Инфоурок Другое Другие методич. материалыУрок, посвящённый грамматическим временам английского языка. A2

Урок, посвящённый грамматическим временам английского языка. A2

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Tenses digest:



Exercise 1. How often do you….? Answer the questions:


buy new clothes, eat sweets, take photos,  get a haircut, do the laundry, surf the Internet, visit the dentist, go on holiday, visit relatives, watch TV, go to the restaurants, go to the cinema alone



1)    How often do you buy new clothes?

Often. I am a shopaholic, it’s because of different apps they send me many messages about some “special” discounts and it makes me buy😁





Exercise 2. Looking for a flatmate. Present Simple. Ask the questions:


You are looking for a flatmate and you are going to interview some people to find out an ideal flatmate.

You can ask about: hobbies, pets, possessions (a car, a vacuum cleaner etc) and daily routines (get up, go to work, come home,activities in the evening).


What is your favourite food?



Describe your favourite flatmate:




Exercise 3. Describe the photo.:


What’s going on?

What is the girl doing?

What are her emotions?







Exercise 4. Predictions: Future simple



What will you do in five years?


Who will you be in five years?


What will the world be like in 5 years?


Who will be the president in our country in five years?


Exercise 5. Describe your childhood. Past simple:





I had a happy childhood. I was born in Ryazan and lived here with my family. I had my grandparents and liked to spend my time with them. We had a country house and I can remember the time when my granny (father’s line) had a real farm: a cow, chickens, pigs, geese… these were the best moments to help her with animals and plants in her garden. I remember when we sold milk from our cow Milka, when we went together to control the herd. (So I know the real taste of all milk products, as my granny produced butter, cheese, cottage cheese..) but then my granny got older and she couldn’t keep this household. But I appreciate her so much for such sweet child time.

And I remember the first time I travelled with my parents, the first time I saw the sea. It was impressive. I was a little child but I really can remember that moment..


I had a happy childhood too. Every summer lm visited my grandparents in a small city in the Ryazan region.  And lm had a funny life with different interesting event. Grandad had the main role in my life, but I did not understand it. I can understand it now. He was a strong body and charismatic man. He taught me and lm becamе builder, mechanic car and bike, every evening I’m was farmer on our garden. Best day for me was when grandad take on to his job. He worked as a grand manager in a park of agriculture machines. We much traveled through fields and forests in his big car. And sometimes he gave drive his car. He was my first driving teacher. I remember these moments and cry with happiness. Grandma often does travelers. We can went to Moscow and walked in the memorial places, the Red square, museums and necessary went in shops. She bought different clothes and footwear. Sometimes she went  alone, but brought presents for me. And we also bought all the toys children’s store for boys. After I said : - I want buy toys for children's kitchen. So I learned to cook. I was a little child but I really can remember that moment and very grateful to my grandparents.



Exercise 6. Present Perfect:


Образование Present Perfect

  1. Утвердительные предложения:


He / she / it has played          

I / we / you / they have played


  1. Вопросительные предложения:

.. have/ has ….. played?


Have you ever played poker?



  1. Отрицательные предложения:



has/have not played


I have never met him before.




     Случаи употребления Present Perfect:


-       Если говорящему важен сам факт произошедшего действия, а не его время или обстоятельства:


I have been to the Crimea twice.



-       Для обозначения действий, которые начались в прошлом и продолжаются до текущего момента:


I’ve studied English since childhood.

I haven’t seen my family for two weeks.



-       Передача опыта проделанного:


I have watched this film (result - I can tell the plot)


-       Что-то, что произошло совсем недавно, на днях:


Recently I have met my ex. She was not so beautiful as she was during our relationship.


Exercise 7. Translate and continue using the proper tense:


1)    I have tasted Japanese cuisine. I like it. But my favourite is …

2)    I have traveled abroad many times. I like trips….

3)    I have never used Android, because…

4)    I have used my car for 3 years and I …

5)    I have seen this advertisement. ….

6)    Recently I have ….


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