомых слов :

boastful-хвастливый, vulgar- грубый, easy- going- беспечный, веселый, amiable- любезный, ruthless- безжалостный, to be cautious- быть осторожным.

б) Аудирование рассказа в аудиозаписи “The English”

Almost every nation has a reputation of some kind. The French are supposed to be gay, and fond of champagne; the Germans – dull, formal, fond of military uniforms, and parades; the Americans – boastful, energetic, and vulgar. The English are reputed to be cold, reserved, easy – going, and fond of sports.

The English are a nation of stay–at–homes. There is no place like home, they say. The English prefer small houses, built for one family, perhaps with a small garden.

The fire is focus of the English home. Other nations go out to cafes or sit round the cocktail bar. For the English it is the open fire and the ceremony of English tea. Even when central heating is installed it is kept so low in the English home that Americans and Russians get chilblains, as the English get nervous headaches from stuffiness.

Foreigners often picture the Englishman dressed in tweeds, smoking a pipe, walking across the open countryside with his dog at his heels. This is the picture of the aristocratic Englishman during his holidays on his country estate. Since most of the open countryside is private there isn’t much left for the others to walk across.

The English are considered to be the most amiable people in the world. They can be very ruthless. They have a genius for compromise, but can enforce their idea of compromise on others with surprising efficiency. They are generous in small matters but more cautious in big ones.

Презентация Rower Point 2

в) Answer the questions:

What is the text about?

- The text is about

a) The fire that is the focus of English home.

b) The picture of the aristocratic family.

c) The reputation that the English people have.

г) Answer these questions.

1) What are the English reputed to be?

a) efficient, fond of parades

b) cold, reserved

c) energetic

2) What nation is steady, easy- going, and fond of sports?

a) the French

b) the Germans

c) the English

3) What houses do the English prefer?

a) small houses, built for one family

b) big houses, built for one family

c) small houses, built for two or more families

4). What is the focus of the English home?

a) the ceremony of English coffee

b) the open fire

c) the ceremony of Indian tea

5) What is the picture of the aristocratic Englishman?

a) dressed in silks, smoking a pipe

b) dressed in tweeds, smoking a pipe

c) dressed in cottons, smoking a pipe.

Teacher: Well done. You’ve learned what the English like are. Could you describe the typical Englishman? - Yes, of course. ( Ученик описывает «типичного англичанина»).

Teacher: That’s quite right! But learning of English proverbs is as important as other things. That’s why I’d like you to match Russian equivalents to English proverbs

Презентация Rower Point 3

4.Работа с пословицами (в группах):

Карточка для 1 группы:

1. When you go through the country of one eyed be one eyed.

2. Every land has its laugh (law) and every corn has its chaff(мякина)

3. A man’s house is his castle.

В чужой монастырь со своим Уставом не ходят.

Мой дом – моя крепость.

На чьем возу сижу, того и песенку пою.

Карточка для 2 группы

1. Do as the most men do and most men will speak well of you.

2. When there is a will there is a way.

3. Tare care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Из любой ситуации есть выход.

Копейка рубль бережет.

Чтобы о тебе говорили хорошо, поступай как большинство (С воронами жить по-вороньи, каркать).

Teacher: Well, you are quite right. I think you a ready to make a dream trip round Great Britain. Will you present your projects?

5.Презентация проектов учащихся

«Where would you like to travel and why? »

Презентация Rower Point 4 “Big Ben ”

1 группа «England»

Pupil 1: In my opinion every tourist wants to visit the capital of Great Britain. Of course it’s better to plan the route of traveling beforehand, because it’s impossible to visit all sights of London for a few days.

First of all I’d like to see Big Ben and take a picture of myself at Big Ben. I have great wish to listen to Big Ben’s strike if it is alike to Kremlin’s.

It would very interesting to start my excursion from Madam Tussaud’s museum

Презентация Rower Point 5

I’m interested in the famous waxworks there and of course to see the Queens family. I imagine it would be great!

I think MOMI is one of the most interesting places of London

Презентация Rower Point 6

I’d like to take part in drawing of my own cartoon and meet characters from the past there. It would be fun!

We know that there are a lot of parks and gardens in London: Hyde Park, the Royal Park, The Regent’s Park, the Green Park and so on. As they are the property of the Royal family the visiting of parks are free of charge. For example: the Hyde Park is famous for its outdoor entertainments and Speaker’s Corner. On a Sunday morning anyone can make a speech about something he believes to be very important. I’d like to listen to what they speak about.

Презентация Rower Point 7

I wish to have a rest at the Regent’s Park boating in the Thames or watching classic plays of W. Shakespeare at the Open Air Theatre.

Презентация Rower Point 8

I picture it would be very cool to ride a Double–Decker–bus through streets of London watching Londoners and its sights. But I couldn’t leave London without visiting its beautiful Tubes and undergrounds.

Презентация Rower Point 9

Crossing zebra I should meet Lollipop Ladies who help old people and children to cross the street. Of course I should meet a Londoner who likes to be my pen-friend.

Walking through the streets of London I’d hear different sounds in French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian and of course Russian, because London is a multinational city.

I would enjoy my trip round London! Welcome to London with me!

Pupil 2:

I think that everybody knows the English like to talk about the weather. They say that there is no climate on the British Isles, but only weather. We can’t speak about of typical weather in England as in our country because it is very changeable and uncertain. May Day begins as a spring morning, an hour later dark clouds may appear from nowhere and the rain may pour down. At midday the temperature may fall down by 15 degrees and a strong wind may blow, then the sky will clear and the sun will begin to shine. Discussing the weather is always interesting and thrilling problem. The best advice for tourists is to take an umbrella at any weather.

Pupil 3:

I’d like to say some words about sport. The English are said to be sporty people. England is the birthplace of much modern kind of sports as football, tennis, basketball, boxing and badminton. They are popular all over the world. The rulers were invented in England.

Traditional sporting competitions are boat races, horse races, car rallies, football and cricket games. These events usually have greatest audiences. For example: Rowing is the most popular of all kinds of sport at the oldest English universities between Oxford and Cambridge universities. It was first rowed 140 years ago. Now it is held at the end of March or in early April on the River Thames. The Boat Race is a festival in London. The bridges and banks of the Thames are crowded with people. I’d like to get the Boat Race Festival in London and enjoy the events.

Презентация Rower Point 10

2 группа «Wales»

We’d like to travel to Wales. It is situated in the UK in the west of England. Its capital is Cardiff.

We are interested in the Kingdom of Castles in Cardiff and traditions. We have learned that Welsh call their country Cymru, and themselves they call Cymry, which mean “comrade” or friend. It is a country of rugged mountains and deep valleys. Because of their mountainous nature and its moist climate its vegetation is rich and green and very beautiful. Wales is an ancient country. There are large standing stones here- the same sort of construction that reached its peak in Stonehenge. There’re a lot of Abbeys and castles about 500.

The Welsh language belongs to Celtic Language. The Welsh is one of the strangest languages on earth. It has the longest words. You can see a place- name consists of 54 letters. It is difficult to pronounce the word that people who live in the town call the station simply Llanfair P.G.

Wales has a long and cruel history. People have always fought for the Independence of the country and have the greatest respect for their native land; they keep the old traditions and customs. We invite you to make a trip to Wales with us!

3 группа «Ireland»

Презентация Rower Point 11

Northern Ireland is situated in the north of Ireland. Its capital is Belfast. It is very ancient country and is rich in its history. Early times it was England’s first colony 8 centuries ago. The troubles of modern Ireland go back to the 16 and 17 centuries. Irish people have always fought for their Independence from English colonists. In 1921 Ireland formed the Irish Free State.

Northern Ireland has no governor or parliament of its own. Since 1972 it has been governed from London. English is the official language, Irish – the national language. Irish is Celtic language, related to Scottish Gaelic and Welsh. English replaced Irish as the main spoken language in Ireland.

Презентация Rower Point 12

There are many legends in Ireland connected with the name of St. Patrick. One of them is devoted to the Shamrock. Shamrock has become the national emblem of Ireland. People decorate themselves with flowers of shamrock on national holiday Patrick’s Day (on March 17). The Irish people hold many cultural festivals.

The largest industry is agriculture and there are the family farms. They grow flax, oats, and turnips, potatoes for home and for export.

Презентация Rower Point 13

You can see the Irish boy with big potatoes in his hands.

Shipbuilding is an important and well developed industry centered in Belfast. It is the largest port, but it is a market town. In spite of it Belfast is famous for its castle and ancient towers and architecture. We think Northern Ireland is an interesting place for visiting. Welcome to Ireland with us!

4 группа «Scotland»

Презентация Rower Point 14

We’d like to visit Scotland. The Scottish people are well- known to be great patriots of their country. They always keep their old customs and traditions even if they seem strange to the whole world. Scotsmen are the only nation in Europe where men prefer to wear skirts or kilts, not trousers. They can put them not only at fests or carnivals; they do it at every holiday. Look at this young couple can you guess who is a girl and who is a boy.

Презентация Rower Point 15

Scotland is famous for its beautiful countryside. The people are proud of Sir W. Scott who described the nature of St. Mary’s Lake in his novel “Marmion” with great skill. The Scottish Highlands are famous with its deep valleys and mountain lakes. They are called “Lochs”. The beautiful Loch Lomond is the largest, but Loch Ness is known much better. There is a legend about Nessy, a strange dragon like animal lived there.

Презентация Rower Point 16

Every year at every city on the 25 of January R. Burns’s birthday is celebrated.

Презентация Rower Point 17

It begins with the traditional toast:” To the immortal memory of R. Burns!” Everyone can make a speech or read a poem by R. Burns. Scots have many beautiful traditions. The Scottish New Year customs are also connected with R. Burns. When the clock strikes 12 everybody stands in a circle crossing their arms and sing the song “Auld lang syne”. Then a cup with a hot drink passed around the circle and everyone drinks from the same cup. I think it is a very good tradition and I’d like you to make it and sing the song “Auld lang syne” together. Welcome dear friends!

Презентация Rower Point 18

Teacher: Well, dear friends, I am satisfied with your work. You’ve got a lot of interesting information about places of interest you’d like to visit.

6. Подведение итогов урока (выставление оценок с комментариями).

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