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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок - путешествие в 5 классе (английский язык)

Урок - путешествие в 5 классе (английский язык)

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Lesson plan.

The subject of the lesson: Let’s travel and help!

The objectives of the lesson:

  1. To repeat Pronouns and the verb “ To be”.

  2. To develop pupils’ speaking skills.

  3. To train skills of audition

  4. To bring up wishing of help.

Teaching aids: a presentation, a blackboard.

The Notes of the lesson

1. The Beginning of the lesson.

- Good morning, children. Sit down please. Today we have an unusual lesson. We will travel to the country “Happy English”. But something happened in this country. Friends there are not happy. So let’s travel and help!

Today will speak about the verb “to be”, repeat many words and prepare dialogues. Look here! You can see the cities for us to help! Let’s read and translate their names!

City of Proverbs.

Phonetic minute:

Look, read and translate the proverbs: Let’s train your tongues.

East or West, home is best.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

2. Introduction of the topic.

We have a guest at our lesson. Look. He is not happy. Do you want to know why? Oh something is wrong. Let’s help!

3. Reading.

Friends in the country “Happy English” have many adverbs. Let’s match the autonomies.

4. Oral practice.

- Find the professions (jobs) in this words.

- Let’s make the right variant of translation.

5. Sport – minute

6. Writing.

- Write down three words you notice here!

7. Oral practice.

- Listen to my questions and try to answer them!

- Now ask questions to each other!

8. Writing.

- Write down the sentences and be ready to translate them!

9. Singing.

- Let’s sing a song.

10. Speaking.

- Are you ready for test? Let’s revise you. I think, you’ll do this task.

11. The end of the lesson.

You are clever today! We helped friends and they are happy now! So, must we help friends? Yes, we must!

Homework: 1. Repeat the words

2. Prepare a story about your friend.

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