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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по теме "Hollywood? Walt Disney, Famous Hollywood stars"

Урок по теме "Hollywood? Walt Disney, Famous Hollywood stars"

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Урок по теме "Hollywood? Walt Disney, Famous Hollywood stars"

Главная цель урока: совершенствование лексических и грамматических навыков, развитие умений монологической речи на основе предложенных ситуаций, контроль приобретённых навыков и умений.

Развивающий компонент цели урока: развитие языковых, познавательных способностей учащихся, развитие эмоций школьников и готовности к коммуникации, гуманистическое развитие личности ученика.

Образовательный компонент цели урока: расширение лингвистического и общего кругозора школьников.

Воспитательный компонент цели урока: создание условий для формирования у учащихся уважения к народам стран изучаемого языка, создание условий для воспитания культуры общения и поддержания интереса к учению.

Практический компонент цели урока: практическое использование лексических и грамматических навыков по теме “Hollywood”, “Walt Disney”, “Famous Hollywood stars”

Оборудование урока:

  • компьютер, мультимедийный проектор

  • индивидуальный дидактический материал (задания для составления монолога, тексты, тесты)

  • Кузовлев В.П. “Английский язык” учебник для 10-11 классов

  • слайды с изображениями, иллюстрирующие урок, представленные в виде презентации <Приложение 1>.

План урока

I. Начало урока, организационный момент

1. Создание атмосферы иноязычного общения.
2. Мотивация учащихся, сообщение темы.
3. Создание положительного микроклимата.

Good afternoon, everybody!

I’m very glad to see you. I hope you are feeling well today.

So, today we are going to tell about “Hollywood”, “Walt Disney”, “Famous Hollywood stars”. I hope you’ll be very industrious and active at our lesson today. Look at the blackboard and read the epigraphs. These words will be the main idea of our lesson.

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher.”

(Ken Keys)

Art is long, life is short.”

You have seen a lot of interesting and popular films with Hollywood stars. What films do you like most of all?

  • As for me I like comedies. My favorite comedian actor is Eddie Murphy. These films are funny. They make me laugh. Comedies are a good way to relax.

  • I like films which are full of fights and adventures. They are dynamic, dramatic and full of special effects. My favorite actor is…

  • I like action films. They are very dynamic and really exciting. They grab my attention from the first scene. My favorite actor is…

  • I agree with Olga Fyodorovna. I like comedies too. They are funny. They put me in a joyful mood.

  • I like love stories and melodramas. They are very touching and interesting. My favorite actress is…

II. Актуализация знаний полученных на предыдущих уроках

а) закрепление лексического материала путём аудирования текста и составления коротких монологических высказываний.

Listen to the information about the popular film “Titanic” and do the task <Слайд 1>


Hi. My name is Jane. I liked Titanic very much. Titanic is a film by James Cameron, an American director. As soon as it appeared on the screens, it became extremely popular. The scene that grabbed me the most was one of sinking of the Titanic. It is so true to life, magnificent and horrible at the same time. The music of James Horner created a special atmosphere in the film. It is full of new special effects. Both the ship and the ocean are virtual, created by computers. The love-story about Jack and Rose, a young poor artist and a 17 – year old girl from the upper society is very touching. Titanic was really worth eleven “Oscar” awards. Critics say the film has opened a new era in the film production. I think they are right.

Do you agree or disagree with my opinion?

1. I agree with Jane’s opinion. I liked Titanic very much too. This film is very exciting. It made me cry. This film brought a great success to Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslent who starred in the film. It is full of new special effects created by computers. The love-story about Jack and Rose is very touching.

2. I agree with Jane’s opinion. This film is really interesting. It has become a blockbuster and brought big profits to the producers. The reasons are on the one hand the thrilling plot of the film and on the other hand new technologies of film making used by James Cameron. Titanic is the largest screen version of the tragedy happened in 1912 during the voyage of the British passenger liner. I like music very much. I think critics are right. This film has opened a new era in the film production.

3. I don’t agree with Jane’s opinion. I didn’t like this film. I think it is a romance for girls. It is full of tears. To my mind it is a very boring film. The plot is a little weak. It is too dramatic. It puts me in a bad mood. I prefer films about adventures in space, especially I like “Star Wars”. They are great.

Titanic was really worth eleven Oscars. What is the “Oscar”? What is the statuette? Who knows? <Слайды 2, 3>

The Oscars are awarded every year by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. These statuettes are awarded to actors, film directors, screenwriters and so on for outstanding contributions to the film industry. The statuette is a soldier standing on a reel of a film. Nobody is really sure why it is called an Oscar, although some people say that it is because when the first statuette was made, a secretary said, “It reminds me of my Uncle Oscar!”

Thank you for your answer.

b) Развитие умений монологической речи, контроль правильности использования изученного лексического и грамматического материала в монологе

You have learnt a lot of information about “Hollywood”, “Walt Disney” and “Famous Hollywood stars”. Let’s remember our information. Check your home task.

Work in groups.

The first group “Hollywood” 
The second group “Walt Disney”
The third group “Famous Hollywood stars”

The first group

Your task:

Make up interesting and original questions about Hollywood with answers for the TV show “What?”, “Where?”, “When?” <Слайд 4>

1. How old is Hollywood?

Hollywood is 122.

2. Who was the first owner of the place called Hollywood?

Harvey Wilcox was the first owner of the place called Hollywood.

3. Who called the land Hollywood?

Harvey Wilcox’s wife called the land “Hollywood”.

4. Who was the founder of the Hollywood’s first film studio?

Two brothers from New Jersey built Hollywood’s first film studio.

5. What were the main reasons for film-makers to come to Hollywood?

Firstly, there was a lot of space; secondly, California’s warm sunny weather was ideal for making films outside. Thirdly, there was a variety of locations for filming: the ocean, mountains, deserts, villages, woodland and rivers.

6. When did Hollywood become international?

In the 1950s and 60s Hollywood became more international.

7. What foreign actors and producers worked in Hollywood?

Gerard Depardieu, Marlene Dietrich, Sofia Loren, Maurice Chevalier, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Newman, Steven Spielberg, … worked in Hollywood.

8. What types of films were made in Hollywood?

The silent Charlie Chaplin comedies, gangster film, Frankenstein horror films, Greta Garbo romantic melodramas, the musicals, the westerns, the historical epics, the science fiction films, the action films, violent horror films were made in Hollywood.

9. What are the biggest film companies?

The biggest film companies are MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros and Universal.

10. Why did Hollywood get the name of the factory of dreams?

Hollywood is associated with wealth and paradise of sun and palm trees. But it is only a facade for a darker truth.

The second group

Your task:

Choose the most interesting facts from the life of Walt Disney for the TV program “Famous people” <Слайды 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10>

Walt Disney was an American artist and film producer, who was famous for his animated cartoons. He was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, his father being Irish Canadian, his mother of German – American origin. In his early childhood he revealed a talent for drawing and an interest in photography. In his teens he began an art course but World War I broke out and he drove for the Red Cross in Europe.

When he got back to America he met artist Ub Iwerks and they went into business together.

In 1923 he left with his brother for Hollywood. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks made a series of short cartoons but lost all their money, and for some years struggled against poverty. Luckily, Walt's brother Roy gave him more to start up again. The first talking picture came out in 1927 and Disney realized that sound held the key to the future of films. He developed many techniques in producing cartoons.

His most famous characters are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto. The first Mickey Mouse cartoon was drawn in 1928. It was the first sound cartoon, which brought great success to its creator. In the early cartoons he was really horrible. He looked quite rat-like with long pointed nose and small eyes. Later his face changed. His head got as big as his body or almost, his eyes got bigger, too. He got younger instead of older. That makes him cuter. Now it is an  acceptable symbol for the USA. Donald Duck was created in 1936. Walt Disney took the biggest risk of his career and spent a fortune on a full-length cartoon. Finally, the first full length cartoon feature film "Show White and the Seven Dwarfs" was brought out in 1935, which the public paid millions of dollars to see. The songs to the cartoon were written by Frank Churchill.

After the Second World War, Disney turned his attention to real – life nature studies and non-cartoon films with living actors.

In the 1950s and 1960s Walt Disney began developing the family-entertainment parks, Disneyland and Disney World. The first Disneyland was opened in southern California in 1955.

It is situated 27 miles south of Los Angeles, at Anaheim. Of all the show-places none is as famous as Disneyland. This superb kingdom of fantasy linked to technology was created by Walt Disney. The park is divided into six themes and there is so much to see and do in each that no one would attempt to see all of them in one visit. For extended visits, there are hotels nearby. In 1971 Disney World was opened in Florida.

Walt Disney died in California at the age of 65. But his films are still shown regularly at the cinema, because of their timeless quality and will be shown for years to come.

Walter (Walt) Elias Disney has won more "Oscars" than any other person: 20 statuettes and 12 other plagues and certificates, including posthumous awards.

The third group

Your task:

Give some information about the famous actors and actresses and other groups try to guess them

-This is a tall and broad shouldered man. He is German, but lives and works in the USA. He began his career as a bodybuilder. Now he is one of the most bankable stars of Hollywood. He was three times Mr. Universe. His most well-known films are: two “Terminators”, Twins, The last Action Hero” <Слайды 11, 12>.

-He is a well-known American actor and producer. He was born in London in 1889. In 1913 he moved to the USA and spent almost all his life there. He always looked the same in every film. His character wears small moustache and a bowler hat, a black jacket, wide trousers and has a walking stick. In 1954 he got the International Peace Prize for his films. He died in 1977. <Слайд 13>

-She is an actress who is not like all the other Hollywood girls. Her parents were actors. She first appeared in a film at the age of five. At eleven she studied acting at a theatre school. Her parents divorced when she was a baby and her mother brought her up. She is very close to her brother James. She has an adopted son called Maddox who comes from Cambodia. Her favorite color is black. She loves lizards and snakes. Some of her films: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Beyond Borders, Taking Lives with Ethan Hawke. <Слайд 14>

c) Контроль правильности использования лексического и грамматического материала на письме (тесты)

Dear boys and girls!

You had to make up tests about “Hollywood” (the first group), “Walt Disney” (the second group), “Famous Hollywood stars” (the third group).

I’ll check your tests and I’ll give you marks at the next lesson.

Now I give you my test. Make it, please.


I) Write the words to the following definitions

1. A well-known actor or actress in cinema pictures;
2. To make a cinema picture; 
3. A person who acts in a film;
4. A person who directs a film, instructing the actors, camera-men etc;
5. A place where cinema films are made;
6. A film with no sound;
7. A film about life in the west of the USA in the past;
8. A film with songs and often dances.

II) Put the words in the correct order and write sentences.

1. Artist was an Walt Disney American film and producer.
2. Revealed his early he in talent a childhood drawing for interest an and photography in.
3. With left in he 1923 brother his Hollywood for.
4. The cartoon first in drawn Mickey Mouse 1928 was.
5. The Disneyland in opened first southern was 1955 California in.

III) Film titles.

Match A and B parts of the film titles.

6. Kingdom of the crystal

7. Fast

7. Roscoe Jenkins

8. Pride and

8. Rise of the lycan

9. Welcome home

9. Angels

10. Valley of

10. Girl

11. Gary

11. Fighter

12. Two

12. Kingdom

13. Street

13. The tennis coach

14. Made of

14. Lovers

15. The forbidden

15. Honor

16. Indiana Jones and the

16. Glory

Answers: 1-3; 2-5; 3-4; 4-2; 5-1; 6-8; 7-10; 8-16; 9-7; 10-9; 11-13; 12-14; 12-11; 14-16; 15-12; 16-6

IV) Match a line in A with a line in B

V) Match A and B parts of the producers and their films.

2. Amir Valina

3. Underbelly

3. Peter Berg

4. Street Racer

4. Denny Boil

5. X-Files: I want to believe

5. Johan Chu

6. Quantum of Solace

6. Karter Smite

7. Jump out boys

7. John Mur

8. Slum dog millionaire

8. Teo Konuralp

9. The Ruins

9. Mark Forster

10. Max Payne

10. Kris Karter

11. Afterwards

11. Jay Duplas

12. Bag head

12. Gilles Bourdos

13. Crossing over

13. Jonas Ekerlund

14. House men

14. Wayne Kramer

15. Four Christmases

15. Ramin Bahrani

16. Goodbye Solo

16. Set Gordon

Answers: 1-3; 2-5; 3-1; 4-8; 5-10; 6-9; 7-2; 8-4; 9-6; 10-7; 11-12; 12-11; 13-14; 14-13; 15-16; 16-15

III. Заключительный этап:

а) подведение итогов;
б) выставление оценок;
в) инструктаж к домашнему заданию;
г) рефлексия.

а) So I hope you like our today’s lesson. What did you do at our lesson today?

Today we listened to the information about Titanic and made up opinions about this film. To my mind it was very interesting.
– We told about the “Oscar” and worked in groups. We asked questions and answered them. We told about interesting facts from the life of Walt Disney.
– We gave some information about the famous actors and actresses and others guessed them. It was very interesting.
-Our lesson was very interesting and useful for me. I liked the epigraph of our lesson because really the material of our lesson, our work in groups, our creative tasks are our teacher.

б) I’m very satisfied with your work today. Thank you. I want to give you excellent and good marks.

в) Your home task is to make up stories about famous Hollywood stars.

г) If you liked our lesson, show me the merry faces if you didn’t like – the sad ones. Goodbye! See you later.

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