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Донецкая общеобразовательная школа I-III ступеней № 21



Подготовила и провела

Мартынова Н.М.

учитель английского языка


Theme of the lesson London

Objectives - develop pupils' communicative


- involve pupils into the process of


- develop pupils' speaking skills;

- stimulate pupils' interest to the



Pictures about London,


I. Organizing moment

1. The report on duty.

2. Acquainting with the theme and the aims of the lesson.

II. The main part of the lesson

1. Introduction into the English language

A talk with the pupils

T. What lesson are you having now?

Is it your favourite lesson?

How often do you have it?

What is your teacher s name?

How often do you have it?

What do you do at the lessons?

Why do you study English?

(possible answers}

PI. As for me,I like to travel and for this a foreign language is necessary

because I will communicate with different people. I am sure. English will help


P2.1 see eye to eye with you. To achieve real success in life is impossible without

knowledge of English language. I want to master it well.

P3. You know. I have a cherished dream. I want to be a businessman like my dad.

But to succeed in business with foreign partners I should know at least one

foreign language. That is why I work hard at my English.

P4. I want to draw your attention to the fact that we live in Europe which is

integrating now and it is very important for everybody to know English

because it is the international language.

P5. As for me, I like to read books by J.London. Ch. Dickens, O.Henry. Their

books are very interesting but I want to read them in English, in the original.

Naturally, I have to pay more attention to English.

P6. I like to play computer games. But the most interesting of them are in English

to my great regret. So, the only way to play them is to be more active at the

lessons to learn words.

P7. As you know, my Dad is a radio ham. He communicates with the people all

over the world. Just English helps him do that.

T. It was very interesting to hear that. But do you know in what countries people

speak English? You are right. And about one of them we shall speak today. We

shall travel to this country-it’s Great Britain. You know, we have received a

letter from our British friends and they invite us to visit their country. Shall we

accept their invitation?

S. Oh, without any hesitations. But how can we get there? Let's go to the travel

agency and have this information,

Ps. Good morning!

Tr.A. Good morning! What can I do for you/

Ps. You know, we are going to Great Britain but don't know how to get there.

Would you help us?

Tr. A. Certainly.I would advise you to travel by air because Great Britain is an

island country. Moreover, travelling by plane is the fastest and the most

comfortable way of travelling. You can sit and read a book, look through the

window and see the clouds passing by. It's so interesting and has its advantages.

Ps. Thanks, we'll follow your advice.

T. So, let's go to the airport and take our seats in the plane.

Stewardess. Dear guests! We are glad to welcome you here, on board of our plane

which is bound for London, the capital of Great Britain. Is it your first visit to

London? (yes) But I suppose you know some information about Great Britain,

don't you?

Ps. Of course, we do.

PI. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated in

Europe on the British Isles. It is an island country. People call the country great

Britain for short, because it is the name of the biggest island.

P2.The country consists of four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern

Ireland. London is the capital of England. Cardiff is the capital of Wales.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.

P3. People who live in Great Britain are Britains. They are English. They all speak

English, the official language of the country.

P4. Sorry, I want to add that Great Britain is the country of long history and many

interesting traditions.

St. You are quite right and I'm glad that you know so much information about Great

Britain. By the way, I'm glad to inform that we are already in London. I wish

you good luck. Bye.

T. Oh, we are in London at last. Look! I see our English Mends. Hi!

E.Ps. Hello! How are you? How was the flight? We welcome you here in London

and are ready to show you all the places of interest in London. And the first of

them is the London bus. Get on and take your seats. Aptly, London buses are

called double-deckers. The bus has a driver and a conductor. You should say the

conductor where you want to go. He tells you how much to pay and gives you a

ticket. You should keep it to the end of your trip. So, let’s start!

Ps And where are we going?

E.Ps. We are going to the place of your living here in London. You will live in the

house of one of our friends who lives in a real English house. By the way, do

you know what a typical English house is like.

Ps. Of course, we read a lot about London houses. First of all, real English house

has a small garden with flowers in front of the house and a large garden with a

lawn and some fruit trees at the back of the house.

P. 1 I'd like to mention that a typical English house has two floors. A hall, a

kitchen, a dining-room and a living- room are downstairs. The bedrooms are

upstairs, on the first floor. There are usually two or three bedrooms in a house;

one for parents and the others for children.

Eng.P You are quite right and it would be interesting for you to know that the most

comfortable room in the house is the living room. All the members of the family

gather there in the evening. They watch TV, read books and discuss the news and

problems of the day. Many people keep their family collections in their living-

room. These are the collections of pictures, dolls,, toys and other things. English

people like their homes. Aptly, do you know any proverbs the Englishmen use

speaking about their homes?

Ps. Yes, we do.

There is no place like home.

East or West-home is best.

Home is where the heart is.

Home is the nicest place to be. Every dog is a lion at home.

It's a bad bird that fouls its own nest.

My home is my fortress.

E.P. Oh, here it is. Let's get off. Look! This is the house you will live. Come in. I

have forgotten to say that the living-room has a fire- place which is the center of

attention in it and makes people warm. Sorry, I see you are not well, you are

cold, aren't you? It's because of the English climate which is very damp. Would

you like a cup of tea?

Ps. With great pleasure.

E.P. Milk? Jam? Cakes'?

Ps. Oh, no milk .You know, in our country we drink tea with sugar, lemon or lemon

juice, but no milk. And no wonder because so many minds, so many people. So

many countries, so many traditions. ...Thank you. Your tea was very tasty and

made us warm.

E.P. So, let's go sightseeing. The bus is waiting for us.

G.( in the bus) Dear guests! First of all I want to draw your attention to the fact that

Great Britain has a long history and is rich in cultural and artistic life because of

immigrants who arrived from all parts of the world. They not only created a

mixture of nations but have also brought their cultures and habits with them.

Monuments and traces of past greatness are everywhere. There are buildings of

all styles and periods such as: the Gothic style, the Italian Renaissance style and


London is a city full of sights, history and atmosphere. There are plenty of places

to go. We begin as London began- with the Thames. It is the river London stands

on and it is the deepest river in London. On the left you can see the Houses of

Parliament, a very beautiful building with the famous clock- tower Big Ben. In

the building there is the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Now we are

approaching Trafalgar Square.

PI. Look! Tower Bridge is parting in the middle, and the two halves are moving


G. Yes, a big steamer is passing underneath. But it won't take longer than a minute and a half to restart the traffic. And this is Trafalgar Square. It is named in commemoration of the naval battle of Trafalgar in 1085. In the middle of the square rises the Nelson Column, a monument to Admiral Nelson it was erected in 1843. Four bronze lions are at the base of the column. It is the place of meeting friends and resting, the meeting place of the members and supporters of the British peace- movement.

Now we are coming to the Westminster Abbey. It is a very beautiful church built over a hundred years ago and built in Gothic style. It was founded in 1050 as a monastery, but later it was rebuilt. Nearly all the kings and queens of Britain were crowned and buried there. The Abbey is a symbol of English traditions. It is also famous for its architecture. One of the treasures of the Abbey is the ancient Coronation Chair.

P2 You know, my friend was in London last year and he was impressed by the Tower of London and its history. Shall we visit it?

G. Surely, look to the right. We are in front of one of the most ancient buildings in London. It was founded in the 11 century. For many years the Tower has been a fortress a palace, a prison and royal treasury. It is a museum now. The grey stones of the Tower could tell terrible stories associated with some of the darkest scenes in the history of England. People like to watch the ceremony of the keys which takes place every night at 10 p.m.

PI. Shall we get off? Oh....Look! So many ravens! Can we feed them? What are they doing here?

P2.You know, if my memory doesn't fail me in the early days of the history of England the English kings lived in the Tower. Then it was a prison where many people died, black ravens had much food near the walls of the Tower in those years.

G. You are quite right. Just since those times the black ravens live in the gardens of the Tower now. The English people like and feed them. A special man looks after the ravens and gives them meat in the morning and in the evening. It would be interesting for you to know that at ten o'clock every evening the guards lock the big doors of the Tower for the night.

G. Now we are approaching the Buckingham Palace. lt is the official London residence of the queen and her family. Above the State Entrance is the central balcony where the Royal Family appears on occasions of national holidays.

G. And now I'd like to acquaint you with the work of the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren .It is St. Paul's Cathedral which is said to be one of the finest pieces of architecture in Europe. The interior of the Cathedral is very beautiful. It is full of monuments. The most interesting place is the Whispering Gallery. It is called so, because if someone whispers close to the wall on the one side, a person with his ear close to the wall on the other side can hear what is said. Sir Christopher Wren, known as "the architect of London", found his fame only after his death and was buried in the Cathedral. So, how are you?

Ps. It’s very interesting and exciting but we are a little tired and we’d like to rest.

G. I suppose there's nothing better visiting the London Parks: Hyde Park, St. James's Park, Green Park and Regent’s Park. In March and April they turn green with fresh grass and leaves in the trees. There are a lot of flowers there too. The Englishmen like to sit on the grass, to read books on the benches under the trees. In St. James's Park you can sit by the lake and watch swans, geese, ducks and other birds which live there. In Hyde Park you can go boating on the lake.

Ps. Let's go to Hyde Park and enjoy the wonderful nature and air of this hospitable country.

G. О.К.Вut before going there I'd like to know if you liked our tour and ask you some questions about the places we visited.

Ps. With great pleasure.

G. 1 .Where is London situated?

2. What is the main square in London?

3. Who is called ”the architect of London”?

4. Where was he buried?

5. Where does the British Parliament sit?

6. What is in the middle of Trafalgar Square?

7. Where is the Clock Tower?

8. What is a symbol of English traditions?

9. What is the official London residence of the Queen and her family?

lO.How are London buses called like?

11.What is the most comfortable room in a typical English house?

12. What is the centre of attention in the living- room?

G. You were on the top. And now I am going to say you “Good Bye”. Good luck!

Ps. Good bye. Thanks for the invitation to visit your country. It was fantastic.

Summing up.

T As you see, London is really a wonderful city. I am sure, you liked your travelling. You had an opportunity to see it with your own eyes and to meet new friends. You are full of impressions and I guess you will do your homework with great enthusiasm. Your task will be to make a project about London.

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