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Урок по теме "In the World of Books" 7 класс

  • Иностранные языки

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Открытый урок в 7-м классе по теме "In the World of Books"

The book to read is not the one which thinks for you,

 but the one which makes you think.

(James McCosh).




- развитие навыка аудирования

- развитие лексических навыков

- развитие навыка поискового и просмотрового чтения

- развитие навыка монологической речи


-развитие логического мышления

-формирование познавательного интереса к учению

-развитие умения учебного труда (работа в заданном темпе)


-воспитание положительного отношения  к чтению

-воспитание эстетических взглядов

-формирование положительного отношения к состоянию здоровья

Тип урока.

Совершенствование знаний, умений и навыков, полученных ранее, и целевого применения усвоенного.

Методы и приемы.

-метод беседы

-метод исследовательских заданий

-метод  монологического изложения

Формы работы.


- фронтальная


Межпредметные связи.

Связь с литературой (определение литературных жанров и привлечение в качестве примеров писателей).

Оснащение урока.

видеозапись, презентация, магнитная доска.

План урока.

1.Организационный момент.

2.Фонетическая разминка.

3. Речевая разминка.

4. История создания первых книг.

5. Работа с цитатами.

6. Работа с пословицами.

7. Развитие лексического и орфографического навыков (работа со словарными дефинициями).

8. Аудирование с общим пониманием прослушанного.

9. Физкультминутка

10. Игра «Узнай писателя»

11. Рассказы – загадки учащихся о писателях и книгах.

Ход урока.

  1. Организационный момент.

Good morning children. I’m very glad to see  you today at our lesson. How are you?

Today we are going to speak about one of the most wonderful things in the world. Well, try to guess what it is. “It has no mouth but it speaks. It is not alive, but it can be a good friend. It is not a tree, but it has leaves. What is it?” That’s right. It’s a book.

And now I want you to define the topic of the lesson. What shall we talk about? Look at the blackboard, please. Can you read them? Make up the topic of our lesson. (дети читают слова с доски “books, world, the,in, of ” и составляют тему урока)

By the end of our lesson you will have learnt to speak about different genres of literature and speak about one particular book.

We shall train good sounds first. Please repeat the poem about books after me.

(учитель читает стихотворения, а дети хором повторяют)

Look in a Book

Look in a book and you will see
and magic and mystery.

Look        in a book and you will find
and nonsense of every kind.

  1. Look in ьa book and you will know
    all the things
    that help you grow.
    Речевая разминка.

All people have different reading habits: some can’t live without reading, others don’g read at all except TV programmes. And what about you?  

  1. What  kind of reading do you prefer: do you like reading books? Newspapers or magazines?

  2. How much time do you spend on reading?

  3. Do you read books only for your Russian Literature classes or do you do any extra reading?

  4. How old were you when you began reading?

  5. In what way can reading be useful to people?

  1. Работа с пословицами.

Match the two parts of proverbs about books.

There is no friend

By its cover

Choose an author

What we read

Don’t judge a book

And I will tell you what are you

We are

So faithful as a good book

Tell me what you read

As you choose a friend

Never judge a book

By its cover


  1. There is no friend so faithful as a good book.

  2. Choose an author as you choose a friend.

  3. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  4. We are what we read.

  5. Tell me what you read and I will tell you what you are.

  6. Never judge a book by its cover.

And do you know any Russian proverbs about books? (чтение лучшее учение)

  1. История создания первых книг.

Let’s begin from the beginning and speak about early books. Say what you see in the pictures.(презентация)

  1. Fill in the gaps to complete the text The Printed Word

The printed word.

The earliest books were written on ………… or…… . Writing was impressed with a small stick called …………… . In A………… and B………… people wrote on …… . Although the ………….. tablets didn’t look b…………, they had one advantage. They were ………. The earliest books of the ancient world were also written on ………. and skins of …… They had a form of a long ………. and were rolled from one ………… to another.

In ancient Rome the first public library was founded in ………B.C. Only the ……… could ………… books or make their slaves copy them. The invention of …………….. became a great event in history. The first people who invented …………… were the C………. . In Europe there were several people who can be called ……….. of printing. The best-known is …………. .

The first printing press in Russia was set up by ………….. in …….. .

The …th century saw the appearance of a proper system of ……… . Now most countries have their own national ………………………. . Among the greatest libraries of the world are ……………………… in London, …………… in the USA,………………… in France, ……………. in China and ……………….. in Moscow. Modern libraries do their best to help people get i……………… as quickly as possible. They use modern technologies not to spend a lot of time to find a book, such as ……………… and e…………… c…………… .

It seems to me reading is and will be part of our life. What books did you read when you were little? what books do you read now? First we read books with pictures, and fairy tales. Later at school we start reading books for grown-ups. Our favourite genres appear. What genres do you prefer?

Watch the following video about different categories of literature and make a cluster on the papers. Work in groups and one of you will speak about categories of literature.

Look at the exercise and say what you’re going to do.(match the categories with their definitions)

Every nation has its famous books, what is the most well-known book of the Ossetians?( Tales of the Narts)

We’ll read a text about Engish edition of Ossetian Mythology.

    1. Look at the text and name the title of the book.

    2. Read the first paragraph and answer the question: What are The Nart Sagas compared with? What attribute is used to describe the tales?

    3. Read the second paragraph and answer: How did the Narts look like? what were their good qualities\bad qualities?

    4. What is John Colarusso’s occupation? What science does he study?

    5. What is Tamerlan Salbiev?

6. Speak about this book using this word cluster

7. were you very attentive? Is it a paperback or hardback edition?

  1. Домашнее задание.

Your home task is to prepare a description of any book you like. Compose 10-15 sentences.

Since time immemorial people has thought about the importance of books and here are some quotations about books. One of them is not about reading. Can you figure it out?

There is nothing more wonderful than a book.

Reading makes a full man.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

And an expression “A picture is worth a thousand words” meaning that a picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than a lot of written words. This expression is not about literature, what is it about? (painting, cinema)This is the topic of our next unit, we’ll speak about popular arts: theatre, cinema, painting, sculpture, architecture.

Our lesson is coming to its end. Did you like it? What have learnt today? You may begin your answers with the following;

  • I have learnt today…

  • It was interesting…

  • Now I can…

  • It was a great surprise to me…

  • Now I want…

I hope that you understand that without books our life will be empty and boring. Read good books, enjoy them and think.

Your marks for today’s lessons are the following…

The lesson is over. Good luck and good bye!

  1. Дополнительное задание.

And at last a crossword and a quiz about the famous British and American writers. This crossword was prepared for you by your classmates. (если на уроке не остается времени на решение кроссворда, он вывешивается в кабинете иностранного языка и дети решают его в свободное от уроков время. Можно сказать о том, что первого решившего кроссворд ждет небольшой сувенир).

  1. An English writer who was born in Ireland in 1667. His novel “The Gulliver’s Travel” is known all over the world (Jonathan Swift).

  2. An English writer, the master of detective stories. She was called “A Queen of Crime”. She wrote 78 crime novels. Her books have been translated into 103 languages. Her well-known character was Miss Marple. (Agatha Christie).

  3. A famous English children’s writer. His first book appeared in 1865. It was a fairy-tale about a small girl and her adventures in wonderful land (Lewis Caroll).

  4. An English writer, he was born in India where his stories and poems were set. One of books was called “The Jungle Book” where the main hero is Mowgli (Rudyard Kipling).

  5. He was the professor of Literature and English and became famous as the author of famous children’s books: “Hobbit” and “The Lord of Rings” (John Ronald Tolkien).

  6. The famous English novelist. He lived and worked in Scotland. He wrote adventures books: “Quentin Durward”, “Ivanhoe” and others (Walter Scott).

  7. An American writer, the master of short detective stories (Edgar Allan Poe).

  8. A British writer. He was born in Scotland and created a famous fictional character- the detective Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Connan Doyle).

  9. This American writer is called the Father of American Literature. “All American literature comes from one of his books called “Huckelberry Finn” (Mark Twain).

  10. A modern English writer, she was born in 1965, she wrote her first book at 5 or 6 years old, her first book about Harry Potter was published in 1997, at that time she won recognition (J.K.Rowling).

  11. The famous English writer. He wrote humorous books. The best known and the most famous is “The Three Men in a Boat to Say Nothing of a Dog” (Jerome K. Jerome).

Фамилии писателей с 1-11 записываются по горизонтали, а из выделенных букв по вертикали составляется 12.

  1. Рассказы- загадки  учащихся о писателях и книгах.

And now we are going to have some fun. The students have prepared their own stories about writers. These writers are American, English, Scottish and Russian. Try to guess their names. (4-5 учащихся рассказывают о писателях).

So you know these authors and their works. And now try to guess the title of the book which I will describe to you.

  1. I shall tell you about the book by a famous English writer. This book is about adventures of little boy called Jim. Once he happened to find a map. But it was not a usual map, it was a map of an island where treasure was buried. The events described in the book tell us about the adventures of this boy. There is a screen version of this book. It is a great book and I recommend it to everyone. What is the title of the book? (“Treasure Island” by R.Stevenson).

  2. This book tells us about a man who once had a disastrous shipwreck and found himself on an uninhabited island. He was alone on this island and spend there 33 years. Many years passed till he met an Indian man whom he called Pyatnitsa and they became friends. Everything ends happily and the man was saved at last. This book also has a screen version. What is the title of the book? (“Robinson Crusoe” by D.Defoe)

  3. This book is about a little girl who liked to dream. Once she went asleep in the field and had a wonderful dream. It seemed to her that she fell into the well and appeared in a fairy-tale world where animals and birds could speak and many magic things could happen. What is the title of the book?(“Alice in Wonderland” by L. Carroll).

  4. This book is written by a famous Russian writer. All children like to listen to this poem and to see a cartoon. This book tells us about one old man and his greedy wife. They lived very poor near the sea. But once the man caught a fish. But it was an unusual fish… do you know what happened next? Do you know the title of the book? (“A Gold Fish” by A.S.Pushkin).

  5. This book was translated into Russian by a famous writer A.Volkov. It tells us about a little girl who lived in Kansas with her family. One day a tornado took place in the place where she lived, it rose her house and… the girl found herself in the magic world. In this world there were two good fairies and two bad witches. One bad witch was killed by her house so the people of the country thought that the girl was a good fairy and asked her to kill another bad witch. But the girl wanted to return home. So she began her journey to Gudvin. On the way she made friends with a lion, a scarecrow and a woodman…. Do you know  the title of the book? (“The Land of Oz” by …)

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