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Урок разроботка на тему "Idioms"

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Тақырыбы: “Idioms”


  1. Оқушыларға дене мүшелеріне қатысты идиомалар жайлы мәліметтер беру, тілде қолдануға жаттықтыру.

  2. Дене мүшелерінің атауларын қайталау. Жарақаттану жайлы мәтіндерді тыңдатып, талқылау. Грамматикалық жаттығулар орындату.

  3. Ұқыптылыққа, сауаттылыққа баулу, адамгершілікке тәрбиелеу.

Tүрі: Аралас сабақ

Типі: Сұрақ-жауап, түсіндіру, баяндау

Пәнаралық байланыс: Қазақ тілі, орыс тілі

Көрнекілігі: Кестелер.

Сабақ барысы:

І. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі.

ІІ. Үй тапсырмасын тексеру. Exercise 9. Read the sentences and match them to the tenses.

  1. I have never broken my arms and legs. - Present Perfect.

  2. He has check-ups twice a year. - Present Simple.

  3. The doctor advised me to keep to a diet. - Past Simple.

  4. My father was taken to hospital. - Past Simple Passive.

  5. I’m doing aerobics. - Present Continuous.

  6. Children are usually given advice to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. - Present Simple Passive.

  7. The doctor was examining the patient. - Past Continuous.

  8. When the mother came home, her son had already taken the tablets. - Past Perfect.

ІІІ. Жаңа сабақ. Exercise 1. Write the parts of the body you know.

A head, a nose, an eye, eyes, an ear, ears, a neck, a mouth, a lip, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, a shoulder, shoulders, an arm, arms, a hand, hands, a finger, fingers, a stomach, a leg, legs, a foot, feet, a toe, toes, a knee, knees.

Exercise 2. Speaking. Talk to your partner.

. Did you have any health problems during your holidays? . Were those problems connected with part of the body?

. What kind of treatment did you have?

Exercise 3. Listening. (p. 251) Listen to three people talking about what happened to them when they were young.

Complete the table.

Speaker - Parts of the body - What happened - Result

1 ankle fell over and broke it it was in a plaster for 5 weeks and after 6 weeks it was fine.

2 wrist fell of the stage and hurt it he couldn’t play the guitar for a long time.

3 chin the tin can cut it he was patched up and still has that scar today.

IV. Idioms connected with parts of the body.

Time on one’s hands, button one’s lip, to have a sweet tooth, on the tip of one’s tongue, the apple of one’s eye.

Exercise 6. Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with a suitable part of the body:

Tooth, eye, hands, tongue, lip.

  1. He retired last year and now he has lots of time on his hands.

  2. You are so noisy. Button your lip.

  3. I’ve got a terrible sweet tooth. I love sweets and chocolates.

  4. What’s his name? Oh, I can’t remember, it’s on the tip of my tongue.

  5. When I was young my father used to say that I was the apple of his eye.

V. Practise your grammar. Exercise 6. (p. 183) Present Perfect or Past Simple?

a. I haven’t seen much of Pete lately.

b. When did you get married?

c. I’m sorry. I haven’t finished yet.

d. I read a lot of books when I was at school.

e. Have you seen any good films recently?

f. I did a lot of stupid things in my life.

Exercise 7. (p. 183) Put in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

  1. I have not read his latest book.

  2. My great-grandmother lived in Italy.

  3. Have you visited India?

  4. Amazing news! Scientists have discovered a new planet.

  5. I have never enjoyed a holiday as much as this one.

Homework: Exercise 7 p. 15.


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