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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Урок Сабақ жоспар 11-сынып
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Урок Сабақ жоспар 11-сынып


hello_html_m6d0d95d7.gifhello_html_mb419d65.gifDate: 21.11.14

Form:11th a

The theme of the lesson: “First Conditional Sentence”

The aims of the lesson:a) educational-to develop students with the new theme, to do exercises;

b) developing-to develop students memory and knowledge; to develop

the skills of writing, reading, speaking and understanding:

c) bringing up- to communicate in English with each others;

Visual aids: book, interactive board, copybook, cards, using words, fleshcard, cubic.

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organizational moment:

Teacher: Good morning, students! Teacher: What date, day is it today?

Student: Good morning, teacher! Student: Today is the 21stof November, Friday

Teacher: Who is on duty today?

Student: We are on duty today!

II. To check-up hometask:

-What was your hometask? Are you ready? Who wants to start?

Ex:3 p 52. Translate the text into Kazakh.

Once a had a toothache for several days, but just hadn’t enough courage to go to the dentist. As a matter of fact I went twice, but just as I got on his doorstep and was going to ring the bell, the toothache seemed to have gone away, so I went home again. But at last I had to go back, and this time I rang the bell and was shown into the waiting –room.

There was a number of magazines there, and I had just got in the middle of an exciting story when the maid came in to say Mr. Puller was ready to see me. I’ll have to wait for the next toothache to finish that story!

Well, I went into the surgery and he told me to sit in a chair that he could move up an down and then he had a look at the inside of my mouth. He put a little mirror on along handle inside my mouth, then he looked serious and said, ”Yes, I’m afraid we can’t save that one, it will have to come out.”

I asked him to give me an injection. He filled a syringe with a liquid. I felt a little prick on the gum and that was all. He did this in two or three places and wait for a minute or so.

My mouth felt rather dead. Then he took a pair of forceps, gripped the tooth, gave a twist, then a pull, and the tooth was out. I could see it and hear it but I couldn’t feel it. Then he said, “It’s all over. Spit in there and then was g your mouth out with this disinfectant”.

-Repeat all the words from the beginning:

Courage- ерлік, батырлық Syringeprick- шприцпен дәрі егу

Forceps- хирургиялық қысқыш Grip- тұмау\

Spit- түкірік Медициналық ем- medical treatment

Ауруды емдеу- treat the disease Symptom- белгі

III. To explain the new lesson:

  • Ok, students, look at the blackboard and you can see grammar theme of our today’s new lesson which is called “ First Conditional Sentence”. It is translate into Kazakh Бірінші шартты бағыныңқы сөйлем”.Today we introduce with its rules, do some exercises and play games which is concern to this theme.

The First Conditional sentence refers to the present and future. It expresses a possible (real)condition and its probable result in the future. In first conditional sentences, the structure is usually if+Present Simple and will+simple form. It’s not important which clause comes first.

Бірінші шартты бағыныңқы сөйлем болуы мүмкін шартты және оның келер шақтағы нәтижесін білдіреді.Іс-әрекет осы немесе келер шаққа қатысты. Ағылшын тілінде бағыныңқы сөйлемде (if clause) Present simple (Осы шақ) қолданылады. Ал басыңқы сөйлемде (main clause) Future simple(Келер шақ) қолданылады.

For example:

If the weather is fine,

we go for a walk.


If clause

Present Simple

Main clause

Future Simple

IV. Doing exercises:

Ex:8 p 53. Read and find the sentence in the First conditional sentence.

a. It’s very cold outside, but the little boy wants to play in the garden. If you don’t wear it, you’ll catch a cold.

b. “Mummy I’ve got a stomach ache”, complains the six-year-old Ann. “That’s because your stomach is empty’’, answers her mother. You have practically had no lunch today. You would feel much better, if you had something in it.

c. “You are spending much time in front of the TV. Switch it off ”.

Mum, today is Sunday. Why can’t I watch Tv ?”. “If you watch too much Tv, it damages your eyesight and you become lazy”.

a) Play a game “Start and Finish”.

C:\Users\123\Desktop\Новая папка\20141120_013810.jpg

Ex:5 p55. Answer the questions and make a sentence.

1) You have problems with your teeth. What will you do if you have problems with your teeth?

2) You find a wallet with 50 thousand tenge. What will you do if you find a wallet with 50 thousand tenge?

3) A become if treat will I people doctor I.

4) I if study hard I excellent get will mark.

b) Put a sentence in a First conditional sentence:

1) If I go out tonight, I ___________ (go) to the cinema.

2) I ___________ (win) the lottery, I would buy a car.

3) If I ___________ (find ) someone’s wallet, I would it to the police station.

4) If the weather ___________ (not) improve, we will not have a picnic.

c) Find some words which is concern to the school’s life. How many words do you find?


V. Hometask:

- Your hometask will be Ex:11 p 54. Complete the sentences with your own ideas. And learn by heart the rules of First Conditional sentence.

T: Do you understand me? Is it clear for you?

S: Yes, we understand.

VI. Conclusion:

T: Today will be assess with mark 5/4/3… . And I give a diploma who was active in today’s lesson. They are:

T: Ok. It’ high time. Stand up, please. The lesson is over! Good bye, students!

S: Good bye, teacher!

Secondary school №6 after M.Atymov

Open lesson

First Conditional sentence”

Made by: Abdirakhmanova Rysgul


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