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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыУрок по теме "Экотуризм" в 10 классе по английскому языку

Урок по теме "Экотуризм" в 10 классе по английскому языку

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Урок английского языка на конкурс «Учитель года – 2016»

Тема урока: “Eco-tourism

Класс: 10

Учитель: Жубанищева Гульмира Бижановна,

МКОУ «Многопрофильная гимназия г. Лагани»

Базовый учебник: Starlight 10 (Звездный английский. 10 класс). Баранова К.М., Дули Д., Копылова В.В

Цель урока: развитие коммуникативных компетенций обучающихся и пополнение словарного запаса по теме «Эко-туризм».


Воспитательные: воспитание гражданско-патриотических чувств у обучающихся;

Развивающие: развивать способности воспринимать англоязычную речь.


  1. обогащение лексического запаса обучающихся по теме «Эко-туризм»;

  2. повысить качество осознанности навыка изучающего чтения;

  3. создать условия для развития монологической речи обучающихся

Ход урока:

  1. Teacher: Look at these two pictures what would you like to see more? Where do you think they are? Of course in Lagan. Would you like to spend your summer holidays there? Today our town has become popular among eco-tourists from Russia and even among foreigners.

By the way do you know what is eco-tourism ? Do you have any ideas?

The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as 'responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.' Ecotourism has a save-the-planet goal. Unfortunately there are very few pristine and unpolluted areas left in the world and they must be protected. Ecotourism is a travelling to natural destinations with rare flora and fauna. Can Ecotourism Save Lotuses?

Everything in the world is interconnected. We ought to be very cautious when doing things that cannot be undone. (Ray Bradbury ‘A sound of thunder”). We must be responsible eco-tourists but not intruders.

Let’s complete the mind map.

  1. Teacher: I think many people would like to visit our Republic as eco-tourists. But how to attract their attention? So I decided to invite you to help and open a web-site “Eco-tourism in Kalmykia”. Your task is to make our website interesting for people from other countries and cities. So can you guess what will be our motto?

More Kalmykia About Learning (“Learning more about Kalmykia”). Right you are!

  1. Teacher: In order to response to our readers you should be well-educated moderators. I’ll give you cards with some terms and read you some definitions if you give the right answer you cross it in your card. Those who have more crosses will be the most active conservationists.

3. environment

2. conservationist

6. urbanization



4. recycling

5. biosphere

1. pollution

8. industrialization

1. pollution - damage ​caused to ​water, ​air, etc. by ​harmful ​substances or ​waste

2.Conservationist - a person who wants to do something useful for our nature.

3.environment - the ​air, ​water, and ​land in or on which ​people, ​animals, and ​plants ​live

4.recycling - the ​process of ​collecting and ​changing ​old ​paper, ​glass, ​plastic, etc. so that it can be used again

5.biosphere - The whole earth ecosystem i.e. all living organisms on earth.

6.urbanization - the ​process by which more and more ​people ​leave the ​countryside to ​live in ​cities

7.noosphere - That part of the biosphere altered or influenced by the activities of mankind

8.industrialization - the ​process of ​developing ​industries in a ​country

9.Ecology - the ​relationships between the ​air, ​land, ​water, ​animals, ​plants, etc., usually of a ​particular ​area, or the ​scientific ​study of this

How many crosses have you got?

  1. Teacher: Some people are in doubt to become eco-tourists or not? Let’s find out advantages and disadvantages of eco-tourism. I‘ll split you into two groups. The first group will discuss advantages and the second group disadvantages.

What are good sides of eco-tourism?

Bad sides?

Match myths and reality (cards)

  1. Teacher: There are a lot of places where people try to save nature for us and further generations. Let’s recommend eco-tourists to visit Lagan.

One group will make an advert about visiting lotuses and the other about fishing and hunting and visiting the Caspian Sea. And the third group will make tips for eco-tourists.

Lagan has one of the best climate in Russia. Winter is rather warm and the days are long and sunny. Due to our warm climate there are plenty of fruit and vegetables here in summer. One can't help but admire our nice cosy and green town.

We'd like to say some words about our unique nature. Our place is famous for fishing and hunting. We are always waiting for you at any time and we will do our best to make your stay wonderful and unforgettable! Fishing is not only a hobby but one of the main trades in our Republic. Different species of fish inhabit the waters of our Caspian sea and all this wealth is also for you. You will get a lot of pleasure, excitement , will relax your body and soul. You can take a lot of photos of your victories. You must make your dreams come true. We promise you'll have a great desire to come back for fishing. Hunters also have a lot of opportunities to use their skills. Different kinds of birds: quacks, geese, swans gather here to feed. One may hunt for wild boar, wolf, fox, hare.

We are proud to say that our people are very hospitable. They will treat you with healthy food in a comfortable and warm atmosphere. You'll be welcomed to eat tasty mutton, fish and vegetables. Our delicious food is made with love. Lotuses attract a lot of tourists. People admire them and take a lot of photos. A gorgeous place and sight. You can also see lotus as a symbol on the coat of arms of our town.

  1. Teacher: I think we deserve a little pause. Listen to the Caspian Sea! And try to follow the fish on the screen with our eyes.

  2. Teacher: Complete the sentences with the correct word. Change the adjective in brackets to the comparative or superlative form.

  1. I think Lagan is (beautiful) part of Kalmykia” said the tourist from Mongolia.

  2. The Caspian Sea is (deep) than our North Sea!” said the tourist from the UK.

  3. The week I spent in Lagan was the (good) adventure of the summer!”exclaimed the tourist from the USA.

  4. The lotus is the (gourgeous) flower in the world”, wrote the tourist from China in her diary.

  5. .”I’m really interested in ships, seas and I had the (peaceful) rest in Lagan”, was written on the Internet forum page.

  1. Teacher: Imagine that you are in Lagan. Write down the eco-tourist’s notes in your diary.

15th June ….amazing views….

16th June….admire flowers…….

17th June…….discovered new facts……

18th June horse-riding….. lots of different activities

19th June …..collected rubbish on the river banks…..

20th June ….put ecological signs near…..

  1. Teacher: Complete the sentences

  1. The eco-tourism is

  1. To help the environment and to learn about life in other places.

  2. To visit and admire nature

  3. To collect information about different places

  1. On the coat of arms of Lagan you can see

  1. a sturgeon

  2. lotus and two fish

  3. Lotus, two fish and an anchor

3. Lotus is the symbol of


b) friendship

c)purity, light , knowledge

4. Synonym to eco-tourism

  1. soft tourism

  2. wild tourism

  3. modern tourism

  1. a conservationist is

a)a person who wants to do something useful for our nature.

b) a person who doesn’t care about nature

c) a person who admires the beauty of nature

10. Teacher: To summarize our work complete the sentences

1. The eco-tourism is the best opportunity to….

2. You can help…

3. You can develop……..skills.

4. You can choose to travel by….. or by……

5. You will learn how……

6. The group activities will help you…..

Your home task: write a letter about your summer vacation as an eco-tourist in Lagan. Your marks for the lesson…. Thank you for the lesson!

Conservationist - перевод, произношение, транскрипция

амер. |ˌkɑːnsərˈveɪʃənɪst| американское произношение слова conservationist брит. |kɒnsəˈveɪʃ(ə)nɪst| британское произношение слова conservationist 12 287


- активный борец за охрану природы

- работник службы охраны природы

- сторонник сохранения памятников старины, исторических зданий и т.

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