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Урок систематизации и обобщения знаний по теме "Health and Body Care", 5 класс

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Место в учебном процессе: урок систематизации и обобщения знаний по теме "Health and Body Care", 5 класс,

Цель урока: систематизировать и обобщить знания учащихся по теме "Health and Body Care".

Задачи урока:


  • обобщение лексического материала по теме "Health",

  • обобщение грамматического материала (модальный глагол "should"),

  • развитие навыков говорения, аудирования (просмотр видео), чтения и письма по теме.


  • развитие коммуникативных навыков по теме "Health and Body Care",

  • развитие творческих способностей учащихся,

  • развитие памяти, внимания и мышления,

  • развитие умения обобщать и делать выводы.


  • воспитание здоровых привычек и культуры здорового образа жизни,

  • воспитание умения работать в сотрудничестве.

Форма урока: урок-соревнование.

Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, аудиозапись, раздаточный материал (карточки с заданиями), докторский халат и принадлежности, призы.


1. Warming up. Brainstorming

Teacher: . Today we’ll discuss a very important problem. As you know some people are healthy, some people are unhealthy. Health is the most important thing in people's life. We can't buy health, but we can do a lot to keep it. In order to be healthy we should follow some special rules. The pictures on the screen will help you to guess what we are going to speak about.

- What can you see in the first picture? (Слайд 1)

What can you see in the second picture? (Слайд 1)

What can you see in the third picture? (слайд 1)

Now look at all these pictures at once. Can you guess what we are going to speak about?

Pupils:. A Healthy Way of Life (Слайд 2)

Teacher: Right you are. So today we are going to speak about our health, about what we should do to be healthy and about doctors, because they help us to be healthy.

2. Phonetic Practice

Teacher: But at first we should revise some words on our topic.

Teacher: Look at the screen, please. I will read these words and then you will repeat them altogether. (Слайд 3)


healthy unhealthy

a stomachache a headache

toothache a temperature

a cold a sore throat

a runny nose pills

a patient a cough

Teacher: . (Слайд 4) I offer you to have a lesson in a form of a competition. So you should divide into two teams. Give your teams a name connected with the theme of our lesson.

Teacher: Our competition will consist of different contests. For each contest your team will get some points. The team that gets more points at the end of the competition wins. Are the rules clear to you? I wish you success and good luck.



Teacher: There are some words on the blackboard and your task is to find the pair for each word to make the right word combinations.

to take a doctor

head a temperature

to keep fit

to feel ache

to go to pills

to have ill

tooth a dentist

a sore throat


Teacher: And our next contest is to answer the questions about health. (Слайд 5). You have lists with questions and different answers. Chose the correct answers.

  1. When should people get up and go to bed? (1)

  2. How many times a day should people clean their teeth? (2)

  3. What should people do before eating? (1)

  4. What healthy food should people eat? (2)

  5. Whom should people consult when they fell ill? (1)

  6. What should people do if they have a cold? (2)

  7. What should people do if they have toothache? (1)

  8. What should people do if they have a stomachache? (2)

- get up early and go to bed early

-brush teeth twice a day (in the morning and in the evening)

- wash hands before eating

- eat fruit and vegetables

- when you feel ill, go to a doctor

- drink warm milk with honey, visit a doctor

- take the medicine for a toothache and go to the dentist

- take a medicine and keep to a diet


Teacher: I’ll give you the alphabet. Each letter has got the number. The task is: I’ll say the numbers and you must find the letters and write the words

20, 5, 13,16,5, 18, 1, 20,21,18,5 (temperature)

4, 5, 14, 20, 9, 19, 20 (dentist)

19, 20,15, 13, 1, 3, 8, 1, 3, 8, 5 (stomachache)

4. HEALTH CODE (Слайд 9)

Teacher: Now I’ll give each team a leaf sheet with a list of recommendations which we should follow or shouldn't follow to be healthy. Your task is to make Health Code. The first team will discuss and tell us what we should do to be healthy and the second team will tell us what we shouldn't do. You can tick the right points in your leafsheets.

Get up early and go to bed early (1)
Wash your hands before eating (1)
Smoke (2)
Watch TV too long (2)
Go in for sports (1)
Clean your teeth once a day (2)
Sleep enough (1)
Take a cold shower (1)
Eat too many sweets (2)
Spend much time indoors (2)
Eat between meals (2)

Air the room (1)

Teacher: Have you finished the task? We'll start with the things which we should do. (Слайд 10)

Teacher: And the second team will tell us what we shouldn't do. (Слайд 11)


Teacher: I hope you understand that it is important to follow these simple rules to keep fit.


Teacher: But sometimes people can fall ill. What should they do in this case? Let's watch a video fragment about people who have some problems with their health. Then you will tell me what they complain of ? (Watching a video fragment). (слайд 12)

Look at the first screenshot. What does this person complain of? (Слайд 13)

Model: He’s got…/ She’s got…

    • A TOOTHACHE (He shouldn’t eat many sweets)

    • A COUGH (She should take some medicine)

    • A HEADACHE ()

    • A TEMPERATURE (He should take an aspirin)

    • A COLD (He should stay in bed)

    • What can you advice these people? Write down your advice. Use the model: He should/shouldn’t…. She should/shouldn’t


Teacher: Are you tired?

Teacher: To have a rest is also one of the rules of keeping fit.

Let's have a rest and sing a song "Hokey cokey". (Слайд 18)

You put your right hand in

You put your right hand out

in, out, in, out

Shake it all about

You do the hokey cokey

and you turn around

That’s what it’s all about

Oh, the hokey cokey (3)

Knees bend, arms stretch, clap your hands

(left hand ………two hands)


Teacher: But some people who don't care much about their health and don't follow some useful advice can fall ill. Who can help people if they are ill?

Pupils: A doctor.

Teacher: What is doctor's daily routine? What does he do every day?

This picture will help you. (Слайд 19)

- What does he ask? (What’s the matter?)

- Whom does he treat? (a patient)

- What does he prescribe? (Medicine, pills)

- What does he write? (recommendation, prescription)

- Where does he work? (in a Hospital)


Teacher: I see that you know everything about doctor's daily routine.

Your next task: I’ll give you a dialogue. You must prepare the best reading of the dialogue. (Слайд 20)Команды читают диалоги.

Now the following task: Play the game “Hospital”. You must make your dialogues "At the Doctor's" changing the underlined words in these dialogues. Then you must act out your dialogues.

I'll give you 5 minutes to do it.


Teacher: The last task: I’ll give you the words and you must make up the sentences with these words putting them in correct order.






Teacher: Our lesson has come to an end. It was our last lesson on the topic "Health and Body Care". I see that you know much about the main rules of keeping fit. And I hope that you will follow these rules to be healthy.

Teacher: Thank you for your work. You were very active today. And now let's see which team is the winner of our competition. Please, count your points. How many points do you have?

Friendship always wins! My congratulations! You all deserve excellent marks!

And now your prizes. Be healthy. Take a vitamin to keep fit.

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