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Урок " Проблемы подростков"

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Разработка урока английского языка по теме

«Проблемы подростков»

по учебнику В.П. Кузовлева «English 10-11»

для общеобразовательных учреждений

Москва, «Просвещение», 2011г.

Выполнила: учитель английского языка

Балакина Н.Э.

Липецк 2011

Тип: интегрированный, бинарный урок

Вид: мононаправленный.

По характеру взаимоотношений: преобладают субъектно-субъектные отношения, учет индивидуальных возможностей и потребностей ученика.

По характеру мотивации: с доминированием исследовательской мотивации.

По степени новизны: закрепление, комбинирование нового и ранее изученного материала.

По месту в цикле уроков: внутрицикловой.

Тема.Teenagers’ problems. How to cope with them?

Цели урока:

познавательный аспект- знакомство с высказываниями зарубежных сверстников о проблемах молодёжи;

развивающий аспект-развитие способностей к логическому изложению, к формулированию выводов;

воспитательный аспект- формирование критического отношения к действительности, умения анализировать и давать оценку поступкам и событиям, коллективно находить пути решения проблемы;

учебный аспект- совершенствование речевых навыков;

сопутствующие задачи - развитие умения читать и аудировать с разными стратегиями.

Оборудование: презентация в Power Point, мультимедийный проектор, магнитофон, аудиозапись, тексты для чтения.

Ход урока.


Слайд 1.

Look at the title of the lesson and say what we are going to speak about today.

You are right. We are to discuss how to solve different problems of adolescence.

II.Речевая зарядка.

Слайд 2.

The fact is more and more serious problems are associated with being young nowadays.

1. What problems do Russian teenagers face?

2. Which of them are prevalent among young people?

3. What problems does underage drinking cause?

4. Why is sex at earlier ages dangerous?

5. What does taking drugs lead to?

6. Violence is an increasing problem of our society. What is violence associated with?

7. Many children are raised in poverty. What means of supporting themselves do they find?

8. Why do children run away from home? Why is it frightening to be homeless?

9. Are teenagers able to solve these problems alone?

10. Who can help them?

Ш. Совершенствование речевых навыков.

A lot of magazines and newspapers write about teenagers’ life. British youngsters enjoy reading articles that meet their interests.

Слайд 3.

Shout” is a magazine for 14-17 year-olds. It is delivered every fortnight and is packed with the latest gossip on favourite pop, film and soap stars, brilliant fashion and beauty. There is also a lot of confidential chatter and advice on various areas of life in agony columns.

Слайд 4.

Read the dictionary definition of “agony column”

Agony column- a part of a newspaper, esp. a tabloid, or a magazine containing letters from readers about their personal problems together with advice from

the newspaper or magazine.

Agony Aunt- a journalist who writes an agony column.

1.Аудирование. Беседа по прослушанному.

Слайд 5.

1) Listen to the letter from the agony column and guess who wrote it: Mary or Lauren.

2) Which picture goes with the letter? Why is the girl frustrated?

Слайд 6.

3) Open your books on page 126. Look through the letter and find out what Mary’s problems are.

4) Summarize all the problems in one sentence.

(Appearance, hairstyle, stresses, relationship with boys, misunderstanding with parents)

5) Has the girl suggested how to cope with her problems?

6) What conclusion can we draw?

Teens’ years don’t bring luck to Mary. But she is too pessimistic. She doesn’t try to find the way to cope with her problems. That’s why she is so frustrated.

2.Чтение. Беседа по прочитанному.

Слайд 7.

  1. Now read the second letter. Lauren expresses her ideas on what is meant

to be young.

2) Are there any problems that worry the girl?

(Zips, bad hair days, putting on weight)

3) Why is she optimistic?

4) What ways to improve the situation does she suggest?

5) Which of them do you find useful?

6) What conclusion can we draw?

Being young is not easy. Teenagers today have a lot to worry about. But we should be optimistic. Everything depends on our attitude to life. Youth allows us

to do exciting and wonderful things.

IV.Сообщение школьного психолога.

By the way, can you suggest any other solutions of teenagers’ problems?

Let’s give floor to our school psychologist. She’ll give you some useful information.

Слайды 8, 9. 10, 11, 12. 13.

V. Развитие речевого умения.

1.Фронтальная работа.

Слайд 14.

Mary’s letter is an appeal for help. Imagine yourself in the place of the Agony Aunt. What advice would you give to Mary? Use the arguments given by the psychologist and the Language of advice:

-Have you ever thought of…?

-If you want my advice…

-I think you should…

-My advice would be…

-You’d better (do

2.Работа в парах.

Discuss your personal problems. Don’t forget to advise how to cope with

the situation.

Задание классу: Listen to your classmates and get ready to advise how to cope with the situation.

3.Работа в группах.

Divide into groups. Write a letter of response to Mary according to the following structure:

Слайд 15.

Opening the letter Dear Mary,

Reasons for writing I can see your problems.

The trouble is that…

It is too bad that…

Giving advice My advice would be…

You’d better (do)…

Have you ever thought…?

Whatever you do, never…

Expressing hopes and I hope…

wishes for the future I wish you will…


You have two minutes to prepare the task. Time yourself.

Produce your draft of the letter of advice.

VI. Итоги урока.

1.Home task: You are given two letters more. Pick the one you like most and write a letter of advice how to cope with the situation. The scheme of the letter and the language support are applied.

2.Work assessment:

Have you learnt anything useful today?

What mark would you give yourself? You may use the score table.



Слайд 17.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that growing up brings a lot of problems. But you are too young to see only bad sides of life. Remember! There is always a way out of every situation.

Слайд 18.

When you are feeling down

Remember there is no need to frown.

Think of those with nowhere to go:

The runaways unable to go home,

Those with no family or relatives to care

Who have to put up with the stares.

Life is full of ups and downs

Wipe away your unhappy frowns.

Слайд 19.

Thank you for attention. See you later. Good bye. Good luck!


Recommendations of the psychologist:

1. You must be sure your parents love you, care for you. They are interested in your fate and can give you advice.

2.Discuss your problems with your parents or people you trust. They can share their experience.

3.Don’t treat difficulties as tragedies. There is always a way out of every situation. You should learn to overcome difficulties.

4.Collaboration is better than opposition.

5.Respect other people. They are different, but they are not worse than you.

6.The members of your family need your help. Have a fair share.

7.Bursts of irritation and emotional blackmail don’t help to solve your problems. Find better ways to cope with the situation.

8.Tolerance is the only way to bridge the generation gap. Some concessions on both sides are possible.

9.Everybody has the right to mistakes. But think of consequences of all your actions.

10.Try to persuade your parents, explain to them your point of view calmly.

11.Don’t be so crazy about your appearance and clothes. Take the problems easy.

12.Be optimistic. Do some sport. Find a hobby.

13.Problems are the result of the activity of human mind. When people start

to cope with different problems they become stronger and more experienced.

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