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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Урок по английскому языку "Визит в лагерь отдыха"


A visit to the rest camp”


-to revise lexis on the topic,

-to improve grammar skills and listening comprehension skills,

-to develop dialogical speech,

-to develop pupils’ memory, quick reaction

Equipment: textbooks, cassette recorder, pictures, cards, grammar tables.

  1. Starting point Greetings

Good morning to you”.

She sun is shining“.

Hello, my dear friends”.

  1. Warming up.

Let’s remember some poems to train our pronunciation.

Father is the dearest”.

A big black bug”.

Let’s dramatize a poem and a song.

Early to bed, early to rise”.

My bonny is over the ocean”.

T: Today we are having an unusual lesson. Today’s topic: “A visit to the rest camp”. Our motto: “The way to have a friend is to be one”. H’s a great pleasure and great heinous for me to open it. I’d like to welcome all the personalities. OK let’s start.

  1. T: Vocabulary work and improving speaking skills. Our rest camp is “Friendship”.

  • What poems and proverbs about friends do you know?

P1: ”Chose a friend as you chose a book”.

P2: ”A good friend is like the sun in winter”.

P3: ”The way to have a friend is to be one”.

P4: Friends care

Friends share

We need friends everywhere.

T: Let’s make one more proverb.


A friend

In need

Is a friend

Role-play: “We are from different countries”

T:You are from Canada. You are from France. Let’s make a new friend.

We a guided dialogue.

Прямая со стрелкой 2


  1. Express you attitude

Прямая со стрелкой 3Прямая со стрелкой 4


  1. Ask about name





Прямая со стрелкой 6Прямая со стрелкой 9

Answer the question

  1. Invite to visit a sport club

Прямая со стрелкой 8Прямая со стрелкой 10


  1. Suggest the time

Прямая со стрелкой 11Прямая со стрелкой 12

Agree and thank the partner

  1. Say goodbye

Прямая со стрелкой 13

Say goodbye

T: I think you’ll be good friends and have a good rest in the camp.

Rolle-play “Making in interview”

T: Ask some questions about the name, surname, age, interests and hobby of one of our guest. Then present him of her.

P: Good morning everyone .

Let me are some question.

Presentation of one of the guest.

  1. Listening.

Radio program.

Attention, please.

P: Dear children. Welcome to our rest camp “Friendship”. Let me tell about timetable. Our days will start at 7 o’clock in the morning and finish at 10 o’clock at the night. Every morning you have 15 minutes morning exercises. You’ll have breakfast, diner and supper. You’ll be able to swim and sunbathe. You’ll take part in the work of different clubs: drama club, sport club, club for young travelers, music club. I hope you’ll like your life here.

T: - When do the days start?

- When do the days finish?

- What can we do in our camp?

- What clubs can you visit?

Presentation of clubs.

  1. Drama club.

P: Good morning everyone and welcome.

Let me introduce our drama club.

I think that the best presentation is a sport fairy-tale. Guess its name.

The fox and the crane”

Characters: Fox, Crane.

Scene 1.

Fox: Good morning, my dear friend.

Crane: Good morning, Foxy.

Fox: How are you?

Crane: I’m all right, thank you.

Fox: Come and have dinner with me, my dear.

Crane: Oh thank you.

Scene 2.

Fox: Here is my home. Sit down, dear Crane.

Help yourself. The porridge is very good.

I hope you like my porridge.

Sorry, I have nothing else to give you.

Crane: Thank you. I’ve had enough. Come and have dinner with me. Good-bye.

Scene 3.

Crane: Come in.

Fox: Good afternoon, Crane.

Crane: Oh, Foxy, glad to see you.

Help yourself, to the soup, my friend.

Sorry, I have nothing else to give you.

Fox: I am very hungry.

Crane: I was hungry after you dinner too. Good-bye.

Fox: We are no longer friends.

T: - What is the title of the tale?

- Who are the main heroes?

- Did the fox like the porridge?

- Did the crane like the soup?

- Are they real friends?

- Which saying is close to the fairy-tale?

  1. Sport club.

Clap your hands”

Clap, clap, clap, your hands

Clap your hands together.

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet

Stamp your feet together.

Spin, spin, spin around

Spin around together.

Wink, wink, wink your eyes

Wink, wink eyes together.

  1. Music club.

Hot cross buns”

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns

One a penny, to a penny

Hot cross buns.

If you have no daughter

Give them to your sons

One a penny, to a penny

Hot cross buns.

“We are the citizens”

She’s not English

He’s not American

They’re the citizens of the big world.

He’s not German

She’s not Italian

They’re the citizens of the big world.


We are the citizens

We are the citizens of the big world.

  1. Club for young travelers.

P: Good morning everyone and welcome

I’d like to present my club.

We learn how to make fire, to pert a tent,

How to use a compass.

Rolle-play “A day in the mountains”

T: Say what you should take on a walking trip.

P: I should take a …… (a camera, a cap, a sweater, a tent, a sleeping bag,

a tape-recorder, a map, water, a TV set, a compass).

T: - Should you take a…… Why?

- Why do you need a ……?

Grammar practice.

T: We have a photo of our reporter about our walking trip to the mountains. Let’s describe what children are doing. Use Present Continuous.

T: - What is Pere doing?

- What is Kate doing?

- What is Lind doing?

- Is Pete making fire?

- Is Linda cooking or talking with friends?

- Are they happy? Why do you think so?

- Do you want to have a good rest?

T: Now let’s solve the crossword.


A magic rucksack”

4. A thing where we can sleep.

  1. A place we can singsong, draw, play the guitar.

  1. 5. We need them to make fire.

  1. A thing we can use to make a photo.

  1. Summary of the lesson.

T: Our lesson is going to be over in a few minutes.

We’re done lots of work today.

What pert of the lesson did you like more?

What was the motto of our lesson? Why?

  1. Homework.

You home task is to do exercise 3 at page ……

It’s necessary to read? Translate and retell the text.

The work with pupil’s portfolio

  • How I feel about my English lesson.

  • Presentation “My future visit to the rest camp”.

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