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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Урок по теме "Sport and games"


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Шайыр орта мектебі.

Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі: Тукебаева Хафиза Сағи қызы

Form: VII

Theme of the lesson: “Sport and Games”

The aims:

a) educational: To study the British way of life, British sports games, tell about the typical sport of Britain, to introduce the pupils with different kind of sports in Great Britain.

To expand pupils knowledge about national sport and games through reading different texts and doing different ex - s.

b) bringing: to develop the interest to sport, compare sports of Britain and Kazakhstan, pupils to keep fit and to take care of their health.

c) developing : to develop critical thinking, understanding, give oral presentation.

The type of the lesson: New technological way of teaching.

The kind of the lesson: Group work

The methods of the lesson: “Question-answer”, Cluster”, “Venn Diagram”, “Critical thinking”, ”Gallery”.

Visual aids: pictures, schemes, cards, estimate sheets.

Technical aids: an interactive board

The plan of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.

II Phonetics drill.

  1. Brainstorming.

  2. Doing the tasks.

  3. Conclusion.

The procedure of the lesson.

Period 1: Evocation

  1. Organization moment.

a) Greeting

b) Attendance.

c) Introducing with the aims of the lesson.

d)To make groups. The pupils divide into 3 groups.

e) To give estimate sheets.

II. Phonetics drill.

Fun and Games
It's too rainy for rugby,
Too foggy for football.
It's too icy for hockey,
There'll be no games at all?
Not so. Come hail and tempest,
The master of cunning
Will, with a sly smile, suggest
Some cross country running.
II.Checking the home task.

Let’s check up your home task. What was your home task? Are you ready with your home work? Start, please. Ex 7
III. Brainstorming.


Group work. Each group constructs a mosaic and make-up a story.


What do you think about sport? Write down, please.

Period 2 : Realization of meaning

IV. Doing tasks. 1.Presentation of new lexica:

Skill - икем
Goat -
козаб ешкі
Adversary -
Carcass -
Struggle -
шабуылға шығу
Horseback -
атқа міну
Kiss -
Overtake -
Fight -
шабуылға шығу
Require -
талап ету
Gallop -
қатты шабу

2. Match the words and pictures.

Look at the screen and match words with photos:

Goal-keeper boxing gloves

Runner helmet

Spectators tennis racket

Referee goal

Tennis player net

V. Warm-up

Setting-up exercise ”Kara jorga ”

(Pupils should stand up and dance together )

To work with poster. “What I know about sport in Britain”

V I.To work with book


Т: Children listen to me carefully I will read you the text. I will give you papers with different exercises you must fill the gaps, answer for the question etc.

Sport in Britain

In Britain, forty per cent of the population regularly play a sport. There are many differences between sport in Britain and in other countries. For example, skiing is not very popular in Britain as there are not many mountains. Skiing enthusiasts can ski in certain parts of Scotland or they go to Austria, Italy, France or Switzerland. Basketball and volleyball are not very popular in Britain, but many people play rugby. The British play many sports that are unknown in most other countries, for example: cricket, squash and netball.
Cricket is a typically British sport which foreigners have difficulty in understanding. There are two teams of eleven players. Matches last from one to five days. Many people think it is a slow and boring game, but it can be very exciting and rather dangerous.
Squash is another British invention. It is a form of tennis. There are two players and they use rackets similar to tennis rackets and a small, black rubber ball. They play indoors. It is a very fast and tiring sport!
Netball is similar to basketball. There are seven players (usually girls or women) in each team and the object of the game is the same as in basketball: to throw the ball through a net at the top of a three - metre post.
Sport in British schools is compulsory and schoolchildren spend at least one afternoon a week playing sport. These are some of the sports played in most British secondary schools. In winter boys play football or rugby and go cross - country running, while girls play netball or hockey. Some boys' schools also teach rowing. In summer boys play cricket, do athletics or go swimming, while girls play rounders (a British version of baseball), do athletics or go swimming. Tennis is also played in summer in some schools by boys and girls.

VII.While listening stage.
1. complete the chart.
winter summer games for girls and boys.

Football, rugby, cross - country running
Netball, hockey
Cricket, do athletics, swimming, tennis
Rounders, do athletics, swimming, tennis

2. True (T) or false (F)

1. A lot of people go skiing in Britain. F
2. Rugby is a popular sport in Britain. T
3. There are eleven players in each cricket team. T
4. Squash is a slow sport. F
5. Boys often play netball in Britain. F
6. Schoolchildren in Britain have to play sport. T
7. Baseball is a popular British sport.

YIII. Consolidation. Post - listening stage.

1. Complete the sentences.
a. Rugby is a very popular sport in Britain.
b. Rounder is a British version of baseball.
c. Cricket is a typically British sport which foreigners have difficulty in understanding.
d. Netball is similar to basketball
f. Squash it of form of tennis.

2. Can you guess what these sports are?
a. This is an outdoor game for two teams of eleven players. You need a ball, two goals and referee.
a/ cricket b/ football c/ netball
b/ This is an outdoor game for 2 players. You need a special table, a racket, for each player and a small, white ball made of plastic.
a/ squash b/ netball c/ rowing
c/ You play this game in the swimming pool. You need a ball and 2 goals. and you must also be a very good swimmer.
a/ rounder b/ rowing c/ rugby
d/ There are seven players (usually girls or women) in each team and the object of the game is the same as in basketball: to throw the ball through a net at the top of a three - metre post.
a/ netball b/ squash c/ rowing

Period 3: Reflection

VIII. “Venn diagram”


ІХ. Conclusion of the lesson.

Х. Giving home work.
Т: Open your record books and write down you home task. Your home task will be to write composition “My favorite sport” «Менің сүйікті спорт түрім» шығарма
ХІ. Giving marks
Your mark is… The lesson is over.

Т: The lesson is over. Good –bye!

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