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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по домашнему чтению "Anne of Green Gables"
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  • Иностранные языки

Урок по домашнему чтению "Anne of Green Gables"


Специализированная общеобразовательная школа I-III степеней № 3

Мир полон чудес

Home Reading Lesson “Anne of Green Gables”

Разработка урока

английского языка

в 6 классе

Подготовила учитель

Илларионова В.Н.

Цели урока:

  • Активизировать фразы, слова в устной речи, развивать навыки диалогической речи;

  • обеспечить усвоение лексических знаний учащихся, входящих в содержание темы урока на уровне понимания, применения и анализа;

  • в целях развития интеллектуальных способностей, мыслительных умений, переноса знаний и умений в новые ситуации развивать память, внимание и языковую догадку;

  • воспитывать необходимость познания мира через чтение.

Техническое оснащение урока:

  • магнитофонная запись,

  • карточки.

На доске:

Some books are to be tasted,
Others to be swallowed, and some few
To be chewed and digested.

Ход урока

I. Организационное начало урока.

II.Основная часть.

Речевая зарядка.

1 Введение в тему урока.T: The aim of our lesson is to turn out that “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested” by means of listening, reading and speaking. We’re having a home reading lesson.H:\SSL10981.JPG

The world of books is full of wonders. Reading books you can find yourself in different lands, countries, seas, oceans. Together with the characters of the book you go by ship in the stormy sea, you climb high mountains, you fly into space, you have a lot adventures. By reading we develop our imagination, logical thinking and broaden the outlook, the value of books is un deniable.

Do you know that American boys and girls love reading too. I can proove it. I’ll show you the photos of their school libraries.






Let’s finish the following famous expressions about books and reading: H:\PA290187.JPG

  1. A room without a book is like a body without… ( a soul)

  2. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the… (body)

  3. Don’t judge a book by its… (cover)

  4. Choose an author as you choose… (a friend)

This saying I found written on one of the school walls. It was made by children themselves. In the classrooms there are also places connected with reading. Let’s read and translate the rules American schoolchildren try to follow.




2Активизация лексики. а)Today we shall discuss the life of Anne Shirley. At first let’s brush up our vocabulary. These adjectives will help you to describe the main characters later. Make 3 lists from the words: 1one list with good characteristics, 2one with bad characteristics, 3one with neutralH:\PA100001.JPG

clever, talkative, quiet, helpful, lazy, shy, friendly, confident, mean, nice, bad-tempered, boring, nervous, stupid, cheerful, kind-hearted, modest, selfish unsociable, inquisitive, humorous, moody, reliable, good-moody, selfish, sociable honest, sensitive, ambitious, practical

b) Some of you will work individually. Take the cards. We’ll check them later.

C) Guess the word I am talking about. Use it in the sentence making all necessary changes and then answer the question.

1) Are you aware of other people feeling?


2) Do you find it difficult to meet new people?


3) Do you make people laugh?


4) Does your mood change often and suddenly?


5) Can you friends trust (доверять) you and depend of you?


6) Do you generally like other people’s company?


7) Can you usually understand other peoples point of you?


8) Do you worry and think too much about detail?


9) Are you interested in other people and their business?


10) Are you usually quite and happy smiley person?


11) When decisions have to be made do you think first to yourself?


12) When he sees the old woman he gets up and says: “Please, take the seat”.


13) The man, who says only the truth


14) Are there lots of things you want to do in your professional life?

d)These placards are also from American classrooms. What words can you use about yourselves?H:\PA180025.JPG


A Good Person

to be easy to deal with – легко ладить с кем-то

to have a heart of gold – иметь золотое сердце

to be a real friend – быть настоящим другом

to be (always) ready to help other people – всегда быть готовым прийти на помощь другим

to be well-read – быть начитанным

to be well-bred – быть воспитаным

to be well-dressed – быть хорошо одетым

to be polite – быть вежливым

to be tactful – быть тактичным

to be kind to …- быть добрым к кому-то

A Bad Person

to be hard to deal with – трудно ладить с кем-то

to be selfish – быть эгоистом

to think too much about one’s own wishes – думать только о себе

to think too little about other people – мало думать о других людях

to consider nobody but oneself – не считаться ни с кем, только с собой

to be ill – read – быть невеждой

to be ill- bred – быть невежей

to be ill- dressed – быть плохо одетым

to be impolite – быть невежливым

to be tactless- быть бестактным

to be rude to.- быть грубым к кому-то

c)Let’s check your work. Read and do your tasks please.

Exercise 1. Read and translate

To be easy to deal with, be hard to deal with, to be ready to help other people, to be selfish, to have a heart of gold, to think only of his own wishes, to consider nobody but oneself, be kind to everybody, to be rude to everybody, to be polite, to be impolite, to be ill-read, to be well-bred, to be ill-dressed, be well-dressed, to be tactful, to be tactless, to help other people, to think too little of other people.

Exercise 2. Find the antonyms in two boxes

to be a real friend

to be polite and tactful

to be easy to deal with

to be well-dressed

to always help other people

to be impolite and tactless

to be selfish

to think too little of other people

to be hard to deal with

to be ill-dressed

Exercise 3. Put down the missing word

  1. to have a …….of gold

  2. to be easy to ……with

  3. never …………anybody but oneself

  4. to think too much about one’s own …………………

  5. to …….too little of other people

  6. to be always ……to help

  7. to be polite and …………..

  8. to be ………..and tactless.

Exercise 4. Translate into English

С ним (ней) легко ладить, быть грубым со всеми, думать только о себе, быть всегда готовым помочь, эгоист, никогда ни с кем не считаться, у него (нее) золотое сердце, он (она) настоящий друг, слишком мало заботиться о других

Exercise 5. Fill in the preposition

to be easy to deal …..

to have a heart ….. gold

to be good ………..everybody

to be always ready…….help

to help ………other people

to be rude ……somebody

to think too much ……one’s own wishes

never consider ……anybody but oneself

to be hard …deal with

to think too little …..other people


Exercise 2.

to be a real friend – to be selfish, to be polite – to be impolite,

to be easy to deal with - to be hard to deal with, to be well dressed - to ill- dressed

to always help other people – to think too little of other people

Exercise 3.

1.heart 2. deal 3. consider 4. wishes 5. think 6. ready 7. tactful 8. impolite

Exercise 5.

1.with 2.of 3. to 4.to 5. - 6.to 7.about (of) 8. - 9. to 10. of (about)

3 Работа с текстом. A)Pre-view exercises.

Do you remember your thoughts and feelings before reading this chapter?




4 Аудирование с опорой на наглядность Listen to the beginning of the chapter attentively, follow reading and try to fill in the missing verbs. The first person to give the verbs with their infinitives will get a small present from me.hello_html_m20c09d4f.png

5 Фронтальная работа по тексту. Говорение. Беседа по прочитанному произведению.

a)Look at the pictures and give missing information:





d) Are you good at predicting?hello_html_m2cf02eb7.png

5 Диалогическая речь. Проверка домашнего задания. Составление диалогов по прочитанным произведениям.

Mrs. Lynde and Marilla

-Hello, Marilla. I saw Matthew on the road. Where’s he going?

- To Bright River Station. We’re getting a little boy from an orphanage in Nova Scotia. He’s coming on the train this afternoon.

-An orphan boy! Why do you want an orphan boy?

- Matthew is sixty years old now. His heart isn’t very strong. He wants a boy to help him on the farm. We heard about Mrs. Spencer at White Sands. She’s getting a little girl from the orphanage. Matthew and I want a little boy. Mrs. Spencer went to the orphanage today. She’s bringing a boy on the train and she’s going to leave him at the station. Matthew will meet him there.

-I think you’re doing a very stupid thing, Marilla. You’re bringing a strange boy into your house. You don’t know anything about him. I read a story in the newspaper about an orphan. This child lived with a Canadian family. The child lit a fire one night and the family died in the fire. But it was a girl, not a boy.

-But we’re not getting a girl. We don’t want a girl. We’re getting a boy.

Anne and Matthew

-Are you Mr. Matthew Cuthbert of Green Gables? I’m from the orphanage. Mrs. Spencer brought me here.

(- There’s a mistake. This is a girl, not a boy!)

-When you weren’t here at the station, I thought, I can sleep in that big tree tonight. I know he’ll come in the morning. I know it’s a long way to your house. Mrs. Spencer told me. But I love driving. And I’m going to have a home with you. That’s wonderful. I never had a home.

-I was late. I’m sorry. (I can’t leave this child at the station. I’ll take her back to Green Gables. Marilla can tell her about the mistake.) Let’s go.

- Look at those trees with beautiful white flowers. I love the color white. I’d like a beautiful white dress. I never had a pretty dress. They only gave us ugly clothes at the orphanage. I know I’m going to be very happy with you. But one thing makes me sad. Look at my hair. What color is it?

-Isn’t it red?

-Yes, it’s red. I hate my red hair.

Anne, Marilla and Matthew

-Who’s this, Matthew? Where’s the boy?

-There wasn’t a boy. There was only her. I couldn’t leave heart the station.

-No boy! But asked Mrs. Spencer for a boy!

-You don’t want me! You don’t want me because I’m not a boy! Oh, what shall I do?

-Don’t cry. We can’t send you back to the orphanage tonight. You’ll have to stay here. What’s your name?

-Can you call me Cordelia?

-Cordelia! Is that your name?

-No. But Cordelia is a prettier name than mine. My name is Anne Shirley. Anne with an “e”. But please call me Cordelia.

-No. Anne is a very good name. Now come and eat something, Anne.

-I’ll drive to Mrs. Spencer’s house tomorrow and I’ll ask her about this mistake. We’ll have to send this child back.

-She’s a very nice little girl. And very interesting. She likes to talk. And she wants to stay with us.

-But, Matthew, she can’t stay here. A girl can’t help you on the farm.

-But maybe we can help her.

-I’m going to send her back to the orphanage. I don’t want an orphan girl.

-All right, Marilla. I’m going to bed now.

(And in the room upstairs, the little orphan girl cried and cried.)

6 Relaxation

Don’t worry the book will end happily. You look tired. Let’s sing a song and move a bit.

The wheels on the bus…

1The wheels on the bus go round and round/2

The wheels on the bus go round and round

All through the town.

2The doors on the bus go open and shut/2

The doors on the bus go open and shut

All through the town.

3 The people on the bus go up and down/2

The people on the bus go up and down

All through the town.

4 The babies on the bus go “Wow wow wow”/2

The babies on the bus go “Wow wow wow”

All through the town.

5 The mummies on the bus go “Sh-sh-sh”/2

The mummies on the bus go “Sh-sh-sh”

All through the town.

6The wheels on the bus go round and round/2

The wheels on the bus go round and round

All through the town.

7 Письменная речь. Работа на компьютере.

Now I suggest you should continue working with our text but this time in writing on the computer:

a) find the words from chapter1

b) type the right letters to complete the words

c) complete the crossword puzzle

d) put the sentences in the right place

e) click the right word

Now let’s do the tests.

a)Put the sentences in the right place to make a story

b)click on the right word

c)click Right(R) or Wrong(W) or it doesn’t say(?)

d)choose the correct answer

8 Монологическая речь.

a) Составление монологических высказываний с активной лексикой.

Describe the main characters, please, using our active vocabulary (adjectives and phrases): Anne, Matthew and Marilla.

b) Составление рассказа на заданную тему.

Now we are going to make Anne’s story. Please stand up and line please according to your birthdays. Beginning here from January…

Well done. Let’s get divided into two groups. Everyone takes only one sentence. Don’t show anybody your sentence. It’s a secret. Now try to remember your sentence. Learn it. You have one minute.

Now give me back your strips of paper.

Your task is to make up Anne’s life story. Raise your hands when you are ready.

1 Anne Shirly is an eleven year old girl.

2 Anne lived in four homes before she came to Avonlea.

3 Her parents died when she was a baby.

4 After that nobody wanted her or loved her.

5 Nobody was kind to her.

6 She didn’t go to school.

7 She had to work hard.

8 Her life was sad.

The team which didn’t finish reads the first.

Let’s see who was closer to the text. Now look at the board and check your variants.

III Итоги урока. Домашнее задание.

Ch 2 (to read, translate, learn new words)

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