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Урок по чтению: The Tower of London

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Lesson in Reading,

Visual ai«B;

l. A diagram summarizing stages oflhe lesson basedon the story "The To•wet or London".

2- A picture

A poster presentation "The United Kingdom. Ten centuries in the making",

Pre-reading v

liseussio:n Of Lite

Listening to the text or. hisurieal

Completing a diagram with words from the text

             Reading the       sel,gence of t,he

poster   of the main                   of the

[be riteariiltg oflhe                w«ds frciln the context

Reading sci.ivities

Reading the Story '*The •Tower

Post-reading activities

Reading comprehensic<i

Giving the reasons why the boys                 neve« seen

Writing short essay to surnmarize the story oflhe

princes in the Tower


Post-reading research


Pre—reuditiL Jhlrpose:

Preparill* pupils to comprehend the by activating tl•.cif backgoond kliowledge.

 Slimuljalirlii interest in story and motivating pupils read.

Previewing the text betOre reading it order have a general utsderswndittg of' theme.


l . Discussiu:noftite picture "Tlte 011.ondon" al What can YOU see in the picture?

b) WIsere is it locate&i'

                                What do you know                  Tower of

                     2.                  to                                    background.

Y. While lisuning completing adiagrawn With

Reading aetivities.

Pupils read the story 'The T0'.ver of London"

The •rower   beats       official Lille Ol'        Majesty'* of the Tower of Lordot"",              name "Tower of Londoa" has l'*ig used for the whole ofthe great fortress ard palace iOonded by William the

Cor..queror. William raised the Tower to be defend the city. placing it at the or   city,        slTii[egiC                ipve the Tower                 ofthe river Thames and Londor aridge as well as          city itself.               it has in been fortress,       prig*" Lh.e            Ol'                 years

irrjprisoril•neril. is Orie Of       arid          Of swongest and     impregnable fortress in the land- its      of the Crown jewels. It also houses tlw tines: collection of arms   armour in Britain und many other displays depicting 9 coJortül rerouries of British history,

            The 2 young princes                      Rich't•rd were the              king Edward IV.

Whell the king died in                  elder of [W0                                          I J,

King lidwa.rvi V, But                                                 WAS (he                        and

l.he               10            Of London. This was in Jijne. NO one saw the 2 princes alive again. In the same month Gloucester became King Richard

In wor•knper•            of'l„ondor. found skeletonsot•              under a Staircase.   Were reemered lite

Corner" Westminster Abbey Of Charles ll. MOS-I historians thirA [hat are the hones of the 2 young pciaces, Edvean:l and Richard. I list0fians also believe That l,he boy died of suffocation and that their Richard gave the o:der why SASTrie people the On his

4. Reading the last the su:.ry "That's why some people call the TO'.wcr"the Bloody Touer".         in pairs vetbat you think is meant by this sentence;

                                                       Ori The                        Of the Slurs. 1.00k al

kingdom. Teri eer1L"ries; the find the period of time Whet" king Edv.ard V reigrjed rcigr.ed t•o« period ofiitve. Say thing. King Edward V.

6. the Ineanirig the Jllnramiliarv.•ord the Story Lite Ihal

it. Guess the meariing Of convent.

   111.     Post-readin•z

1. Reading comprehension

the westious.•

A, Who was the

H.      Old was Edw;it'd When he became king2 C.         was the princes" "prolectot"'?

O. When did the princes disappear?

E. What did some workmen find in 1674?

A. Richard I l l was a good king.

B. He gent the princes to Westmir.ster Abbey.

C. Richard I l l was the princes' father.

                                       l). Workmen found the                   in a garden,

                                      E. Hisaot'ians              the 2 prince";          naturally

                   2,          rewsoms why      two hoys •sere never •eeri

 Write  princes in the Tower.

Write: who they were when they lived what happened 10 their rather uncle did think           Lo them

4.    Discussion.

Gi•.e personal reactions to the story.

Share your opinion about .

5.    Post-reading research.

                   Why is Royal                 attractive 10 people?

the similar historical


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       It’s no secret that nowadays schools face problems of the shortage of good textbooks. Some of them are out-of-date; others are too expensive for our schools to buy. I have some positive experience meeting this chal­lenge and I want to share it with my colleagues.


       It’s a pity, but we do not read and speak very often about science, education and arts. If, how­ever, such a discussion begins, it ends very quickly. Very few of my pupils are interested in it. But when we begin to read and discuss thrillers, or horror, detective, historical and adventure sto­ries, everybody becomes interested. Many of my pupils enjoy such lessons greatly, though, frankly speaking, we have some difficulties with the vo­cabulary. Preparing the material for such lessons I usually look through many English textbooks, and heaps of magazines, books and newspapers. As a result of such “research” work, I’ve put together quite an interesting textbook which I assembled myself. Reading such stories is an exciting pro­cess and every teacher can have such a book for themselves. The texts and stories may be photo­copied and used for retelling, but if the teacher has limited printing opportunities she/he may read these stories for listening practice.  Here is one of the stories provided with lesson notes.

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