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Урок по теме "Экология" в 7 классе

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Lesson plan

The subject of the lesson Обобщающий урок по теме «Земля в опасности»

The objectives of the lesson:

1.Создание условий для закрепления и систематизации лексических и грамматических навыков.

2. Формирование коммуникативной компетенции обучаемых.

3. Воспитание социальной позиции в решении экологических проблем, привитие навыков учебного сотрудничества и проектирования.

The Notes of the lesson.

  1. The Beginning of the lesson

1) Greeting

-Good morning, pupils. You may sit down. I want you to watch a short clip.

- What are we going to speak about? What was the film about? What countries have you seen? You are right. We will speak about global ecological problems. We‘ll practise speaking and listening.

2. Vocabulary work.

1) -When we say the Earth is in danger. What is in danger? Look at the blackboard. There is a catastrophe. Let’s help our Nature!

2) -Look at the pictures. What problems can you see?

-Read and translate.

- What ecological problems can we see in Golyshmanovo?

- Match the words and translate.

- The sun is shining for us.

3) There are many ecological organizations round the world. People solve these problems in different countries. You made projects last lesson. Your classmates want to present one of them.

- Thank you for your project.

-We can see the clouds in the sky.

3. Grammar revision.

1) -Revise using article The.

- Work in groups. Complete these schemes and be ready to tell us the rules.

2) Let’s do this exercise. Fill in the article the where it necessary.

3) Do a short test. You are the first variant, you are the second variant.

-Check up! If you don’t have mistakes your mark is 5, one mistake -4, two or three mistakes – 3.

- There are flowers everywhere.

4. Reading

- Children try to help the environment too. This poem is written by a small girl. Read and fill in the words from the box.

- What you can do to help the environment?

-There are animals in the forest.

5. Listening.

- Our nature is very beautiful. Listen to the song “what a wonderful world” and fill in the gaps.

- Sing along and check up your words.

- Thank you. The birds have come to our picture.

- Do you love our Mother Nature. Let’s give our promise to it and help to alive the tree. Write your promise on these leaves and stick here.

6. The end of the lesson.

- We have created a wonderful picture. Do you like it?

You should remember the old saying “Everything is in your hands”

Give me your test papers. Write your homework:

  1. Revise grammar, learn the words. I will check your vocabularies. Be ready for test.

  2. Write a poem, use

green- clean, drink –think, how –now.

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