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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Урок по страноведению по теме " Washington"


Министерство образования и науки Луганской Народной Республики

ГБОУ Стахановская специализированная школа I-III ступеней им. А.Стаханова


по теме: “WASHINGTON” для 11 класса

по страноведению

Учитель: Самотугина В.В.



Стаханов 2014-2015г

Тема: Washington

Цель: - обобщить знания о географическом положении, истории развития и общим фактам о США; совершенствовать умения слушать, читать с извлечением нужной информации, обучать монологической речи;

- активизировать работу в группах; способствовать развитию памяти, любознательности, коммуникативных навыков;

- воспитывать уважительное отношение к истории и культуре США, формировать стойкий интерес к предмету;



Teacher: Did you have a nice time at weekend? Is anybody absent today? What day of the week is it today? How many lessons do you have today? What activities and tasks do you like doing on our Countrystuding lessons?

1. Revision

Teacher: For some time we have been learning many interesting facts about the USA. You’ve got to know that the USA is the richest and highly developed country in the world. It stretches from coast to coast. Today we are going to concentrate on one of the beautiful cities of the USA. It is Washington. But first let’s check-up what you know about the USA and do a little quiz. Be ready to continue the sentences.

1. The ocean in the west of the USA (the Pacific) . 2. The number of the stars on the American flag (50 ). 3. The American flag is called (The Stars and Stripes). 4. The official language of the USA (English) . 5. Independence Day is celebrated on (the 4th of July). 6.The territory which belonged to Russia (Alaska). 7. The only state on an island (Hawaii) 8. The ocean in the east of the USA (The Atlantic) 9. The centre of movie industry (Hollywood) 9. American money (dollar) 10. Native Americans (American Indians) 11. America is called the (melting pot or nation of immigrants) 12. The place every child dreams to visit (Disney Land) 13. The city where the Golden Gate is situated (Los Angeles) 14. The nickname of New York (The Big Apple) 15.The traditional American dish (hamburger)

Teacher: I’m impressed by your answers. You really know a lot about different sides of the USA.


1. Presenting the topic/ Checking homework

Teacher: Today at the lesson we are going to discuss past and present of the USA capital. Your home task was to get some information about Washington and make a short report or project work. Present them please.( students’ answers)

Teacher: Receiving such good information about the US capital let’s do a short test. 1. Washington is situated on the … a)Severn River b)Potomac River

2. The National Gallery of Art was opened …. a) during the World War II b)after the World War II

3. The National Gallery exhibits …. a) modern masters b)ancient masters

4. The official residence of the US president is ... a) the Capitol b) the White House

5. The fare in metro … a) is fixed b) depends on time and distance

6. The 19-foot bronze statue of Freedom is situated … a) on the Capitol b) in the Potomac Park

7. The largest library is … a) The Library of Senate b) The Library of Congress

8. A temple- like white marble monument is … a) The Jefferson Memorial b) The Lincoln Memorial

9. “The Pencil” is the monument to the president… a) Kennedy b) Washington

10. Washington’s ceremonial street is … a) Pennsylvania Avenue b) Massachusetts Avenue

2. Reading

Teacher: Read the text about Washington’s sightseeings and do the “true/false” task.


In 1790 the US Congress decided to build a capital on the Potomac River and the president Washington selected the area which was named the District of Columbia after Christopher Columbus. The city was originally called Federal City and later it was renamed after the first president. George Washington laid the corner-stone of the Capitol, the home of the Congress and the Supreme Court. It was made of stone and marble and contains 540 rooms. It was built on the highest place in the city (Capitol Hill). There is a law that forbids to build houses higher than the Capitol. From the Capitol to the White House runs Pennsylvania Avenue used for all processions and parades. The White House, built in 1799, is the President’s residence. This house was first occupied in 1860,(by John Adams) it has 132 rooms. All American presidents except George Washington have lived and worked there. A very important aspect of the city is tourism, it attracts millions of visitors every year. There are many parks and gardens in Washington. The Jefferson Memorial, built in memory of the 3rd US president ( the author of the Declaration of Independence) is surrounded by the famous cherry trees which are the gift from Japan in 1912. The centre of Washington is formed by the Mall, the East Potomac and West Potomac parks. In this area are the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and across the river is Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon. The Lincoln Memorial was opened on Memorial Day – May 30, 1922 and is devoted to the memory of the 16th US president. It was built in the style of classic Greek temple and has 36 columns. Each column represents the state at the time of Lincoln’s death. But the dominant feature of the building is the realistic figure of Lincoln. The Washington Memorial, erected in 1888, is one of the most impressive sights, which looks like a very big pencil. It rises over 555 feet high and hollow inside. A special lift brings visitors to the top in 70 seconds from where they can enjoy a wonderful view of the whole city. Pentagon, the residence of the US Military department, is situated in the suburbs, to the south of the Potomac River. It was built between 1941-1943 and it could not be built in the city for its enormous size. The Arlington Cemetery is near Pentagon. American soldiers, officers died in World War I/II , the 35th president Kennedy are buried there. The Americans remember and honour their national heroes. People from all parts of the USA come to see the capital and monuments to those who in past centuries struggled for the independence of the country.

Teacher: Do the true/false task and correct the wrong information about Washington.

1. Washington is in the District of California.

2. The city was named after the 3rd US president.

3. The White House was first occupied by John Adams.

4. The Capitol is the official residence of the US president.

5. The White House is situated on the Capitol Hill.

6. The White House has 540 rooms.

7. The Lincoln Memorial was opened on Memorial Day.

8. The Lincoln Memorial has 132 columns.

9. The centre of Washington is formed by museums and galleries.

10. The Jefferson Memorial looks like a very big pencil.

11. Pentagon was built between 1941-1943.

12. The 36th president Kennedy is buried at Arlington Cemetery.

Teacher: The next stop of our lesson is connected with numerals. Read the text again and say what each of the dates or figures refers to.

a) 555 b) 1799 c) 16th d) 1922 e) 70 f) 540 g) 1860 h) 36 i) 1790 j) 3rd k) 1888 l) 132 m) 1941-1943 n) 35th o) 1912

3. Speaking

Teacher: Let’s move on. I’ll divide you into four groups and your task is to give a description of one of the places of interest in Washington. Don’t name the place, other groups should guess it. (The White House, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, Capitol )

Teacher: If you were offered an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, what places would you visit? Why?/Why not? Discuss.

Teacher: Use the pictures and the map on the board, spend three minutes and be ready to make up a tourist excursion about famous sights of the USA capital.


Homework: Make a project work and tell the class about the biggest cities in the USA. Choose only one city for your presentation.

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