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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку"Have you ever wondered?"

Урок по английскому языку"Have you ever wondered?"

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English lesson in the 9th form.

Teacher: Zuderman Y. A.

The theme: Have you ever wondered?

The aims: Students will be able to speak about backpacking trip using new lexical and grammar material.

The goals:

  • to learn how to write a story and letter using new lexical and grammar material;

  • to bring up respect to classmates

  • to develop reading, speaking, writing and listening skills.

The results: Students can speak about their backpacking trip, to write e-mails to each other.

The resources: student’s book, copybook, pens, pencils, white papers, felt-tip pens, mobile phones.

The stage of lesson, time

The form of work

Teacher’s activity

Students’ activity

1Organization moment


Teacher and students greed each other.

The teacher checks class for being ready for lesson.

To be ready for lesson

2 Goal-setting (3m)

Introduction of the lesson

Dividing into some groups using the method of jigsaw puzzle.

Teacher tells students the objectives of the lesson. The students will be able to speak about trip and write an e-mail. The teacher is going to divide them into four groups using different cards.

Students listen to the teacher attentively.

The students are divided into four groups.

3 For developing reading and speaking skills students work with books, they do ex7p.63. (10m)

Students work in four groups, they search information on the Internet.

Teacher gives instructions how to do exercise.

The teacher monitors the students.

The students are going to plan a backpacking trip with their group. They need to plan for that length of time and consider the weather around the world at that time of year. Students decide which places they are going to visit.

4 For developing writing skills pupils do ex 8p.63 (10m)

Work in groups, dialogue and individual work.

The teacher monitors the students, encourage them to use a range of adjectives to describe the journey and places. Help/correct as necessary.

1Students work in groups; they discuss the answers to the questions.

2Students write an email to a friend including this information (eg Hi! How are you? I’m in…) (eg Take care/Thinking of you/Lots of love/Speak soon/Write soon with your news…)

5 For developing speaking skills.(10m)

Students work in groups and discuss the best letter.

The teacher monitors the students.

Students choose one speaker to present their letter on the author’s chair. Students ask questions.

6 Home task (5m)

To write an e-mail to Valencia_2005@mail.ru

Ex.10 SB p63

The teacher explains home task.

Students write their home tasks in their diaries, ask questions if it’s necessary.


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