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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок-проект по английскому языку на тему "My Favourite Dish"(7 класс)
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Урок-проект по английскому языку на тему "My Favourite Dish"(7 класс)


Topic: My Favourite Dish

Practical Objectives : to learn new words and use them in speech, to practice to

prepare dinner or favourite dish according to the recipe,

to practice pupils to make project “ My Favourite Dish “

Developing Objectives: to develop pupils’ speech on topic “ My Favourite Dish”,

to develop speaking and reading abilities, guessing work,

work in groups, dialogue speech

Educative Objectives: to formulate the understanding of healthy food, to foster

cultural behavior in restaurants, to enlarge pupils’

knowledge on English and Americans traditions

Types of the lesson: Project work

Equipment : Tape-recorder, cassette, hand-out, kitchen

equipment, Recipe books


  1. Greeting

  2. Aim: The topic of our lesson is “Preparing food or Cooking”. By the end of the lesson you will be able to talk about how to cook dinner and your favourite dish using the topical words and express your opinions on healthy

food, to practice how to cook English potato cakes and American burgers.

Warm – up. Lexical Game” Ranking” based on the names of five kinds of dishes

and their qualities. Each pupil should make such a chart:

T. Let’s speak about healthy food. Discuss your opinions about these dishes. Then in the last line put down your favourite dish and analyze its qualities. By the way, what food is considered to be healthy? Possible answers:

- it must have vitamins

  • minerals for your blood

  • proteins to help you to grow

  • fats, but not much

  • feed your muscles

  • carbohydrates to give you energy

Then enumerate all kinds of healthy food and take turns to write them out on the board.

You see food should be healthy, if you want to live long healthy life and be active in your life. Speaking about food people are divided into two types: those

Who live to eat, and those who eat to live. What position do you choose?

Reading. T. Dear children! Today I invite you to visit English café, American

Macdonald and Ukrainian pub. But these restaurants are not usual.

All dishes are prepared by visitors. And you’ll practice how to

prepare some dishes. You can see three tables in our restaurant.

So, just now I invite you to English café. You know that English

People keep their traditions. Sometimes they joke “On the Continent

People have good food, in England people have good table manners”.

Tea is national drink. They have tea with toast, sandwiches or cakes.

T. So take menu, look through it.

What do you want to order? Have you chosen anything?

The waiter can give you only a recipe.

Pre – reading activity.

a\ First of all you have to learn new problem vocabulary.

To pour to grate to chop to mince

To skin to peel to add

A clove of garlic, breadcrumbs, lettuce, pine-apple-rings

b\ Conversation about cooking

Have you ever cooked any dishes according to the recipes?

How did you like it? Do you like to cook?

While – reading activity.

a\ What are the ingredients? Name them.

b\ Look at the pictures and say what the cook is doing now.

  • He’s mashing the potatoes.

  • He’s boiling the potatoes in the saucepan.

After – reading activity. T. Put the pictures in the correct order.

Did you like potatoes cakes? I think they are delicious.

Do potato cakes remind you a Ukrainian dish?

Language Work. T. Now we’ll practice writing and saying measures.

Look at the blackboard. We practice:

We write: 400g potatoes

We say: four hundred grams of potatoes

Say these: 125 g flour, 60 g butter, 250 g carrots, 500 g meat

100 g peanuts, 650 g beans, 200 g margarine.

2. Complete these sentences with correct prepositions:

1. Peel the apples__ a knife and put them __ a saucepan.

2. Fry the cakes __ both sides __ ten minutes.

3. Put the ingredients __ a bowl and mix them __ a fork.

4. Boil the vegetables __ a bit __ salt.

Oral Practice. T. And now let’s go to the American well – known Macdonald. You know that American kitchen is famous for its fast food: hot-dogs,

burgers, cheeseburgers. So I suggest you menu again. What do

you want to order?

P. What do you suggest?

T. I suggest burgers.

Listening. T. Listen to the text and complete the list of ingredients.

( Children listen to the recorder )

Dear Ukrainian friends. You are welcome to our Macdonald’s

restaurant. I’m Suzy Maclain, a restaurant cooker. Listen to the text and complete the list of ingredients.

Boston burgers serve four people. Ingredients:

  • 750 g minced beef, 1 union, 1 clove of garlic, 50 g breadcrumbs,

50 g nuts, 2 eggs, a little salt, pepper and lemon juice, 1 lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 4 slice of cheese, 1 tin pine – apple rings, 4 buns.

After – listening activity. T.1. What are burger’s ingredients? Read them please.

2. Look at the pictures.

a\ what is happening in each picture?

b\ put them in the correct order.

3. Listen to the whole recipe. Check your order.

- skin the clove of garlic and unions and cut them

- put eggs into the minced beef

- squeeze lemon

- mix them with a fork

- make burgers

- put them into the fridge for some time

- fry burgers in the oven

- toast buns, wash tomatoes

- cut the tomatoes and open tinned pine-apples

- make burgers

Help yourself! It’s tasty, indeed. What do you think about Boston

burgers? It is good for you?

Practice. T. Now let’s go to the Ukrainian pub. Here are menu. What is the matter?

P. There are no dishes in the paper.

T. That’s right. You are Ukrainian. What Ukrainian dishes can you

Suggest for your English or American friends? Remind the national

Ukrainian dishes and write them down on the list.

Now read your menu. ( Pupils are reading )

T. I see you know Ukrainian dishes. But do you know how to prepare

them? Can you share your recipe with other? Are you ready to write down your own recipe?

Summarizing. Did you like our lesson? What recipe do you like? What recipes are

you going to practice? What do you think should people eat so much when other people are dying of starvation? Do you know that many children are dying of hunger. You should remember about charity. Never refuse people of a piece of bread or a glass of water. Remember you are human.

You worked hard today. You were very active and attentive.

Your marks are:

Краткое описание документа:

Урок-проект  способствует обучению учащихся процессу приготовления различных блюд.  На уроке дети учатся составлять меню и рецепты своих любимых блюд,  изучают глаголы, которые обозначают действие-приготовление (to peel, to boil, to grate, to fry, etc.). С помощью  Present Continuous  учатся коментировать свои действия, практикуют употребление предлогов with, on, in, а также как правильно говорить и писать количество продуктов. На уроке используется много новой лексики, которая знакомит учащихся с национальными кухонными традициями разных стран.

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