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Урок по теме: "Королевская семья"

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Lesson: «ROYAL FAMILY QUIZ» для 1-3 курсов .

Цель: расширение лингвострановедческих знаний по теме «Королевская семья», активизация умственно – речевой деятельности студентов, развитие умений использовать самостоятельно приобретенные знания, лексической компетенции, совершенствование речевых умений и навыков, контроль навыка аудирования.


1. Целеполагание.

2. Разминка.

3. Аудирование коротких рассказов по теме «Королевская семья».

4. Выполнение теста «болельщиками».

5. Тест по теме: «Королева Елизавета II».

6. Головоломка.

7. Выполнение теста.

8. Древо королевской семьи.

9. Подведение итогов мероприятия.

Методические пособия: С.Н. Смоленская «Нестандартные уроки английского языка», Л.В.Калинина «Предметная неделя английского языка в школе», брошюра «Библиотека учителя английского языка» Педуниверситет «1 сентября» (материалы по лингвострановедению), материалы Интернет.

Оборудование: мультимедийное оборудование, компьютеры.

Хhello_html_5986c095.pngод викторины.

На экране название «Royal Family Quiz», затем общая фотография королевской семьи.

Teacher: Today we are going to speak about royal family. You had prepared some information beforehand, read some facts on the Internet. Now you will show your knowledge. There are two teams: the team of and the team of besides their fans who will earn scores for their teams. There is also a jury – the teachers of English of different schools. Our contest consists of five games. Let’s start. Good luck to you!

The first game: Warming-up: you should answer my questions. For right answer – 1 point.

1.Who is the Head of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

2. When did she ascend to the throne? (She was ascended to the throne in 1952 and was crowned in 1953)

3. Where was Princess Elizabeth educated? (She was educated at home with Princess Margaret, her younger sister. She studied constitutional history, law, art, music , learned to ride).

4. What do you know about the Queen’s husband? (His full name is His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, They got married in 1947 in Westminster Abbey).

5. How many children have the Royal Couple? (They have 4 children: Prince Charles, Prince Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward)

6. Who is the Queen’s heir to the throne? (Prince Charles)

Thello_html_m61a1c7c3.pnghe second game. You should listen to each other about the members of the royal family and guess who is being spoken about.

Prince Andrew (10 A) – He is one of the members of the Royal Family. He is very good at sport. In 1980 he joined the Royal Navy and became a “sea King” helicopter pilot. He is interested in photography. He speaks French and German. In 1986 he married Miss Sarah Ferguson and has 2 daughters. He is……

Prince Phillip (11 a) – He is one of the members of the Royal Family. But he is not a monarch. He was born in Greece. He is a qualified pilot. Sometimes he gives interviews. The sphere of his interests is very wide: environment, wildlife, science and technology and sport. He is …..

She is one of the members of the Royal Family. She is one of the world’s richest women. She never gives interviews. She likes to spend time with her grandchildren, watch horse racing, go for a walk and watch TV. She is …..(Queen Elizabeth II)

Prince Anne (10 A) – She is one of the members of the Royal Family. She finished Beneden School in Kent. She is the hardest working member of the family. She made an excellent sports career. In recent years she has become quite popular with public. She doesn’t wear expensive dresses but she always looks very elegant. She is ……

Prince Edward (11 A) – He is one of the members of the Royal Family. He is the youngest among the brothers. He studied at Cambridge University. He worked as a school teacher and as an actor at the theatre. Also he was an officer. His name is …..

Hhello_html_21f65be0.pnge is one of the members of the royal family. He was born in 1948. He is interested in many things: architecture, history, medicine, farming. His favourite sport is polo. He has 2 children. He is …..(Charles, the Prince of Wales).

The third game: You should choose what the Queen likes and what the Queen dislikes.

Horse racing, Scottish country dancing, jigsaw puzzles, bright red dresses, deerstalking, tennis ( including Wimbledon), milk pudding, the cold, Charles Dickens, dictating letters.

Champagne, long – stemmed deep – pink carnations, quiet evenings at home, Sandringham, the Beatles film (Yellow Submarine), cigar smoke, sailing, listening to after – dinner speeches, ivy, snails.


На обдумывание – 3-5 минут. В это время работают “ болельщики” с тестом №2,4.

Test 1

Match the equivalents.


2. королева

3. Британия

4. обязанности

5. традиционный

6. церемониальный

7. внук

8. парламентарный

9. английский

10. старшая

  1. elder

  2. duties

  3. Queen

  4. Britain

  5. Ceremonial

  6. Traditional

  7. Grandchild

  8. Parliamentary

  9. English

  10. Monarchy

Test 2

Find the equivalents.

  1. prospect

  2. acceding to the throne

  3. betrothal

  4. to abdicate

  5. in her father’s favour

  6. heir presumptive

  7. her education was supervised by her mother

  8. provost

  9. perforce

  10. confer

  1. помолвка, обручение

  2. престолонаследница

  3. ректор

  4. волей – неволей

  5. перспективы, виды

  6. отказ от трона

  7. ее образование направлялось ее матерью

  8. удостоить чести

  9. проректор

  10. перспектива

Команды отбирают слова и прикрепляют на доске в соответствующую колонку. По окончании на экране появляются правильные ответы.

Thello_html_m3a035ec7.pnghe fourth game: Crossword Puzzle. You should find seven subjects whish the Queen always takes while traveling.

An apparatus used to make photographs (camera)

A cushion for the head, especially in bed. (pillow)

Dried leaves of a plant, cultivated in China, India. (tea)

A compound of alkali and oil used in washing. (soap)

Objects of precious metal often worn for personal adornment. (Jewellery)

A device for telling time which you wear on your wrist. (watch)

Two pieces of special glass surrounded by plastic, metal etc which you wear in front of your eyes in order to see better. (glasses)

(На экране появляются правильные ответы после выполнения задания студентами)


The fifth game: You should do the test. The task is written in your papers.


Choose the right form of the verbs:

Early in 1947, Princess Elizabeth---------- went/ was going with the king and queen to South Africa. After her return, there------ is/was an announcement of her betrothal to her distant cousin Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten of the Royal Navy, formerly Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. The marriage----- take/took place in Westminster Abbey on Nov, 20, 1947. On the eve of the wedding her father, the king, ----- conferres /conferred upon the bridegroom the titles of Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich. They ----take/took residence at Clarence House in London. Their first child, Prince Charles, ---- is born/was born on Nov, 14, 1948, at Buckingham Palace.

In the summer of 1951, the health of King GeorgeVI-----was entered/entered into a serious decline, and Princess Elizabeth----was represented/represented him at the Trooping the Colour and on various other state occasions. On October 7, she and her husband set out on a highly successful tour of Canada and Washington, D.C. After Christmas in England, she and the duke set out in January 1952 for a tour of Australia and New Zealand, but en route, at Sagana, Kenya, news-----were reached/reached them of the king’s death on Feb, 6 1952. Elizabeth, now queen, at once flew back to England. The first three months of her reign, the period of full mourning for her father, ----- passed/were passed in comparative seclusion.

But in the summer, after she---- was moved/had moved from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace, she understood the routine duties of the sovereign and carried out her first state opening of Parliament on Nov, 4, 1952. Her coronation-----hold/was held at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953.

Thello_html_m5006fff2.pnghello_html_m68eb4f96.pnghe sixth game. You see the family tree and the photos of the members of the royal family.


You should put the photos on the right place.

(После выполнения задания на экране появляется правильный вариант). Если останется время, то можно предложить прокомментировать древо семьи.

Подведение итогов.

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