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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок-проект по английскому языку "Ballon Party" (5 класс)
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Урок-проект по английскому языку "Ballon Party" (5 класс)





Вікритий урок у 5 класі

Підготувала вчитель англ. мови

Литвиненко Н.В.

The topic of the lesson: Balloon Party

Objectives: to practice the organization of Balloon Party for children;

  • to revise and practice vocabulary on the topic “Free Time”;

  • to practice children in dialogue and monologue speaking;

  • to enlarge children’s motivation for studying;

  • to develop sociocultural competence of children.


  1. Greeting

T. Good morning, children! I am glad to see you. Today the topic of our lesson is Balloon Party. I invite you to celebrate and learn how to organize this party. We are going to speak about your friends and their hobbies. Please, take the invitations.

( Teacher read the invitations and give them to the children).

I decorate our class with balloons. For this occasion I have prepared the table places. Take your seats according to the table places.

Warmig –up

T. In order to continue our party let’s introduce yourselves. Listen and repeat this rap song.

A Spelling Rap

What’s a B-A T. It’s a BAT.

What’s a C-A-T. It’s a CAT.

What’s a B-O-Y. It’s a BOY.

What’s a T-O-Y. It’s a TOY.

I love spelling and its fun.

S-U-N is sure for sun.

U” and “You” just sound the same

Now you try and spell your name!

T. Spell your name, please! One by one.

II. Vocabulary Practice.

Let’s revise the adjectives which help you to describe your friends.

a) Take the balloon and name the words:

Polite, friendly, clumsy, sporty, hard-working, tidy, helpful, curious, imaginative, lazy, clever, unusual, kind, smart, lonely, excellent.

b) Now create a sanguine “A Noun Poem” about your friends. Write them on the card and present them to you friends.

Example: Oksana

Kind and pretty

Embroidering well

As kind as Cinderella

If only you were my neighbour.

Writing. Group Work.

T. 1. You have balloons with the words. Make up sentences about your friends. (Children receive envelopes with small balloons on which written words for sentences)

Examples: Oksana is good at speaking English.

Nikita is keen on collecting.

Dasha is interested in music.

Denys and Yura are fond of sport.

2. Read the sentences about your friends.

Speaking. Pair Work. Take the “What” balloon and ask your friend questions about his/her hobbies.

  • What do you do in your free time?

  • Well, I like collecting.

  • What are you fond of?

  • I’m fond of…

  • What are you interested in?

  • I’m interested in…

Physical Exercises.

T. Are you tired? Let’s have fun!

Game 1. Bouncing Balloon. The children must keep the balloon in the air counting the words about friends as much as he can until the balloon touch the floor it must dropout of the game.

Counting the words about friends as much as you can: Polite, friendly, clumsy, sporty, hard-working, tidy, helpful, curious, imaginative, lazy, clever, unusual, kind, smart, lonely, excellent.

Name winter words(or other seasons words, it depends what season it is now): winter, snow, snowflakes, snow, ski, skate, sledge, New Year Tree.

Name hobbies: reading, dancing, painting, collecting, traveling, making things.

Game 2. Balloon Race. The children take their position balancing the balloon on one hand. At signal they start toward the goal balancing the balloon on the palm of one hand held the arm’s length. The first to cross the finish line with balloon is awarded a prize. Any child who let the balloon fall of receives a card with a guessing poem on it and drops out of race. After the race he reads the riddle aloud and gives the answer.


It is always round

It can jump and fall

In the air, on the ground

We can see a … (ball)

I love my mother,

I love my father,

I love my sister

And my big…( brother)

I’m black, and red, and white, and blue,

I draw a picture

For you. (pencil)

It can tell you all the day:

Time to sleep and time to play. (Clock)

I come with cold and snow,

But you like me and know. (Winter)

Speaking. 2. T. I see you have brought your collections to our party. Tell about them.

P1: I collect dolls. I’ve got ten Barby dolls. I’ve got forty stamps and sixty coins. In summer I’m going to collect rocks.

Project Work.

  1. 1. I think that you have prepared some presents for me. You tried your efforts in literary translation of poems about winter. Read your translations about winter.

2. Another your task was to design the party invitation for your friends. Please present them. At the end of the lesson make up a sentence with balloons about English.

3. T. Let’s sum up what you need to organize interesting and funny party.



  1. Summing up. T. Did you like the lesson?

Have you learned how to organize the Balloon Party?

I think our party was interesting and useful for practicing English. English is funny, isn’t it?

Краткое описание документа:

Урок-проект "Balloon Party" построен на лексике по теме "Free Time", "Hobby" и "My Friends".

Урок проходит в форме детского утренника, на котором посредством английского языка дети рассказывают о  своих друзьях используя прилагательные polite, lazy, imaginative,smart, tidy.

Сочиняют и пишут стихи-сенканы, составляют предложения из раздаточного материала с использованием глаголов to be fond of, to be keen on, to be interested in, to be good at.

Для  разрядки используется физкультпауза с шариками и интересными заданиями. Дети рассказывают об  увлечениях и показывают свои коллекции.

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