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Урок по английскому языку в 8 классе на тему: "Trying to become a successful person"

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Урок в 8 классе на тему «Успех».

Ход урока.

Учитель: Hi How are you?

Ученики:We are fine thanks, and you?

Учитель: I am fine too, thank you. Sit down and let’s begin our lesson. What date is it today? Is it Monday today?

Ученик: Today is the first of December. Yes, it is.

Учитель: Look at the blackboard. There are 2 statements, let’s read and translate them So what is the topic of our todays lesson?

Ученики: Success.

Учитель: Well done. Let’s train our pronunciation. Sound v: very, vest Victor. Sound w warm, west, William. It’s time to repeat our tongue twister. (я, хором, один человек, грустно, весело)

Remember our previous classes, what words are associated with success?

Ученики: ambitious, careful, , brave, creative, attentive, talented, , curious, too emotional, serious, , hard-working

Учитель: So, in order to be successful you have to be creative.Согласны ли вы что успешный человека должен быть артистичным? Do you agree that a speech of a successful person should be grammatically right? Согласны ли вы, что успешный человек должен говорит грамотно? Do you agree that we should practice fluent and emotional speech? Согласны ли вы что успешный человек говорит уверенно и красиво? Let’s start the way to success. What was your home task for today? Yes. Your home task was to act the dialogue. You have 1 minute to revise.


  • - Hello! I am a correspondent of the youth magazine "All stars". I would like to

  • have an interview about the most wonderful day in your life.

  • - I don't like to give interviews, but I'll make an exception for you.

  • - Thank you. Please, tell me which day is the most memorable and remarkable day

  • in your life.

  • - I think. it was my solo concert at the Youth Song festival in Sochi. It was

  • really cool. The Black sea, lovely sun, crowds of people who love

  • you. Unforgettable impression!

  • - Thank you.

  • - Good luck

  • - You are welcome.


You have a card with a text about Walt Disney. Your task is to read it like you are a famous person. The name of the person is on the card. It can be

  • 1) Нагиев

  • 2)Екатерина (новости)

  • 3) Шерлок Холмс

The task of the class is to guess the name of the famous person. Who was it?

Walt Disney

Walt Disney, a famous American producer, made some of the worlds most magical films. Children and grown-ups have watched his films about funny Donald Duck, brave Mickey Mouse, beautiful Snow White, little Bambi and lovely Mary Poppins. Disney's cartoons and films are full of adventures and fun.

A talented businessman, he also created Disneyland, a magical park, where children and their parents are entertained by Disney's characters.

Walt Disney was born in 1901. In his childhood young Walt spent a lot of time on a farm, where he learned to study nature and animals. He wasn't a good student at school because he always found things that interested him more than school such as movie house and drawing. His family family wasn't a rich one and Walt worked helping his father.

After the First World War he managed t| up his own film company. He rented an old camera and a garage. He became the owner of a small studio. He loved cartoons and was full of ideas He had clear ideas of what he wanted.

Disney's cartoon films became popular over the world.

The Disney studios continued producing movies after Walt's death in 1966; Wherever American films are shown, the name of "Disney” still draws the crowds.

And now I’m interested to know what would you do if you were a successful person? To tell about our dreams what grammatical structure do we use? Right conditional 2 Условное предложение – это сложное предложение , состоящее из каких частей? Главной, придаточной Главная состоит из…?Придаточная состоит из…? У вас есть минуты чтобы написать предложение о своих мечтах. Например If I were a successful person I would give money to charity.

Your home task is to write an essay about how to be a successful person. You have to write 7 -10 sentences. Is it clear?

You have yellow and red stars. Raise the yellow star if we achieve our todays goal. Raise the red star – if you have some questions.

Your marks for today are…

Thank you for the lesson, you may be free.

Дополнительное задание:

On the card you see a word that you are going to show us with the help of gestures and emotions, we are going to guess.

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