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Урок с призентацией Наши первые шаги в английском

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Смотр знаний учащихся 2 классов разработан учителем английского языка Гапотче...
Up, down, up, down Which is the way to London town? Where, where up in the ai...
Я очень сильно люблю свою маму! Она у меня самая лучшая!
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№ слайда 1 Смотр знаний учащихся 2 классов разработан учителем английского языка Гапотче
Описание слайда:

Смотр знаний учащихся 2 классов разработан учителем английского языка Гапотченко Е.И. МКОУ СОШ № 4 с.Софиевка 2009 г.

№ слайда 2
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№ слайда 3
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 4
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 5
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 6
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 7
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 8
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 9
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 10
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 11
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 12 Up, down, up, down Which is the way to London town? Where, where up in the ai
Описание слайда:

Up, down, up, down Which is the way to London town? Where, where up in the air Close your eyes And you are there Good! Sit down, please!

№ слайда 13
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 14
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 15
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 16
Описание слайда:

№ слайда 17 Я очень сильно люблю свою маму! Она у меня самая лучшая!
Описание слайда:

Я очень сильно люблю свою маму! Она у меня самая лучшая!

№ слайда 18
Описание слайда:

Название документа 2 класс.Урок..doc

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Разработка урока- смотра знаний английского языка по теме

« Наши первые шаги»

по учебнику М.З. Биболетовой «Enjoy English

для общеобразовательных учреждений

Москва, «Просвещение», 2006г.

Выполнила: учитель английского языка,


Гапотченко Е.И.

Слайд 2

Тема урока. Our First Steps. What Can We Do?

Цель урока: повторение и обобщение изученного материал в неформальной


подведение итогов учебной работе на данном этапе обучения,

повышение интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка.

Оборудование: презентация, карточки с буквами и звуками, учебник, рабочая


Ход урока.

I. Оргмомент.

Good morning. I am glad to see you. How are you? We are taking only our first steps in learning English but we have learnt a lot. Let’s show our quests what we can do.

II. Контроль знания алфавита и транскрипции.

Look at the picture. You can see a man. Who can describe him?

Pupil 1: It is a man. His name is Dick. He is strong and young. Dick can run, jump, climb, and hunt. He lives in the forest. The man has a big head, a big, long nose. His eyes are large. His hair is short and dark. He is wild. I think Dick is not pretty.

You are right. Dick is wild. He саnnot get into London. He even doesn’t know the alphabet. And what about you? Do you know the ABC?

Слайд 3.

  1. Name the letters ( 2 ученика называют гласные буквы)

  2. Name the letters and the corresponding sounds ( фронтально )

Слайд 4.

  1. Name the sounds ( по 5 звуков каждый ученик )

Слайд 5.

  1. Let’s sing the magic song about the ABC

III. Контроль развития речевых умений.

Слайд 6.

Well done! We’ve helped the man. He is very grateful to us. And he invites us to make a tour around London.

Слайд 7.

It is a nice old city. By the way, can you speak English?

1. This magician wants to ask you many questions.


  • What is your name?

  • How old are you?

  • Where do you live?

  • Do you have a sister (a friend)?

  • Can you sing (dance, play football)?

  • What do you like to do?

I like to jump.

I like to run.

I like to play.

It’s fun.

Слайд 8.

2. Can you make friends? Get acquainted with each other.

( В парах диалог «Знакомство»)

Слайд 9.

3. We are near a very interesting monument. Who is it? (A lion) This lion wants you to guess what animal is hidden in the box. Ask me questions using the schemes.

(На доске схемы о качестве, цвете, месте обитания, умениях.)

Слайд 10.

4. Tell us about your favourite toy-animals. (3 ученика)

Слайд 11.

5. Cаn you recite any rhymes about animals.

1) I’m a dog.

Му name is Jack.

My coat is white.

My nose is black.

2) My cat is black.

My cat is fat.

I like my cat.

It is my pet.

3) Little Mouse

4) A Cat Went to Town to Buy a Hat.

IV. Физкультминутка.

Слайд 12.

It’s time for us to have a rest. Let’s do some exercises. Don’t forget to recite the rhyme “Clap your hands”

V. Контроль навыков чтения.

Слайд 13.

It is difficult to travel in London if you can’t read. Let’s check how well you read.

1)Open your books on page 61, exercise 3.

2)Listen to and repeat after the speaker.

3)Read aloud.

4)Let’s check how you understood the text. Exercise 5, page 61.

VI. Контроль навыков письма.

Слайд 14.

And can you write?

Open your workbooks on page 8. Lesson 44, exercise 3.

Слайд 15.

Look at the screen and check.

VII. Исполнение стихов о семье.

Слайд 16.

You like classmates. But I am sure you love your parents most of all. Do you know any rhymes about your nearest and dearest?

1. I’ve got a mother

I’ve got a father

I’ve got a brother Paul.

I’ve got a father

I’ve got an aunt

I’ve got an uncle.

How I love them all.

2. My mother is young.

My father is tall.

Me sister is pretty.

Me brother is small.

3. Dear Mummy! Dear Daddy!

I love you.

Dear Mummy! Dear Daddy!

Do you love me too?

Слайд 17.

4. Mother is busy

From morning till night.

Keeping her family

Happy and bright.

5. My dear, dear mother,

I love you very much.

I want you to be happy

On the eighth of March.

IX. Итог урока.

Слайд 18.

You are very clever. You cаn do many things. This is the end of our tour. I hope we’ve proved to our guests that your first steps in learning English were successful. Let’s recall what you can do.

Thank you for your good work. The lesson is over. Good bye.


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