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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по теме «Контроль монологического высказывания «Мой любимый праздник». Подготовка к контрольной работе»

Урок по теме «Контроль монологического высказывания «Мой любимый праздник». Подготовка к контрольной работе»

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Начало урока

- Good morning, boys and girls!

- Sit down, please. Who’s on duty today ?

- What date is it today?

- Good. And what day of the week is it today?

- What’s the weather today?

- Well done. Sit down, please.

- Good morning, good morning,

Good morning to you

Good morning, good


We are glad to see you!

- I am on duty today.

- Today is the 28th of October.

- It is Monday.

- The weather is good today. It’s cold, but sunny.

October, 28

2 мин.








1. - And now tell me, please, what season is it now?

- What holiday do people in Great Britain celebrate in autumn?

- Yes, you are right. Your task for today was to prepare a story about your favourite holiday. As far as I know, one of you has chosen Halloween, an autumn holiday. Let’s begin with it. Come to the blackboard, Vadim.

-Thank you. Well done.

2.-Tomorrow you’ll write a test on the topic «The English year». And our main task today is to prepare for the test. Now you know a lot about the holidays which people celebrate in Great Britain. So we’ll check how well you know the dates, when all these holidays are celebrated.

I’ll give each of you a card, where the names of the holidays and the dates, they are celebrated, are written. Your task will be to put the number of the holiday near the date it’s celebrated. (I give out the cards)

- And now exchange your papers and look at the blackboard. Here are the right answers. Take your pencils. Check your neighbour’s paper and give your mark. The criteria of marks are also written on the blackboard.

- Look at your marks and tell them to me. You can see how well you are prepared for the test.

3.-Now, it’s time to do some exercises. Stand up!

4. - And now let’s revise our grammar material. There will be a task on it in your test. What is our main grammar material in this lesson?

-Right. What indefi- nite pronouns do you know?

- Good. Look at the blackboard. There is a table on it. Tell me about the use of indefinite pronouns, using the table.

- Well done. What’s the difference in the use of something and somebody, anything and anybody?

- Right you are. And now let’s have some practice. Translate my sentence from Russian into English: «Мама купила вчера несколько книг. » In what tense is the sentence?

- Good. Is the verb « to buy» regular or irregular?

- What is the second form of it?

- Right. Now tell me please what indefinite pronoun you are going to use in this sentence.

- Very good. Now translate the sentence.

- Well done. Open your copy-books and write down the date. Now write the sentence down in your copy- books.

- Ready?

- We continue. Let’s make the sentence negative. How many ways to do it do we have?

- First make the sentence negative, using «any».

- Good. And now, using «no».

- Write down one of the sentences in your copy-books.

- Now make a question, please. What indefinite pronoun will you use?

- Right. Say, please.

- Write it down.

- Do the same with the sentence « Мальчик попросил кого-нибудь помочь ему испечь торт». What indefinite pronouns will we use here?

- Right. Write down the sentences and then we will check them.

-Now read your sentences.

- Well done. I hope you will write the test without any mistakes.

5.- Today we are preparing for your test. In this unit you also learnt to write the names of the seasons, months and some more words. Now we’ll play the game. I’ll divide you into two teams. Your task will be to come to the blackboard one by one and fill in the necessary letters into the words. The team which will do it better will win. Begin, please.

- Now I’ll choose a teacher in each team who will check the answers.

- Thank you. Well done.

- Today we’ve done a lot. You worked hard and I hope you are ready to write the test. I wish you good luck.

Your homework will be to prepare for the test.

The lesson is over. Good- bye, boys and girls!

- It is autumn now.

- They celebrate Halloween.

(Vadim and some more pupils tell their stories.)

( children do the task)

- Hands up! Hands


Hands on hips! Sit


Stand up! To the


Bend left! Bend right!

Hands on hips!

1,2,3 hop! 1,2,3 stop!

-Indefinite pronouns.

- I know simple and complex indefinite pronouns.

-We use some, something and somebody in positive sentences.

- We use any, anything and anybody in questions and in negative sentences with «not».

- We use no, nothing and nobody in negative sentences without «not».

- We use something and anything with inanimate objects, somebody and anybody with - animate.

- In the Past Indefinite Tense.

- It is irregular.

- Bought.

- We will use «some» here.

- Mum bought some books yesterday.

( write down the sentence)

- Yes.

- We have 2 ways to do it: using «any» or «no».

- Mum didn’t buy any books yesterday.

- Mum bought no books yesterday.

( write one of the sentences down)

- I’ll use «any».

- Did Mum buy any books yesterday?

( write the sentence down)

- We will use somebody, anybody and nobody.

( write down the sentences)

- The boy asked somebody to help him to make a cake.

-The boy asked nobody to help him to make a cake.

- Did the boy ask anybody to help him to make a cake?

( do the task)

( check the answers)

- Good- bye!

The key:

3. March 17

5. March

4. April 1

10. June

1. January 1

2.February 14

6. November

7.December 25

8.March or April

9. Halloween

The criteria of marks:

    1. «5»

2 «4»

3-4 «3»

5-… «2»

Mum bought some books yesterday.

Mum bought no books yesterday.

Did Mum buy any books yesterday?

Words for the first team:



b_c_ _s_

l_ _f

f_ r_ st

n_ t_ in_

_u g _st

J_ n_

G r_ _s

Words for the second team:



Mar_ _

_ct_b_ _

f_ _ld





10 мин.

6 мин.

10 мин.

10 мин.

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