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Урок "1001 Proverbs and 101 Riddles"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

The theme: “1001 proverbs and 101 riddles”

The aims: To develop pupil’s intellect, to practice hearing, speaking, to memorize and retain in memory the language material they have learnt. The method: a game

Visual aids: cards, active board

Connection with other subjects: kazakh, literature, biology, sport. The plan of the game:

 Teacher: Good afternoon, dear guests, teachers and pupils! Today we are going to play a game “1001 proverbs and 101 riddles”

. You are welcome to our game.

Our mother tongue is the Kazakh language. But it is necessary and useful to learn a foreign language, that’s why pupils have got such subject as foreign language at school. English is used not only in England, but also in the other parts of the world. We learn English, because it is the language of science, politics and computers.

Our game is about proverbs and riddles. We know that every nation has its proverbs. But their meanings are similar. I think you’ll understand it later, in the process of our game.

Қазақтың мақал-мәтелдерін алғаш қағаз бетіне түсірген ғалым — Ш.Уәлиханов. Ш. Уәлиханов пен Н.Н. Березин архивтерінде XIX ғасырдың елуінші жылдарында ел аузынан жазып алынған екі жүзден аса мақал-мәтелдер сақталған. Сондай-ақ, қазақ ауыз әдебиетінің басқа үлгілерімен бірге қазақ мақалдары мен мәтелдерін де жинақтап, жеке жинақтар шығарып, қазақ тілі мен әдебиетінің, тіл ғылымының, мәдениетінің дамуына зор үлес қосқан Ы.Алтынсарин, Ә.Диваев, В.Радлов, Щ.Ибрагимов, М.Терентьев, т.б. сынды ағартушы, ғалымдардың еңбегі ерекше.

Let me introduce of our teams:

The first team is 8th formers: Kuanysh, Damira, Tamerlan

The second team is 7th formers: Shynar, Sundet, Zhadyra

 (The players introduce themselves and speak a few words about themselves)

 Our game consists of 6 rounds:

  1. Say it in English

  2. Finish the proverbs

  3. The riddle guessers

  4. Question –answer”.

  5. As many as you can

  6. Polyglot

 1. First round: “Say it in English”

Here I’ll say the proverbs in Kazakh and you’ll say its English equivalents

1.Бітер істің басына жақсы келер қасына (A good beginning makes a good ending)

2. Басы қатты болса аяғы тәтті болады (All is well that ends well)

3.Бейнет түбі – зейнет (Business before pleasure)

4. Оқусыз білім жоқ, білімсіз күнің жоқ (Live and learn)

5.Өз үйім – өлең төсегім (East or West, home is best)

6. Ештен кеш жақсы (Better late than never)

7. Жылтырағанның бәрі алтын емес (All that glitters is not gold)

8. Денсаулық зор байлық (Good health is above wealth)

9. Шешесіне қарап қызын ал (Like mother, like daughter)

10. Еріншектің ертеңі бітпес (Tomorrow come never)

 2. Second round: “Finish the proverbs”

I’ll read the beginning of the proverbs then you should finish it.

  1. A friend in need … (is a friend indeed)

  2. After rain comes … (fair weather)

  3. Deed, not … (words)

  4. First think, … (then speak)

  5. Good clothes open … (all doors)

  6. Honesty is … (the best policy)

  7. Like father, … (like son)

  8. Many men, …(many minds)

  9. Neck or … (nothing)

  10. New lords, … (new laws)

  11. No pains, … (no gains)

  12. One man, … (no man)

  13. Two heads are better … (than one)

  14. What is lost … (is lost)

  15. Easy come,… (easy go)

3. Now , let`s begin our 3rd round. The round of riddle guessers. Now, riddles and hold up before answer.

  1. It`s red and sweet, and it`s good to eat. (an apple)

  2. I`m black and red and blue.

I draw a picture for you. (a pencil)

  1. I can tell you all the day,

Time to sleep and time to play. (the clock)

  1. My nose is long,

My tail is short,

I`m an ______ (an elephant)

  1. There is a season,

When days are cool,

When we eat apple,

And go to school. (autumn)

6.What teaches without talking?(a book)

7.What kind of clothes do lawyers wear?( Lawsuits)

8.When is a yellow dog most likely to enter a house? (When the door is open.)

4. Our 4th round is called “Question –answer”. I`ll show two papers you must choice one of them. Please, come here. There are two letters. The letter A and B. That`s why you must answer my question by this letter. For example: The name of the fruit ? Apple. Banana.

Let`s begin. The letter A

1.The name of the fruit (apple, apricot)

2.The capital of Kazakhstan (Astana)

3.We don`t live without it. (air)

4.The famous kazakh writer (Abai)

5.The first letter of the alphabet. (A)

6.Who is Jackie Chan? (actor)

7.One of the season (autumn)

8.It is bad for our health (alcohol)

9.What is the kazakh for “cheap” (арзан)

10.One of the river of Kazakhstan (Amudariya)

Let`s begin ,the letter B.

1.The name of the fruit. (banana)

2.The capital of Germany. (Berlin)

3.What is the English for “кітап (book)

4.The second letter of the alphabet (B)

5.What colour of the sky? (blue)

6.Give antonym “interesting” (boring)

7.What is the Kazakh for “head” (бас)

8.Pinguin is the bird or animal? (bird)

9.What kind of sport do you know? (box)

10.It is the symbol of Astana (baiterek)

5. Third round: “As many as you can”

Who knows more proverbs?

  1. Fourth round: “Polyglot”

You must find second parts of these proverbs and give Kazakh and Russian equivalents.

  1. East or West home is best.(Өз үйім, кең сарайдай боз үйім. В гостях хорошо, дома лучше).

  2. First think then speak.(Айтылған сөз-атылған оқ. Слово не воробей вылетат не поймаеш)

  3. Everything is good in its season. (Әр нэрсенің өз уақыты бар. Все хорошое в свое время) ^

  4. Power is in knowledge. (Күш білімде. Знание силa)

  5. Where is a will, there is a way (Іздеген жетер мұратқа. Кто ищет, тот всегда найдет

  6. Better late than never (Ештен кеш жақсы. Лучше поздно, чем никогда)

  7. My … is my castle (house-үй-дом)

  8. Time is … (money-ақша-деньги)

  9. An … a day keeps the doctor away (apple-алма-яблоко)

Dear guests our game is over, let’s count your chips. … is the winner of our game. Thank you for your attention

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