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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок- соревнование по теме "Знаете ли вы Британию?"
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Урок- соревнование по теме "Знаете ли вы Британию?"


Урок- соревнование по теме "Знаете ли вы Британию?"

Учитель: Коломийцева Ольга Яковлевна


Образовательная: обобщить изученный материал о Соединенном Королевстве, углубить и расширить знания по теме.

Развивающая: совершенствовать умения и навыки практического владения английским языком по данной теме по всем видам речевой деятельности: аудированию, говорению, чтению и письму.

Воспитательная: воспитывать уважение к иноязычной культуре, повысить интерес к изучению иностранного языка.

Оборудование: Компьютер, проектор, карта Великобритании,



Dear boys and girls! I am very glad to see you at our lesson today because we have an unusual lesson – a competition. There are two teams at the lesson. They will show us their knowledge of the UK because our lesson is devoted to this country. We’ll speak about the sights, the capital of the country, some poets and writers and interesting facts.

I hope our competition will be fun. I have lots of red and blue stars here. For a good answer you’ll get a blue star. For an excellent answer you will get a red star. At the end of the competition you’ll count all the stars you’ve received. The winner will be the team with the biggest number of the red stars.

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of books and got useful information about the country. I wish you success. Be active, honest, industrious and you’ll be sure to win.



Let’s start our competition and introduce our teams to each other.

1 team: Our team is “Morning Star”.

Our motto is “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

2 team: Our team is “Friends”.

Our motto is “A great ship asks deep waters”.



The first task is the following: answer the questions about the United Kingdom. You’ll get a red star for a right answer.

1.Where is the United Kingdom situated? (The UK is situated on the islands in the northwest of Europe)

2. Which island is the largest one? (Great Britain is the largest one)

3. What separates Great Britain from the Continent? (The English Channel separates Great Britain from the Continent)

4.How many countries does the UK consist of? (The UK consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

5. What is the population of the United Kingdom? (The population of the UK is about 60 million people.)

6. Which city is the capital of the country? (London is the capital of the country)



The second task is “Spot the mistake”. You’ll read a text about London. You know a lot of facts about this wonderful city. Now try to spot the mistakes made in the facts about London and correct them. Be attentive!

This text is about London. London is the capital of Scotland. It is one of the oldest and largest cities of the world. They say that London is one hundred years old. More than 1 million people live there. London is situated on the river Clyde. The river connects the capital with the sea.

London is divided into two parts. They are the City, the West End, the East End and Westminster. The West End is the richest part of the city with many beautiful shops, hotels and restaurants. The East End is the place where the working people live. Westminster is the heart of business and commercial life. The City is the political center.

(London is the capital of the UK.

London is two thousand years old.

More than 8 million people live in London.

London is situated on the river Thames.

London is divided into four parts.

Westminster is the political center.

The City is the center of business and commercial life.)


You read about the sights of London at our lessons. What sights of London do you know?

Thank you very much. I’m glad that you know London’s places of interest.



A good captain is the flag of the team.

Competition of captains.

Your home task was to prepare a story about one of the sights of London.


Are you tired? I suspect you are. It’s time for a break. Let’s have a rest and sing a song. Tell me, please, what is the most famous British group? (“The Beatles”). Let’s sing their famous song “Yesterday”.



Britain is also famous for its writers and poets. Can you name any British writers and poets?

The following task for you is “Guess who it was!” You should put the passages of the story in the right order, read them and tell me what British writer this story is about.

Text 1

He was one of the world’s greatest writers. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, where he received a classical education.

The Stratford school was a difficult place at that time. School days were long, and only on the holidays he could have a real rest.

At the age of eighteen he married Anne Hathaway, and they had three children. When he was twenty-one he went to London. There he became an actor and began to write plays. He wrote plays for the famous Globe Theatre. Later he was one of the owners of the Globe Theatre.

He achieved great recognition during his lifetime. He wrote three types of plays: histories, comedies and tragedies. He is known as one of the greatest writers of all time, and has remained popular with readers around the world.

William Shakespeare

Text 2

He was an English novelist, a short-story writer and a poet. He was born in Bombay, India, in 1865 where his father worked at that time.

When he was six years old, his parents sent the boy to England where he attended school. At the age of seventeen he returned to India where he worked as a newspaper reporter for several years.

A twenty-one he published his first book of poems. A year later he wrote a book of short stories about India. Between 1887 and 1899 he visited many countries and lived for some years in America where he married an American girl.

He is best known for his works for children, especially “The Jungle Book”. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907.

Rudyard Kipling



I see that you know the names of many famous British writers and poets. Britain is also rich in different customs, traditions and has a lot of interesting facts in its history. The following task is to do the Britain Quiz. The Britain Quiz has ten questions. There are three answers to each question but only one of them is correct. You should write the number of the correct answer. I’ll give you 3 minutes to do it.


1.Which is the largest island of the British Isles?

a)Ireland; b)Isle of Man; c)Great Britain

2.Which is the longest river in Britain?

a)the Clyde; b)the Severn; c)the Thames

3.How many parts is London divided into?

a)two parts; b)four parts; c)three parts

4.Who is the official head of the UK?

a)the President; b)the Houses of parliament; c)the Queen

5.What place is the official home of the Queen?

a)the Tower; b)Buckingham Palace; c)St. Paul’s Cathedral

6.What holiday is celebrated in Britain on the 25th of December?

a)St. Valentine’s Day; b)Mother’s Day; c)Christmas

7.Who wrote “King Lear”?

a)W. Shakespeare; b)A. Christie; c)C. Dickens

8.Who lived in Sherwood Forest?

a)King Arthur; b)Robin Good; c)Monster

9.What is the Tower of London now?

a)a fortress; b)a palace; c)a museum

10.What is Scotland Yard?

a)lake; b)police station; c)university

KEY: c,c,b,c,b,c,a,b,c,b.



And now you have the last task. Let’s remember British proverbs. You’ll get wrong proverbs. Turn over them, name and give us the Russian equivalents.

Worse early than always. (Better late than never)

One foot is worse than two. (Two heads are better than one.)

North or South – school is worst. (East or West – home is best)

Die but rest. (Live and learn)



Dear friends! It’s a pity but our competition has just finished. Count your red stars.

Thank you for coming and taking an active part in the game. You are really bright and industrious. You can do different kinds of work. You know a lot about the UK. And I’m sure that your good knowledge of English will help you in your future life.


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